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have faith my dear child for all things

unfold in their own

time let go of your worries and Trust in

the process nurture your faith and

practice patience knowing that my timing


perfect resist the urge to rush toward

an uncertain future or cling to fleeting

empty Pursuits that bring discomfort to


life release anything that obstructs the

flow of my blessings upon you keep a

distance from those who lack faith and

persevere in your prayers

confide in my timing and do not give in


despair many blessings will Grace your

life and challenging circumstances will

eventually be left

behind maintain your patience and fear

not for I am with you do not think that

I am unaware of your needs I am fully

acquainted with every aspect of your

existence I see the burdens you carry

within your heart the distress that

engulfs you during Financial struggles

and moments of

illness but right now in this very

moment open your heart to my promises


guidance embrace my word seek it

diligently have faith and bask in my

presence all things will come to

fruition in their own time I will Infuse

your life with peace and serenity and I

will shower you with blessings as a

reward for your unwavering trust in

me always remember that I am a God of

power and miracles I am not only

bestowing blessings and healing upon you

but upon your family your children and

your parents as long as you trust in my

Divine timing and exhibit

patience do not lose your sanity or seek

shortcuts for they may lead you astray

and cause

harm continue in your prayers continue

to delve into my teachings and refrain

from Hasty Pursuits of material

possessions keep in mind that what the

world offers is transient while what I

offer is eternal and a source of

blessing for your life maintain your

trust in my promises for everything will

come to fruition in due

course I never delay or forget and I am

and will remain attentive to each of

your needs do not despair for I am at

your side

do not be Hasty due to the actions of

the wicked and do not envy those who

engage in

wrongdoing they shall soon wither away

like grass and like tender herbs they


wither place your trust holy in me and

let your actions be guided by

righteousness dwell in this land of

existence and take joy in my unwavering

faithfulness Delight in your connection

with me and I will grant you the desires

that reside deep within your

heart entrust your journey to me have

unwavering faith in me and I will bring

your aspirations to

fruition I will shine upon your

righteousness like the radiant light of

day and your Justice will shine as

brilliantly as the Noonday Sun find your

rest in me and patiently await my

guidance do not let the success of the

wicked disturb your peace even when they

prosper in their Wicked Ways let go of

anger and forsake the path of wrath for

it only leads to

harm know this evildoers will be cut off

but those who patiently wait upon me

will inherit the very Earth they walk

upon in just a little while the wicked

shall be no more you may seek their

place but it shall be

empty yet in that time the meek The

Humble of heart will inherit this Earth

and revel in an abundance of Peace


measure the wicked May schem and Nash

their teeth in vain against the

righteous but I your lord I laugh at

their feudal efforts for I see that

their Day of Reckoning is Drawing Near

The Wicked May draw their swords and

bend their bows with the intent to harm

the poor and the

upright but their weapons shall turn

upon themselves their swords will find

their own hearts and their B those shall


shattered know this truth the little

that a righteous person possesses is

more precious than the vast wealth of

many Wicked for the arms of the wicked

shall be broken while I the Lord shall

uphold the

righteous I know the days of the

blameless and their inheritance is an

everlasting one they shall not know

shame in times of trouble and even in

days of famine they shall find

satisfaction as for the wicked they

Shall Perish and the enemies of the Lord

like the fleeting Splendor of The

Meadows shall vanish Into Thin Air like

smoke Carried Away by the

wind the wicked may borrow and fail to

repay but the righteous show mercy and


generously those who are blessed by me

shall inherit the earth while those

cursed by me shall be cast

aside the steps of a good person are

ordered by me and I Delight in their

Journey even when they stumble they

shall not be utterly cast down for I the

Lord uphold them with my

hand I have watched over my children

from their youth and I have never seen

the righteous forsaken nor their

descendants begging for

bread they are perpetually merciful and

willing to lend and their descendants

shall be showered with my

blessings Turn Away From Evil and commit

yourselves to doing good and you shall

dwell in my presence

eternally for I the Lord love Justice

and never abandon my Saints I protect

them for all

time but the descendants of the wicked

shall be cut off the righteous shall

inherit this land and abide in it

forever the mouths of the righteous

speak wisdom and their tongues are ever

attuned to

Justice my law is etched upon their

hearts and none of their steps shall

falter the wicked may watch the

righteous seeking to harm them but rest

assured I the Lord will not leave them

in the clutches of their adversaries nor

shall I condemn them when judgment is

passed wait upon me continue along the

path I have set before you and I shall

exalt you to inherit this

land when the wicked are cut off you

shall bear Witness to my

Justice I have witnessed the wicked in

their days of great power spreading

themselves like flourishing trees native

to the

land yet in the blink of an eye they

shall pass away and they shall be found

no more I have sought them out but they


gone pay heed to the blameless take note

of the upright for their future is one

of unending

peace but as for the transgressors they

shall be brought to knot together and

the future of the wicked shall be

severed know this Above All Else the

salvation of the righteous comes solely

from me the Lord I am their strength in

times of trouble and I shall be their

Refuge I will Aid them and deliver them

from the wicked for they Place their

unwavering trust in

me calm your spirit my beloved for you

will overcome your ch challenges soon

you will reap the rewards of your

persistence I know that you are

currently facing difficult times and

adversities and the problems that

confront you weigh heavily on your heart

bringing pain and constant anxiety into


life I understand that the difficulties

you face have become a burdensome load

casting a shadow over your days and

filling you with

uncertainty but know this my cherished

in the midst of this storm You are not

alone I stand beside you holding you

with love and

care I understand that the burden you

carry is overwhelming and I recognize

the tears you shed in the Solitude of

the night as an expression of your

anguish and

weariness but let me assure you dear

soul that these trials shall

pass the darkness that seems to envelop

you will dissipate before the arrival of

a new Dawn for my promise to you is

steadfast and true remember that I have

pledged to be with you even as you

Traverse The Valley Of Shadows and death

I will never forsake you I will always

be with you guiding you and protecting

you with my unwavering and unconditional

love so do not fear my cherished one for

in every storm in every trial I am here

steadfast by your side like an

unyielding rock and in the midst of

turmoil your trust in me will not be in

vain which is why I want you to

understand that my commitment to you is

real and

eternal I will never abandon you but

will stand firm by your side in every

step you take in every struggle and

challenge in every tear that falls from

your eyes I will always be there

upholding you with my mighty

hands therefore beloved Soul do not

allow allow anxiety to consume you look

ahead with hope for the strength you

need to overcome every obstacle and

challenge comes from me I know the

battle can be fierce and draining and

the paths you tread may be arduous to

navigate but you must remember that I am

your lord and savior the guardian of


soul I am your father who always looks

after your safety and

well-being do not give up my beloved

persevere in your efforts with courage

and determination immerse yourself in my

teachings and seek the gance of my


word do not underestimate the power of

prayer for in your communion with me you

will find the strength to overcome any

assault that the enemy May launch

against you never forget that within you

lies the bravery and courage to confront

the trials and tribulations of this

life that is why I encourage you to keep

your head held high and to remain

steadfast in your faith do not be

intimidated by the schemes of the enemy

trust in me for I never disappoint those

who remain rooted in my

love remember that the faith you place

in me has the power to move mountains to

make the impossible

possible through faith my beloved you

will reap the rewards of your

perseverance rewards of blessings and

abundance so do not doubt my power

beloved Soul trust in me and hold fast

to my promises for like the wind

caresses the fields I will come upon you

like a breeze that caresses your spirit

with love and Hope just keep your eyes

on me and walk with confidence for the

dawn of a new day always follows the


night move forward dear Soul do not be

disheartened by these problems do not Yi

yield to

adversity do not forget that you are

stronger than you think and that my

power is The Shield that will protect

you from the arrows of the enemy and the

adversities you

face rise up now my beloved and face the

obstacles with courage continue with

determination and never forget that my

power and my grace will sustain you even

in the darkest

moments keep your faith burning in your

heart and never doubt that I fulfill my

promise proes for I am your father the

creator of the universe who will lead

you to your destiny of abundance and

happiness I will uplift you like the

eagles beloved why do you doubt I have

displayed my immens of power to you

numerous times do not doubt me I have

told you repeatedly that doubt separates

you from me and impedence my blessings

from reaching your life do not allow

yourself to wander from the path for the

the enemy will attempt to make you

stumble he will try to confuse you

that’s why I say to you do not doubt

keep praying persevere in my ways only

then will you achieve

victory in my word there is a powerful

verse for you in Isaiah

but those who wait on the Lord

shall renew their strength they shall

Mount up with wings like eagles they

shall run and not be weary they shall

walk and not

faint I will renew everything within you

I will grant you renewed

strength I am your sustenance and your

Swift Aid when you are weary I will lift

you up when you feel defeated you need

only seek me and you will find me for

everyone who asks receives he who seeks

finds and to him who knocks the door

will be opened I accompany you

everywhere if you find yourself in

turmoil just trust in me

do not fear for I am with you do not

lose heart for I am your God who


you I will always assist you always

support you with the right hand of my

righteousness when doubt seek to torment

you rebuke them in my name never cease

seeking me in prayer always meditate on


word keep these words in your heart





believe in what I convey to you

beloved daughter it is time to rise up

release your excuses and everything that

weighs on your soul and heart you have

exhibited strength I have witnessed all

that you have endured but it is time to

progress do not heed the criticisms of

others steer clear of the path of the

wicked they seek to make you stumble but

they do not comprehend that I will raise

you up they do not understand that my

spirit accompanies you

I have positioned a legion of Angels in

your defense they will safeguard you and

shield you from all evil I have prepared

a path for you a path marked with

Miracles and blessings bearing your name

do not forsake my paths do not opt for

the easy route The Narrow Path may seem

tempting but the end is not

favorable if you adhere to my principles

everything will be smoother for you I

know the Christian path is not easy but

in the end you will

Triumph you will witness that those who

criticized you for your choices will be

silenced they will fall silent and

acknowledge that you were correct all

along you need only be patient my child

you need to contemplate calmly beloved

daughter everything will be unveiled at

the appointed time your eyes will

witness everything I have reserved for

you my glory will manifest in your life

a downpour of blessings will shower upon

you open your arms and receive my

promises into your

life open your heart to me so that I may

dwell within you my presence will

accompany you in every instant of your

life in every moment whether times are

favorable or adverse I will be with you

providing you

strength you will Ascend like eagles

your adversaries will not witness your

downfall you will rise with all your

might towards your aspirations and

dreams I will guide you and accompany

you on your

journey it is crucial that you regularly

set aside a portion of your life for me

speak with me about your experiences

share your difficulties with me

communicate your needs I will supply

what you lack I will quell the storm

During trials I will bestow peace and

Tranquility amidst

tempests do not let your heart be

troubled when darkness descends You are

not alone in your trial I am by your

side perceive my presence experience how








strengthen your soul how I Elevate you

and endow you with the strength of

eagles you will not grow weary you will


your head held high possessing a

Victorious mindset your destiny is one

of Triumph it is inscribed in my word

that you were born to

succeed you will Triumph in this trial

you will emerge Victorious from every

Tempest believe in what I convey to you

my child trust in my promises beloved

daughter you will see that your

blessings will come in my timing simply

continue to trust continue to pray with

all your heart assure me you will



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