Hear These Words | God Message Today

my beloved child chase your dreams

you’re not alone on your journey I’m

right here beside you offering Solace to

your soul and strength to Your

Heart come sit with me and together

let’s gaze upon the Horizon illuminated

by magnificent blessings as you share

your dreams with me remember that I

haven’t forgotten them since your youth

I’ve witnessed the aspirations etched

onto the canvas of your mind dreams

filled with joy adventure and

fulfillment even though time may have

passed and your smile may have Faded

burdened by the weight of the world know

that the fault is not yours you’ve been

carrying a load not meant for your

shoulders deserted by those who should

have been your

support through your struggles I have

witnessed a glimmer of hope shining in

your darkest hours you’ve realized that

the rejection of others does not

determine your

destiny something within you unspoken

yet powerful has driven you onward

urging you to persevere overcome your

obstacles and leave behind your

pain you are not selfish your Ambitions

are noble you strive for growth Triumph

and envision a future where you’ll help

others in your heart resides the seed of

Vitality and you are enveloped in my


spirit all the challenges you faced have

equipped you for this moment I love you

and I have faith in you I know you can

accomplish whatever you set your mind to

and you don’t give up

easily even through tears and struggles

with fear and anxiety as the the night

Fades the dawn’s light shines upon your

face and with a fresh smile you rise

strong you are dear to me and the Angels

Above watch closely prepared to support

you clear obstacles and Aid you in every

way to reach your

dreams you cry out to me and I respond

I’ve revealed Supernatural insights to

you and bolstered your strength your

bravery touches me profoundly and I am

compelled to bless you abundantly I am

true to my promises and I always fulfill

my word

you’ve shown the maturity and dedication

needed and you’re prepared to rise to a

special and individual spiritual plane

don’t measure yourself against others

you have all you need right now

concentrate on your own aspirations and

avoid wasting energy on Envy of others

achievements let them pursue their

dreams you’ll live in your own

reality you’ve toiled diligently and

fought bravely and your aspirations

won’t be overlooked or left as mere

words on a forgotten page you haven’t

come this far to give up I’ve LED you to

this place to claim your land of

blessings the beautiful dreams you’ve

pursued with such determination will

come to fruition multiplied abundantly

this is a moment of blessing for you and


family while the world shakes and others

lament their lack you glorify my name

for your abundance amidst cries over

Vanishing opportunities your mind is a

fertile ground to me every morning as

you heed my voice I seow seeds which

will soon blossom into fresh

ideas the Gates of Heaven will swing

wide and your heart will testify to this

profound love failure will fade away for

my presence in your life will be so

palpable that you’ll find solace in

listening to my words each day whether

the sky is clear or overcast you’ll find

true Joy propelled by unwavering

determination this divine inspiration

will uplift you flooding your mind with

good ideas Guided by my Holy Spirit

you’ll step out of your comfort zone and

approach the doors you need to knock on

fear will be a thing of the past you’ll

boldly engage with people in positions

of authority with an outstretched hand

and a warm smile Hearts will open to you

you’ll impart blessings and miracles


unfold the temporary hardships you face

do not indicate defeat what you’ve lost

will be restored to you multiplied and

blessed you weren’t born to fail you

belong to me you weren’t destined to be

a loser my promises have made you

Victorious fear not for I have been I am

am and I will always be with you rise

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