How to Be Strong | God’s Message

my beloved child I await you with open

arms do not despair for I am here to

assist you even before you utter a plea

for help my ears were attentive keep

believing keep trusting for you have a

faithful and mighty God by your side

avoid those who Mock You Who utter words

that steal your joy they are not your

friends they have forsaken faith and

envy your destiny they know deep down

that you are deeply loved and blessed

even if they cannot bring themselves to

accept it do not waste your time trying

to convince them or begging for their

approval Cast Away despair refuse entry

to anything negative in your spirit

guard your mind with the helmet of Faith

your heart with the breastplate of

righteousness and wield the sword of my

holy word in your hands even if you

falter and fall know that I shall raise

you up once more prepare to fight with

all your might against despondency and

fear tell me that you believe in me and

that you are prepared to Triumph I shall

bless your home heal your body your soul

your emotions and your family situation

you will witness with your own eyes my

Supernatural power listen closely for I

love you and I want you to believe this

with Simplicity and sincerity come to me

each morning nourishing yourself with my

word let your faith be ignited let that

flame consume all the fears that hinder

your progress you cannot enter your

Promised Land If you still fear the

false Giants that terrorize you with

lies you cannot reap the fruits of

Victory if you dare not take a step of

faith and entrust all your abilities

struggles and failures into my hands I

command you to no longer be a slave to

the opinions of negative people who Envy

you and seek opportunities to snatch

away what I want to give you believe in

me and my word distance yourself from

those who wish you ill for it is in my

presence that Victory lies and in my

presence you will find Triumph I shall

Grant you strength joy and peace every

morning I am here waiting to whisper

tender words of love and affection in

your ear infusing you with great

strength and happiness I am blessing

your life and your home come my child

for today is a new day a day when you

will receive great blessings and never

forget I am your Shepherd and you shall

not want I am your provider and

everything lacking in your life shall

soon arrive I am your healer enveloping

you in my love and granting you healing

I am your protector covering you with my

wings and providing shelter under the

shadow I cast my word is truth I will

walk with you hand in hand on the path


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