I AM The Architect Of Your Path |


my beloved

child as you wander through the valleys

and climb over the mountains of your

life remember this I am the architect of

your path and the joy I set before you

is ever abundant unceasing in its

flow you were sculpted from the clay of

the Earth with a purpose woven together

in your mother’s womb with threads of

Joy intended to dance in the rhythm of

my eternal Delight

for I am the Alpha and Omega the

inexhaustible Fountain of joy that shall

never run

dry in your journey there will be

moments when other Pleasures seek to ens

snare your heart promising sweetness yet

delivering only a fleeting

taste these worldly Delights are but

Shadows compared to the brilliant light

of my presence they may charm you for a

time but as with all things finite their

Allure will fade

their Sparkle will dull but not so with

me for I am

infinite my joy does not diminish with

Indulgence it

multiplies consider the flowers of the

field how they turn their faces to the

sun basking in its warmth and light they

do not toil nor spin yet are arrayed in

splendor in the same way I invite you to

turn your face to me the Eternal son

allowing my light to infuse your spirit

guiding your steps and warming your

soul therein lies the peace that

surpasses all understanding a joy that

does not wne with the setting of The Sun

nor wither with the changing of

seasons in The Quiet Moments of

reflection whisper my name Jehovah

Elohim ABA and feel my nearness share

with me the burdens that weigh heavily

upon your shoulders for I am the bearer

of all loads the Healer of all

wounds in your gratitude remember to

utter thanks for the bounties I have

laid at your feet the affection of

family the sanctuary of home the

nourishment of bread the beauty of

creation that surrounds you in Myriad

Expressions each one is a testament to

my love for you a token of my desire to

see you

flourish do not clutch these gifts with

a grip of desperation fearing their loss

hold them gently with an open hand so

that you may fully Savor their sweetness

without the fear of

scarcity for In Me There Is No Lack I am

the Wellspring of all

provision the more you seek me the more

you find and the more you find the

greater your joy will be the peace you

seek in possessions or Earthly

achievements pales in comparison to the

Serene confidence found in my

promises let your gaze be steadfast upon

me as the world unfolds its Splendor and

Chaos before your

eyes amidst the cacophony of life’s

parade find your solace in my

constancy my name is a stronghold a

tower of strength that you can run to

and be safe it is the whisper in the

storm the anchor in the tumult the

steady pulse of Love beneath the surface

of your life’s trials and triumphs and

in your seeking pursue not only my

blessings but my will desire not only

the gifts but the giver yearn not just

for my hand but for my face for in my

countenance you will discover the depths

of love and the heights of Joy it is in

alignment with my will that you will

find the strength you need the grace

sufficient for each day and the joy that

comes not from circumstances but from

the very core of my Divine Essence

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