my precious child I want you to take a


breath and let go of the stress and

worries that weigh you

down it’s important that you receive my

words with an open and joyful heart

because the way you listen

matters pay close attention to the

prophetic messages I send your way and

notice the sequence in which they arrive

this will help you understand where you

are and what season you’re in don’t

don’t just focus on one message and

forget the rest go back and observe how

they unfold for this is the divine

revelation I am sharing with you

today if you recognize the order of my

plans you’ll know how to walk and

journey with me more

effectively I have placed you in a new

position and I am working within you

healing your inner

wounds but this process involves deep

introspection I am preparing you for the

Fulfillment of my Divine Purpose for

your life in this season relax and let

my grace surround you as I revealed The

Broken Pieces the missing elements the

harmful habits and the recurring

patterns in your life this isn’t just

about being freed from evil spirits it’s

about getting you ready mentally

physically and emotionally for where I

am taking you you are already on the

path I have set for you but as you

travel look within and allow my holy

spirit to guide you showing you what I

want to nurture and what I want to

remove this is a time when iron sharpens

iron I have placed people situations and

experiences around you to refine you but

sometimes you resist because you don’t

understand draw from what brings you

peace comfort and life and embrace it

however I will also allow some

discomfort and challenges to shake you

up so you can reflect on yourself this

isn’t to condemn you for there is no

condemnation for those who are with me

you have the guarantee sealed by the


Spirit I am constantly pushing you to

become more striving to elevate you to a

new version of yourself that I planned

and destined for you long ago when I

called you I Justified you and because I

Justified you I glorified you bringing

you into a Heavenly State here on Earth

just as you you are on this earth in

every situation so are you with me in

heaven you are seated in Heavenly places

you have the mind of Christ and the mind

of the spirit who knows the depths of a


heart I am bringing these things to the

surface and you will confront them

repeatedly because that’s who I am I

understand that sometimes you may be

slow to learn but I know everything

about you I knew you before I formed you

in your mother’s womb

I thought of you sang over you and

rejoiced at your arrival on this Earth

so why would I bring you this far only

to leave you I am the author and

finisher of your faith and I the Lord

who began a good work in you will bring

it to

completion let go of everything negative

that brings death lacks life change or

peace leave it behind Shake It Off and

look ahead to all the things I have

prepared for

you you are pressing on toward the High

Calling the purpose I created you for

your ministry and how I will use you in

ways you don’t yet know but I am leading

you there because I designed it find

peace and refuge in me knowing what I

have spoken over you when you encounter

things about yourself that you don’t

like when curses or patterns that I am

breaking you out of arise remember that

you are covered by my grace where sin

increases Grace abounds even more I am

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