Hear These Words Do Not Ignore |

my beloved child hear these words of

comfort and encouragement from your

savior Jesus Christ in your wondrous

journey through life I see your

unwavering dedication the pursuit of

purpose and the longing for meaning know

this my beloved ones that you are all

Divine Creations crafted with boundless

love and each of you possesses a unique

and significant purpose in this

world I am well aware that life’s
Gods Message

challenges can be formidable and you may

encounter uncertainties and obstacles

that seem

insurmountable yet I implore you to hold

fast never relinquishing hope why you

may ask because I am the god who

specializes in turning impossibilities

into realities there is no limit to what

I can accomplish in your life if you

place your trust in me and allow me to

guide your

footsteps life my child is a journey

Laden with Peaks and valleys you will

not always possess all the answers and

at times my plans may seem intricate and

perplexing however it is during those

arduous moments that you will discover

the depths of Your Inner Strength

resilience and ability to triumph over

adversity my boundless Grace will

sustain you enabling you to grow mature

and emerge

stronger in moments of discouragement

and weariness when the weight of the

world seems overwhelming remember I am

by your side I am here to embrace you

with my love and care to wipe away your

tears and to instill Within You A

Renewed sense of hope and purpose when

you feel inadequate and doubt your

capabilities I want you to remember this

I have bestowed upon you unique talents

abilities and everything necessary to

confront the challenges before you and

to fulfill your dreams do not

underestimate your potential for I have

endowed you with the power to accomplish


things nevertheless let us not forget
Genuine Success

that genuine success extends Beyond

material achievements or external

recognition true success lies in

aligning your life with my will in

loving others and in spreading kindness

to illuminate this world

discover joy and purpose in serving

others becoming a beacon of light amidst

the prevailing

Darkness I understand that it can be

arduous to maintain the flickering flame

of Hope particularly when You Face

turbulent times yet remember this always

even in the darkest of moments I am the

light that scatters the Shadows I am the

strength that sustains and guides you

forward entrust yourself to me and my
I am the Light

light shall shall illuminate your path

never forget my child that you are


unconditionally irrespective of your

past actions your flaws or imperfections

I love you just as you are I offer you

forgiveness and a fresh start drawing

you into the Embrace of my abundant love

and grace allow it to fill the empty

spaces within your heart and when you

feel weak or disheartened seek refuge in

me I am your Fortress your

Sanctuary remember I am ever Vigilant

fully aware of every aspect of your life

every thought and every emotion you are

never invisible or insignificant in my

eyes I cherish you profoundly in times
I am the Vigilant

of doubt and uncertainty turn to my

wisdom I will grant you insight and

Clarity trust in my guidance and the

plans I have crafted for you those who

place their trust in me will always find

peace peace and wholeness moreover When

Storms assail your life remember that I

am the god who calms tumultuous Waters I

can bring peace to your heart and Solace

to your soul trust in me even when

circumstances appear

unfavorable I am mightier than any

challenge you face and my presence alone

can surmount any difficulty my beloved

hope is the anchor for your soul even

when all seems Bleak anchor your hope in
I am the Unwavering Light

me I am the unwavering light in the

darkness that never falters I am the

source of Hope and renewal believe that

in my perfect timing I will make all

things new and restore all that has been

lost in times when you feel alone or

helpless understand that I am the god

who draws near to the Brokenhearted I am

forever at your side ready to wipe away

your tears and infold you in my love

never doubt my affection for you for it

is eternal I invite you to draw near to

me in prayer to open your heart and

share your fears anxieties and

aspirations I am always attentive eager

to listen and prepared to answer your
Trust Me

prayers trust me my cherished child and

allow me to work in your life in ways

beyond your

imagination know that you are loved

immeasurably and your life holds


purpose even in the face of tremend

mendous difficulty I can employ your

experiences to shape your character and

fortify your faith nothing lies beyond

my ability to transform and

redeem therefore my child be inspired by

the assurance that I am with you every

step of the way trust in me even when

circumstances appear daunting I am the

god who performs The Impossible and

transforms the most challenging

situations into opportunities for

unforeseen growth and blessing
My Child

there is no limit to what I can

accomplish in your life if you place

your trust in me my child you seek the

solution to your difficulties and I

understand your desire for clarity but

do not be swayed by the negativity that

surrounds you or the opinions of those

who Revel in spiritual misery know that

if you are hearing or reading these

words it is because I have bestowed upon

you intelligence and the opportunity to

grow you are ready for what lies ahead

for the door shall soon

open understand that I am not a false

god existing only in the realm of your

imagination you know me you know who I

am let go of doubt and Trust in my word

whenever you have found yourself in

trouble I have come to your rescue with

my holy hand I have embraced you with

love and given you life even in the

midst of your past
I Saved You

disasters since the moment I saved you

your Pres present has been filled with

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