I Am Listening and Here for You | Gods message today

my dear one I want you to feel my love

around you like a big hug when you’re

feeling low I hear you when you cry when

you dream and when you’re scared you’re

not by yourself I’m right here beside

you giving you my love and help when

things get tough trust that I’m here to

show you the way out of the hard times

all I ask is for you to let me into your

heart when you do you’ll see amazing

things happen in your

life I don’t want just a quick visit

from you I desire to be the most

important thing in your heart loved with

all your strength soul and mind I want

to be the main focus of your thoughts

decide today to commit to me for life

and you’ll see how my presence changes

everything for

you that feeling of emptiness you’ve had

that longing to be

filled let me into your heart and watch

as everything

shifts those who’ve hurt you will seek

forgiveness closed doors will open wide

and those who once turned you away will

value you I’ll bring new genuine friends

into your life wiping away loneliness


sadness let the truth of my message sink

deep into your soul my words can make a

difference for you turning the tables on

the challenges you’re up

against don’t let unexpected hurdles

scare you rise above hurtful words and

don’t dwell on

misunderstandings brush off the

criticism and insults from your

enemies I’ll protect you from their

attacks start each day with my words in


heart you’re protected by the almighty

Shadow held safe in the arms of your

heavenly father you come to me for help

because you trust my love for you and

know my promises are

solid be confident I’ll give you the

strength peace and joy to tackle life’s

challenges knowing I’m right there with


even in your weakest moments when you

feel like you’ve fallen short remember

my endless grace and mercy I’ve never

let you down before and I won’t start

now when you need me the

most when your heart hurts and your soul

feels heavy wake up each morning with

hope in your heart tune in to my voice

once more and you’ll gather the strength

to take on the day trust in me because I

have a future filled with peace and joy

just for you cling to my love with all


strength you’ve got to keep living keep

pushing forward keep moving ahead

despite the obstacles in your way keep

your eyes fixed on my promises and don’t

let challenges get you

down when problems come up stand your

ground when you feel threatened remember

the courage I’ve instilled in you

believe with all your heart that

valuable spiritual and Eternal Treasures

will come from the lessons you learn

I’ll fulfill the desires deep within you

you’ve heard these words for a reason

keep them close and never forget this is

your time grab hold of this

moment today I’ll bless you and your

family I’m here to lift the

unexplainable burdens that sometimes

weigh on your soul I want to eliminate

any sadness in your

life I love you deeply and I hold the

letter of Liberation sent Straight from

Heaven in my hands for you give me your

desperation ation and worries right

where you

are as you listen to my words feel my

gentle touch on your head and let the

healing power of my Holy Spirit wash


you every illness mental burden and

torment in your soul is wiped away

completely you don’t have to keep

suffering you have direct access to my

throne of

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