I am Always with You | God Says

my beloved children I speak to you today with a heart overflowing with love and

compassion throughout the ages I have watched over you guiding you through the

trials and triumphs of existence my presence is woven into the fabric of the

universe an everpresent force of light and goodness I created you in my image

imbued with the capacity for love creativity and boundless potential each

of you carries a divine sparkk within a reflection of my eternal Essence Embrace

this Truth for it is the key to unlocking your true purpose and fulfillment yet I see the struggles that

weigh heavy upon your hearts the world is beset by pain and suffering born from

the misguided actions of humanity Wars rage Injustice prevails and division

tears at the very fabric of society but know this you are never alone in your

struggles I Am With You Always offering solace in times of sorrow and strength

in moments of weakness my message to you is one of love love for yourselves love

for one another and love for the world around you love has the power to heal

the deepest wounds and Bridge the widest divides it is the foundation upon which

all life is built the essence of my eternal being in your journey through

life strive to embody this love in all that you do treat each other with

kindness and compassion recognizing the Divine spark that resides within Every

Soul seek understanding and unity embracing the richness of diversity that

makes each of you unique remember two the importance of forgiveness let go of

anger and resentment for they only serve to bind you to the past instead choose

the path of reconciliation and Grace knowing that true freedom is found in

forgiveness as you navigate the complexities of existence never lose sight of your connection to me whether

through prayer meditation or acts of service cultivate a deep and abiding

relationship with the Divine in me you will find the strength to overcome any

obstacle and the wisdom to CH a course towards a brighter future my children my

heart brims with hope for you though the road ahead may be fraught with challenges remember that I am always by

your side guiding and supporting you every step of the way trust in my love

and together we shall illuminate the world with the radiance of Truth and

compassion go forth then with courage and conviction knowing that you are

cherished beyond measure may your lives be a testament to the power of love and

may you find peace in the knowledge that you are forever held In My Embrace dear

Children of the Earth in the vast expanse of time and space I watch over

you with a tender heart and boundless compassion my presence permeates every

corner of the cosmos guiding the unfolding of Creation with infinite wisdom and love from the moment of your

conception you are cradled in the Embrace of my Divine Light each Breath

You Take is a sacred gift a testament to the miraculous beauty of life itself I

rejoice in your triumphs and weep with you in your Sorrows for you are beloved beyond measure yet amidst the Splendor

of existence I see the Shadows that darken your world fear hatred and greed

have cast a PA over Humanity leading you astray from the path of righteousness

and truth but do not despair for even in the darkest of nights my light shines

bright Illuminating the way forward I call upon you now to awaken to your true

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