my beloved child I hear your heart’s

desires and I promise you that what you

seek is on its way you are cherished

beyond measure and blessings are coming

to you swiftly Embrace This Joy and let

go of any despondency that lingers know

this dear one I am not done working in

your life I am with you every step of

the way shaping your journey and molding

your character

I am diligently working in the

background performing both small and

grand miracles to pave the path for a

brighter future take this as a sign that

I am always by your side listening to

your every prayer my love for you knows

no bounds and I am here to respond

provide protect guide and remove

obstacles from your path any adversary

seeking to steal your blessings in the

days ahead will be thwarted as you move

forward in the coming months do not

falter or fear what lies ahead I am with

you like a mighty giant your healer your

friend your Shepherd I have promised to

fill your life with blessings and I will

deliver the provisions you need will be

placed in your hands and you will give

thanks with a heart overflowing with

gratitude don’t let impatience Cloud

your vision immerse yourself in my word

and my will shall prevail despite your

struggles your mistakes and your

difficult moments my plans for you will

come to fruition you are entering a

stage of prosperity and freedom and your

unwavering Faith amidst conflicts has

paved the way for even greater Miracles

I am showering your life with blessings

and I implore you to embrace them fully

share these blessings with the ones you

love and never underestimate anyone

judge not by appearances but value

everyone with love remember on your

journey you will encounter many people

greet them with respect smile with

kindness do not disregard my counsel for

one day you may meet them again in a

time and place you cannot yet imagine

they will remember the exceptional

kindness you showed and the smiles you

share today will become the keys that

open doors for you in the future people

with resources those in authority and

even those who suffer but exhibit

humility do not reject them

underestimate them or scorn them if you

can help them do so on your journey you

may encounter angels and if you heed my

words and remain attentive you will be

greatly blessed and a profound Joy will

fill your heart I want you to walk in

Victory to lead others in my word and to

accept the Triumph that is rightfully

yours you are a Victor a winner and you

have an omnipotent heavenly father who

hears and answers your prayers thousands

of warrior angels surround you

protecting you at all times what more do

you need to recognize your true worth

and find security in your soul as a

genuine Champion I chose you before you

were even born placing you in a

significant time and place I am eagerly

waiting for you to rise up and commit to

your purpose and Mission the days of my

coming are drawing near so cast aside

any doubts and know that you are not a

product of

chance even if you haven’t received the

love of others know that I love you more

than anyone in the universe I want you

to believe in me to rise with courage

and to receive my blessings so you can

share them with joy every day when you

open your eyes I will show you the way

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