I Am The Uchanging God of Promises | God Message Today

listen my beloved for I am the unchanging God of promises my words never falter and my

pledges are always fulfilled the blessings you’ve yearned for with patience are on the verge of

becoming a reality as i gaze upon you unwavering in

your faith offering gratitude amidst the world’s laments I assure you that the

long awaited blessing is swiftly approaching take my word for it you will

soon hold it in your hands bidding farewell to all anxiety and distress you have placed your trust in

my word and from the very moment I heard your voice your heartfelt cries I have

set in motion the response your soul so deeply

desires many grow disheartened expecting an immediate answer to their

prayers yet my ways are not always Swift for I take Delight in bringing about

changes in your life I mold your character with wisdom arranging every

detail to ensure that the awaited blessing doesn’t become a burden at times you request what you

need but rest assured I Am The God Who bestows abundantly more than what is

asked I consider your future and the well-being of your family Desiring that

your blessings usher in not sadness or tension but only peace and unbounded

joy our covenant is etched in your heart and mind your sins are forgiven and remembered no

more seek solace in my presence for at my altar you shall find Healing

boundless strength and the Fulfillment of your faith as you patiently await the realization of my

promises banish bitter complaints from your heart cast doubt from your mind do

not heed the tongues that mock your face faith if you ever grow weary and anxiety returns simply call upon me and I will

grant you the perseverance to endure I will bestow upon you the gift

of patience ensuring your emotions remain undisturbed you shall receive Prudence

to control your tongue so that no foolish words emerge from your lips to offend my

heart I bestow great blessings upon your life with love and tenderness

much like a father or mother nurturing their precious child I only ask that you be grateful

and never dare to demand anything with pride and arrogance there are many in this world

who disrespect me but I possess patience and await them with love they may raise their voices and

play with fire but it is a Dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a living

God I know you feel frustrated because things don’t always go as

planed nevertheless this shall always be the way you pray I respond you strive

conflicts and adversaries arise suddenly to challenge you there are obstacles and it may seem

like my response is delayed however I will open your spiritual eyes revealing that the

situation is not as you perceive it your blessing is right before you

waiting but you must Advance without looking back discarding any feelings and

thoughts that paralyze you if you desire to be blessed you must be

tested I want to see courage in your heart and observe your reaction when

your expectations are unmet what will you say will you continue to wait with

joy in your heart without complaining or will bitterness fill you wasting your

time and effort as it does to others I want you to to be strong to

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