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my beloved child today I encourage you to look within and hear me letting my

message touch your heart deeply life may present challenges

testing your faith which once burned brightly within you my hope is for your

faith to shine with love and passion and for you to always cherish your spirit

Zeal and the will to live gifts I’ve lovingly given you now is the time to walk back into

the Light Of Hope to feed your soul with my promises and truth even when you walk

through tough times you don’t need to be scared because I’m always with you I’ll guide you help you overcome

challenges protect what you dream about and support you to achieve your

goals life can be tough but remember I’ve already overcome the hardest parts

and I want you to live a life full of happiness I wish for your life life to be filled with victories and blessings

and I don’t want you to know defeat remember the words you’ve heard

because as you grow happier and more blessed there will be people who might get jealous and wish for your downfall

that’s just how life works sometimes but know this I lift up those I care about

even though it might attract negativity from others they may not like seeing the joy and faith in those I bless

don’t be afraid because as long as you follow my guidance no one can truly hurt

you I’m not asking for Perfection I understand you’re human and might

stumble what I’m looking for is your heart and for you to keep focused on my

teachings your commitment matters to me you turn to me in good times and also

reach out in tough times this shouldn’t stop keep moving forward pray with

heartfelt tears for your tears plant many seeds whether the sun shines or the rain

falls keep going steadfastly because I will ease the storms and quiet the waves for you I’ll

resolve your struggles and take care of your concerns but what I desire is to see you consistently loving and seeking

me making me the priority in all aspects of your life you’ll find

that this Faith becomes a powerful tool dispelling evil conquering your weaknesses and providing you with

spiritual and Supernatural strength to face Temptations fears and all

challenges before leaving your Abode bow your head for a few moments dedicate

your plans and all your Affairs to me pray for your family utter words of

faith and peace Rejoice for I am your Shepherd and you shall lack

nothing to me you are my daughters my sons and my beautiful little lambs I shall guide you to Green Pastures and

lead you beside Tranquil Waters in your home there shall be no

more shouts or confusion those conflicts that tear at the heart shall

cease I shall distance from your Abode the malevolent individuals thieves of

love and disruptors of peace I shall uproot all sin and error hidden in the

corners seeking to corrupt your faith and happiness I shall take away sorrow

you shall not see misery or poverty at your table the time will come when you’ll see

abundance like bread appearing at the right moment new chances for growth and

learning will emerge I’ll cleanse your household of any negative influences or habits that

undermine your character and belief remember I’ll always be there holding

your hand steadfastly focus on what’s positive pure and the wonderful things I

plan to do in your life avoid seeking companionship in the

wrong places or returning to people who stay down and never improve I’m not just your provider I’m

also here to bring you Joy so you don’t need to look for validation or acceptance from anyone else I don’t need

anyone’s permission to bless you so you shouldn’t ask if you should love and serve

me the answer is always yes in me you find a love that’s pure unbreakable

comforting and healing remember I’m the only one who died and rose again for you so you could

have salvation and eternal happiness with me now tell me beloved to Grant you this

Everlasting Love gather your strength today stand tall and ready for Victory

is near the fight may be tough and the journey hard but I’m here to support you

never fear to fight and persevere in your dreams when the world attempts to

hinder you when the enemy conspires against you to topple you stand firm

like a sturdy Rock rid yourself of negative thoughts of the feeling of fear

that impedes your path do not allow anything or anyone to

distinguish the dreams within you do not alter your plans do not yield If Ever I

caused you to dream it was to let you know that I have the power to achieve anything trust in me I’m right there

with you battling on your behalf that’s how it will always be approach your

responsibilities with Zeal and perseverance strong and steady faith can

bring about wonders and achievements that surpass all all expectations Faith especially coupled

with obedience is crucial for accomplishing the seemingly impossible your faith brings me joy be

mindful though that there will be those who envy and criticize

you don’t worry if they call you crazy or extreme for following my teachings

March forward like a conqueror the naysayers will eventually fall back

confused ignore any that tries to divert you from this journey you’re so close to receiving

Abundant Blessings it would be tragic to give up now I didn’t call you to be

defeated with me you’re destined to be a conqueror the sacrifice I made was for

your Victory on that cross you were on my mind if you’re listening to me now

know that your hardships are not unnoticed I am your almighty God and I’ve marked you with my favor for your

belief and loyalty your life is a gift from me don’t ever forget that I will never cast

you aside or forsake you and Trust everything you do on this day first into

my hands with humility and gratitude and wherever your feet tread there you will

be blessed my presence and power will go with you and your family delivering you

from dangerous enemies and conflicts what concerns you I have

already resolved I listened attentively to the prayer you brought before me

dismiss any thoughts of defeat and fear celebrate and be patient you might find

it challenging to wait and remain calm at the same time but now lean on your

faith find rest and trust in me as a child trusts close those weary eyes the ones

that have cried so much and rest your head on my shoulder that catches every tear and hears every cry my

child I cherish you it’s not my desire for you to endure so much pain I don’t

want you to keep worrying I’m filling your spirit with clear and vibrant water from my endless

Love’s River I’ve prepared this blessing for you and into your heart I’ll pour

this rening and cool blessing to refresh your faith day by

day each day is a new chapter yesterday brought pain and tears prayers and

challenges but today brings peace happiness and calm leave your pain in

the past live one day at a time your future is safe with me don’t fret over

issues and circumstances that are for me to solve Play Your Role trust pray and

have faith don’t stop living because you’re facing troubles don’t hide away

because of others ridicule say my name out loud when you feel scared the foe of your peace aims to

bind you with invisible chains and convince you he’s more powerful than me no curse or sorcery has influence over

your life nor can lies or slander distance you from my love I washed away

your sins with My Precious Blood I rescued you from an abyss and now I want

to surround you with protection I want you to live free from burdens and

regrets instead of depression may your mind be filled with my Holy Spirit and a great indestructible Joy fill your heart

No More Tears no more anguish no more thoughts of illness misery or

death let us move forward so that you may receive your Victory and accept your

blessing with faith you’ve told me before that you think you deserve nothing but now you must trust me and

believe I bless you because I love you I do not judge or punish you for you there

is forgiveness understanding support and divine love no one can defeat you

because I lift you up no one can overcome you because I protect you no

one can curse you because I bless you no one can discourage you because

you have my Holy Spirit which uplifts your spirit every morning and fills you with confidence enthusiasm and joy if

you completely trust in my love and affection if you believe with all your heart that I will always be with you if

you remember these words I am giving you today when times of Despair come if you

surrender everything you are mind soul and heart to me the painful moments will

cease when the attacks of the world cause you to fall into a deep pit of discouragement and confusion listen

carefully for it is I your almighty God the creator of the universe your father

your guide your friend the Lord of your life who extends a hand to help you when

you need me I’m asking for your loyalty and your true Faith everyone has their moments of

weakness and stumbles but I get it I know you don’t want to let me down if you turn back to me saying you’re sorry

and ready to stick by my side I’ll forgive you and offer you a fresh start

even if a good person trips up seven times my kindness is there to pick them up every single time Way Beyond count my

Mercy for you is endless because I trust that with the love I offer you won’t take it

lightly don’t follow the example of those living a double life who misuse my

name and exploit others they might look like they’re on the right track from the outside but their hearts are far from me

be vigilant and steer clear of such pitfalls remember my love mercy and

forgiveness are abundant for those who sincerely embrace my teachings yet remember I am also just and Powerful I

look out for my loved ones and won’t let them be misled by deception so today I’m speaking straight

to your heart listen closely and focus on my words I wish for your true freedom

and healing I urge you to come to me each morning hear what I have have to say pray and trust your life and family

to me believing in the great future I’ve planned for you ignore anyone who says

your future is doomed that your past mistakes Define you or that failure is your only Endo they’re wrong don’t

listen to them and I’m telling you you are mine and I will always be by your side I have seen your repentant heart

and your good and sincere intentions to continue on my path to strengthen in yourself and grow you will not return to

the Past you will not associate again with the wicked you will distance

yourself from those who criticize and attack you and seek out good people who encourage and uplift you I desire for

you to acquaint yourself with me in a novel and genuine manner so that you

realize that my affection for you transcends the narratives you’ve been

told I am not agreed with you I yearn for you to undergo a transformation for

your own well-being I shall Grant you the fortitude to govern your temperament and

to ensure that your emotions remain unruffled by trivial matters I shall metamorphose you such

that many may not recognize you anymore happiness will shine on your face and

you won’t be afraid anymore your steps will be determined and your words will be filled with kindness I’ll give you a

of Faith so strong it can’t be shaken every morning when you wake up you’ll

remember my promises you’ll sense my voice talking to you leading you on

paths that are good and right making your journey smooth and keeping enemies

out of sight I’ll protect you from those who lie and scheme from people who try

to trick and copy you I’ll stop those who want to bad mouth you you’ll sleep

safely at night even when there’s Danger All Around you’ll be at peace healthy and

strong in return I ask for your trust your heart and your commitment I want

you to give yourself fully to me I’m not looking to pull you away from your dreams or make you give up your goals I

just want you to put me first before you start on your plans trusting your journey to me you’ll

be amazed to see how I bless every step you take because I’ve already given you so many blessings and I’ll keep on

blessing you come listen to my word that you may comprehend the truth my love for

you is indestructible Eternal unwavering faithful and genuine it is yours and

none can rest it from you let these words I speak merge with your thoughts

bringing you great peace declare with your own lips my God I love you I

entrust my life and loyal y to you and I shall love you with all my strength for

eternity you astonish me I instructed you to be strong yet you exerted

yourself and chose to fight with all your might you have surpassed my expectations exemplifying loyalty and

Fidelity I Rejoice to see that every seed I planted in you has flourished and

borne beautiful fruit henceforth better and newer times are imminent

you are transcending beyond your desires and dreams Unstoppable until you conquer

that land where blessings and happiness abound I know that sometimes you see

things in a way that makes you feel uneasy especially when you feel jealousy or rejection from others even from those

who claim to care for you instead of seeing your value they constantly look

for ways to put you down they bring up up your past just to hurt you and break

your spirit but now as you hear my words decide to keep the same faith and

strength you’ve shown during tough times and embrace a mindset of

Triumph don’t let anyone weaken your resolve to do good don’t give them the

power to sway your feelings put your trust in what I say and let my promises lead you you are

mine I will surround you with my love and stand up against anyone who tries to

oppose you I will block those who sneakily try to disrupt your peace of mind and mock your beliefs so let go of

the negative thoughts that hit you when you’re surrounded by trouble when conflicts pile up when you’re tired and

when decisions press down on you come and find rest with me in my presence

you’ll find comfort and hope no matter how big your problems same they won’t bring you down because my love Shields

you you know this I didn’t cause your hardships so I promise right from where

you are I’ll deliver you with my strong hand I never meant for you to be

overwhelmed I will remove the heavy burdens from you it is not my will for

you to dwell in solitude and sadness your future is wondrous and your

enemies seek to sabotage your blessings but in this struggle the choice is yours

your faith is the sword that vanquishes obstacles in your path you shall falter if you yield to

the negative thoughts and emotions instigated by your adversaries but you shall Triumph if my Holy Spirit Reigns

Supreme in your life and heart I’ve done my part I’ve given you salvation and set

up a legacy of Triumph and blessings for you now it’s up to you to stay strong just as you’ve been doing I’m here to

let you know right on time that you’re close to reaching that spiritual height

where Miracles become part of your everyday life don’t go backward you’ve

come so far don’t waste the tears you’ve cried or the efforts you’ve put in until now keep your eyes on the prize your

faith and resolve are unbreakable push forward and be brave while many give up and regret

their lot you’re set for a different brighter path my spirit surrounds you it

fills your home the heavens will open to pour out blessings and gifts on you bringing happiness to your

household those who strayed will come back seeking forgiveness a time of healing and unity

is on the horizon don’t be afraid for I am with you don’t be discouraged for I am your

God I will give you strength assist you and support you with my Victorious hand

I have lavished blessings upon you in Heavenly Realms that my glory May manifest in your family extending Grace

to to your friends relatives and neighbors you shall be the instrument of

healing for many whom you know but this wondrous work begins here

hence I urge you to come every morning to listen remember all the Miracles I’ve

already wrought in you and how this word has become reality in those impossible situations that threaten to overwhelm

you thus far I have aided you do not turn back back do not lose what you have

gained from now on you’re going to receive many blessings but I wish to see you each morning feeling

thankful warmly welcoming this truth my blessing is with you my love surrounds

you giving you peace and holding you close feel my deep love for you so

profound that right now I’m showing it to you I’ve listened to you even when your words were just thoughts in your

mind you had strong feelings of Despair and you lifted them up to me in your prayers I’ve taken your concerns into my

hands I’ve felt what you’re going through every word from you reaches me I

hear it all and even when you felt like your prayers didn’t get past your room I’m here to tell you I’m

real I’ve heard you I will respond to your requests and that issue we both

know about will be settled turning out in your favor trust that it’s already taken care of I want you to come to me

again today with all your confidence I know you spoke with me yesterday but life continues and you and

I remain friends do not squander any opportunity you have to express your feelings to

me do not tell me that everything is going well for you and that you do not

need me anymore or that you have achieved all your dreams and there is

nothing more to dream of do not distance yourself from me in times of happiness

life takes many turns and I want your faith to be strengthened for that day in the future when you may need me I know

well that you still love me and even when you are very happy your heart still

Longs for me you will not be truly happy if you decide to ignore me and not walk

with me your spirit will grow cold in solitude and a great void will open in

your soul therefore I insist so much every

day every minute knocking on the door of your heart I will inconvenience you

until you realize that even if you want to move away I will continue to seek you

my hand will not let you go and whatever happens I will continue to love you for

eternity these words I speak to you today with all all my affection are a

warning I give you with much love let us continue you and I in communion follow me seek me keep praying

and you will see how you calm down and no longer worry I will remove your anxiety if you give me the opportunity

let go of your worries and distractions for a bit and open your heart to take in

these words I’m right here with you even if those who say they love you leave you

behind I’m with you when you fa face hostility from those who dislike you and

when you feel all alone I love you and I’m here to protect you I’m your father your God and your

buddy it might be hard for you to grasp How Deeply someone can love you a love

so Grand you’ve never imagined it a kindness so genuine you’ve never felt it

before you might be hard on yourself thinking your mistakes make you Unworthy of such

love please don’t punish yourself don’t put yourself down as it

only leads to sadness and despair I’ll take away the spiritual blindfolds that stop

you from seeing me I’ll change your heart so you can believe in me come to

me especially when you’re feeling weary and overwhelmed draw near to me to find

the peace you crave and the rest you need I do not want your days to to be

heavy for you to wake up sad and discouraged my death and Resurrection

are a gift of love for you to live your life with Divine Joy I am breaking those chains that

hindered your growth today those bonds that do not allow you to move forward toward the

future of blessing I offer you are destroyed do not walk backward to seek

the opinion of those who imprisoned you choosing to love and follow me is up to

you I care deeply about your peace and happiness your adversaries however wish

for your downfall stand strong be courageous and move confidently towards

the new life I’m offering you your blessing is on its way soon you’ll

witness it trust in what I say and embrace it with faith and happiness

don’t dwell on past errors don’t let them bind you look forward to your future I I urge you don’t spend your

time Looking Backward when you’re feeling weak and weary remember I’m your

loving father reach out to me I’ll assist you in overcoming your challenges

my dear child you have such a kind heart a noble character and a gentle loyal

Spirit even after facing so many trials you stay humble and thankful always

eager to lend a hand I understand the time goes on and you might get tired of the struggle but your faith in me keeps

you going and that makes me very happy however I ask you not to keep quiet when

you’re overwhelmed I love you just as you are I accept you just as you are if

you ever feel down because it seems like your efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated remember I see your heart

I feel what you’re going through this is the moment for you to open up to me and tell me about the pain

and disappointment you carry in your heart I know you are not complaining you need to talk to someone and who better

than me who understand and love you so much your loved ones are so busy with

their lives that they do not give you the attention you deserve they themselves feel lost and

lonely they too seek a way out do not expect from them what they cannot give

you I’m the only one in this universe who can truly love you come I’m

listening I will not reject you if you show yourself as you are I will not be

angry if you tell me your truth you never ask for anything in return but you

are human and that little heart of yours is made to be loved and filled with holy

affection the love and attention that people can give you will never be enough you need something more your need is

spiritual your soul needs to be loved and embraced by your heavenly father

here I am again steadfast in my love for you my cherished child I cherish you

deeply it’s important for you to take a break your heart needs rest it’s full of

compassion and strives to love profoundly but I don’t want your tiredness and vulnerability to give the

adversary a chance to trouble you you are my child and today I’m giving you

Supernatural strength I’m removing every feeling of loneliness from your heart

I’m wrapping you in my Divine and everlasting love so you never feel isolated again your faith and grateful

Spirit Delight me greatly now tell me do you love me my dear child pray once more

I yearn to hear your voice I treasure the sound of it I miss when you call me

father when you say I love you remember you haven’t forgotten that challenging

place I saved you from you’ve kept your bravery your eagerness to believe to keep going to

advance I reached you and saved you when you were falling into the abyss I extended my hand and transformed your

heart you are no longer the same it is through my love and my faithfulness that you have triumphed every

success every time you were delivered from danger it was not by Your Own

Strength I want you to acknowledge it to believe believe it to understand it to

accept it only in my presence can you find the wonderful happiness your life

needs today in your gratitude and humility you will find the key to immense blessings so that you do not

turn back or fall into difficulties as in the past when the adversary took

advantage of your weakness and you faced failure head on I was with you then I

know you remember today I see your deep gratitude I know you recognize your need for me your yearning for my presence

your desire to seek me out because you understand that I am here to enrich your life with

blessings step back onto the path to your freedom the same path that led you

away from disaster grasp my hand remember how I once saved you from Peril

and ruin with my hand in yours wrapped in my care shielded by my love you won’t face

harm arm so remember what I’ve told you I miss hearing you when you pray softly

and talk to me the passionate tone of your voice the affection in your prayers brings me great happiness it warms my

heart to know I’m most important to you I’m Overjoyed when I see you’ve left

behind Disobedience arrogance and spiritual indifference feeling the

Divine Supernatural warmth grow within you be filled with my presence

confront your challenges for today expect Many Wonders tell me you believe

in and deeply love me when sadness overwhelms you call out to me when fear

overshadows your faith shout my name talk to me share your deepest thoughts

with me say Jesus I trust in you I will

come right away to soothe your heart I will Empower you with my spirit making

you feel strong longer and assure you of my love knowing your life and your family are safely cradled in my hands

when you’re going through those situations that you can’t tell anyone else about when your mind is filled with

doubts and you seek answers that no one else can give ask me take a break come here to my arms and

listen to me as you hear my words I will take your hand and lead you to a

beautiful pool of clear waters where the light of my gaze pierces your soul and reaches the deepest recesses of your

heart I see so many things that you are keeping there things you need to share with someone but in no one else can you

trust tell them to me I understand you let go of all your secrets at once

together we will cast them into the depths of the sea and we will remember them no more and if the time comes when

you are tired of fighting stay here where you are rest in my arms I will

fight for you I want your relationship with me to grow for you to know me more

each day to have so much confidence in me that every morning you wake up with immense assurance that my presence

surrounds you and accompanies you everywhere I want to help you rid your

mind of those thoughts and memories that continue to hurt you of the words from family and friends who doubted your

abilities who told you that you were not good enough that you would never succeed

that you were destined for failure to live in misery and that you

would always be surrounded by depression and illness feel my hands on your head

sense my strength flowing into you my voice quieting the turmoil inside you

ordering it to settle down and stop for good I’m bringing you healing Embrace

and feel it I’m clearing your mind of any thoughts of failure and despair you

don’t have to be tormented by worry and fear anymore you won’t be chained by doubt and stress any longer I’m bringing

back your joy your confidence your zest for life and your love for your family

hold tight to me in my holy word I’ll reveal to you my might and my affection

but for now pause what you’re doing and spend some time with me come and find

Solace In My Embrace I love you your sorrow won’t

last forever it stops today I will fill your being with peace your heart with

joy I’ll respond to your prayers giving you even more than you hoped for you’ll

witness how the things that opposed you will turn out for your benefit and those who were against you

will witness my love for you and change their stance my presence will fill your

home your family will realize the extent of my power and they’ll be amazed as they see the incredible things I’ll do

for you I do this out of love for you having seen your

enthusiasm the honesty of your belief your eagerness to seek me and follow my

directives despite the challenges you’ve encountered that still seem unclear yet you’ve never given up your

faith or your will to keep believing you have kept a very special place for me in your life and in your home you have

taught your family that they must seek me through that faith and perseverance you’re about to overcome

all those negative things that made you Retreat you felt fear one day but you

dared to believe in my love and my infinite grace you received my

forgiveness and clung to my promises that’s why I am removing all the

obstacles all your enemies all sickness all evil from you and from today on I

will pour blessings upon you abundantly listen to my voice speaking to your

heart I want you to pay close attention and understand that you are surrounded by my love and my spirit is calling out

to you I see your bravery and deep insight and encourage you to stand firm

in faith pushing aside any feelings of discouragement and doubt so you can see

and receive the blessings I have lined up for you I know you’re tired of hearing bad

news feeling the pain from troubles in your family finances and emotions the

answer to all these problems is within my power for I can free you from the burdens that weigh you down and cause

you pain you might think that the hard times you’re facing are because I’ve stepped

back due to your errors and wrong choices but that’s not true I know you

through and through and there’s nothing you can do that would make me turn away from from

you I’m fully aware of what you need I understand your worries and I’m there

with you when tough times hit I know everything about your life the extent of your pain and how deep your tears go but

I’ve always been right there with you offering support and comfort even when

you couldn’t hear my voice or follow my guidance I never left you behind it’s

time to stop your pain my dear one don’t lose hope because I’m right beside you I won’t

leave you my love will always be evident in my words and through the people I

bring into your life to talk about me I want you to trust what I’m saying today

and understand that I will always be with you my love going beyond what you

can see know that I am your creator I’ve been with you since before

time began I know all your dreams desires and objectives I don’t blame name you or

judge you for what’s happened before my deepest wish is to make you whole again

to heal your hurts and to lead your life for the better in me find your blessings

and success may all your dreams and goals come true as this is what I’ve

always wanted and will always want for you therefore be no longer perplexed do

not think that I am absent from your side even if you cannot see me even if

you cannot feel my presence I will always be there for you ready to assist and bless you so that you may accomplish

all that you set out to do but for these blessings to materialize it is

imperative for you to dispel all negative thoughts Cast Away doubt and turn away from sin for these things only

bring worry and fear to your heart do not allow the voice of the

adversary to dominate your life do not let malicious words harm you bring all

your troubles to the altar surrender your life and call out to me in prayer

place all your burdens and anxieties in my hands trust in me and I will chart a new course for your life your destiny

shall be one of success not failure for in me you will find the true purpose of

your existence remember I am your God and Father the one who re rewards your

obedience and bravery I don’t want you to miss out on the great blessings I’ve planned for you but to understand that

I’ve chosen you to be blessed every blessing I have ready in heaven will be

poured out on you generously until your cup overflows whatever you’ve dreamed of

whatever you’ve asked from me I plan to give to you there will be no barriers or obstacles that can stop my blessings in

your life because everything I do is intentional I don’t leave things to

Chance the challenges you faced were necessary to refine your faith to purify

it like gold so my beloved it’s time to face your fears take a moment to step

away from your struggles close your eyes and reach out to me I am always here eager to listen and

respond to your needs remember I will always be with you don’t be discouraged

or forget that I am your God who gives you strength and upholds you with my righteous right hand do not fall into

the enemy’s snares for he will attempt to persuade you that there is nothing reserved for you to confuse you into

believing that your life lacks purpose that dreaming and Aiming High are feudal

Endeavors he will seek to rob you of your blessings and all the good things I

have prepared for you fear not for if you abide in me

you may ask for anything you wish and it shall be granted unto you remember that

in life’s adversities faith is the greatest response therefore my sons and daughters

take my hand and you shall achieve all that you aspire to the unimaginable shall become reality for you for do not

forget that the righteous are showered with Abundant Blessings seek me in prayer continually

do not cease to converse with me in the morning in the day and in the evening seek me at all times and with all your

heart keep my word and I will bless you abundantly for I honor those who honor

me keep going without hesitation my sons move forward my daughters and be

confident that you and your family will have everything you need for I am committed to blessing you abundantly you

are each a unique creation a treasured Jewel In My Kingdom my dear children I have always held you

in my heart designed with a special purpose through the voices of prophets in the lives of my

faithful I want to remind you that you’re never on your own I’m with you at

every step and every happiness and every challenge I am constantly at your side

my love for you never wavers and the power I’ve placed within you knows no bounds so when life’s storms hit when

you feel overwhelmed by the waves are daunted by the mountains ahead look up to the sky there you’ll find the

strength you need the same strength that has supported many before you don’t be afraid for I am your safe place your

protector and your Defender my child you are a Warrior in

Spirit daughter you possess the capacity to confront any Challenge and adversity

do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by discouragement or fear nor by the

voice of the enemy for within you resides the power of my holy spirit let

its fire burn in your heart and its wisdom guide you in every

decision always remember that greatness is not found in Earthly achievements but

in the impact you have on the lives of others rise up as a brave son as a

courageous daughter your voice holds the power to transform hearts and your love

can heal deep wounds do not allow comfort and mediocrity to Cloud your vision you are

destined to live an extraordinary life full of purpose and meaning dare to

dream big and pursue those dreams with unwavering Faith with every step you take trust that I will always be with

you and that my plans are perfect for it is I who will guide your steps and

provide unfailing direction to your life my child you need to grasp how vital it

is to be thankful gratitude is a mighty tool for your spiritual journey be

thankful for Every Breath You Take each Sunrise you witness and every chance that comes your

way even when times are tough always look for a reason to give thanks because

through gratitude you’ll discover a peace that’s beyond all understanding

know that I am the god who makes the impossible possible what’s seems Out Of

Reach for you is achievable if you trust in me completely have faith in the power

of change and be bold in chasing the dreams I’ve instilled in your

heart don’t get discouraged by challenges they bring valuable lessons and growth for your soul remember love

is the core of everything love boundlessly unconditionally and without waiting for

anything in return let your heart continuously overflow with kindness forgiveness and Grace love others as you

love yourself and reach out to help those who are down in love you’ll find genuine joy

and experience the richness of my presence in your life my child entrust your worries and

burdens Into My Loving Hands do not carry the weight of your fears and anxieties on your

shoulders trust that I’m taking care of you at all times and that my plans for

you are ones of well-being prosperity and hope wake up each day with gratitude in

your heart and the certainty that you are surrounded by my Sublime and unconditional love allow me to be your

safe refuge in times of storm and your Guiding Light in the midst of Darkness trust in me beloved and let my

peace rain throughout your being beloved today I bless every area of your life

abundantly may your dreams be fulfilled your desires met and your talents deployed for my glory fear nothing least

of all the world and the prince of this world walk always with audacity and

courage knowing that you have the power of my Holy Spirit within you never let

humility be lacking in you to acknowledge that without me you are nothing and can do nothing may your

achievements and successes always be dedicated to my name with actions of

gratitude and simplicity modesty and Prudence so that the world may see in

you the reflection of my love and grace stay close to me and I’ll stay

close to you I’ll never abandon you not even for a moment always know that in

your times of solitude my comfort is there in your times of UN certainty

you’ll find my guidance and in your moments of Happiness you’ll share in my joy at

every turn in your life you’ll encounter my unwavering presence and my endless

love my love for you is deeper than you can imagine it’s Everlasting

unconditional and boundless rest in my love find your peace in it and go

through each day aware that you are cherished immeasurably keep these words close to your heart let them be a

constant within you guiding and encouraging you to lead a life filled with faith purpose and love I love you

deeply and today I embrace you leading you towards a future filled with well-being prosperity and joy you may be

facing significant hurdles but I will speak to your heart with my comforting

words despite the tough times nothing will stop me from accomplishing my Grand

work in your life let me tell you that I have great and wonderful things in store

for you for I chose you before the foundation of the world I formed you in

your mother’s womb and I said you are my son and daughter in whom I am well

pleased so do not be discouraged keep striving give your all for I will cause

to grow within you that desire to live and the passion to keep fighting your way of thinking will change you will

feel renewed and strong every feeling of defeat will be consumed by my power you

will stand tall in my name feeling Victorious and blessed your life will transform into a vivid example of my

might and Grandeur you’ll shine like a light in the darkness guiding many

others people will be drawn to you as they see the light of my love and Power in you you’ll be like a tree planted by

water fruitful and Evergreen I will give back all that you’ve lost what once slipped through

your fingers will come back to you then your life and your family’s

life will change dramatically as I shower you with A continuous outpouring of blessings that will fully satisfy

your hearts so my children today I’m here to say it’s time to rise to leave

behind all fears and falsehoods that hold you down listen to me and let my

truth liberate you from every deception of the adversary for his lies have only

caused you to stagnate in this life filling you with fears and insecurities

to the point of wanting to give up everything you had fought for but the time has come for you to Rise Up And

Take My Hand by my side you will be able to dream again to think big your fears

will vanish and you will achieve everything you set out to do take my

hand I assure you that nothing will ever be the same as before so do not be

afraid and draw near to me remember that I will always be by your side so that

everything goes well according to the plan I have for your life I will lead you by the hand to

where you should be to the place where you will Thrive where my love abounds

and my grace is more than sufficient I only ask that you trust me and believe

in these words that I speak to you today then I will guide your steps I

will lead you through Lush and delicate pastures and I will show you where the door of blessing

lies stay alert and keep your eyes wide open so when the right moment comes and

the door to opportunity swings open you’re ready and not caught off guard

that way you can grab the good things and chances that will head your way by seizing them all your dreams aims

and plans will become reality so put your trust in me believe in what I say

and hold tight to my promises don’t get downhearted or lose hope don’t throw in

the towel if you don’t see instant outcomes hold my hand and keep on trusting I’ll be with you all day and

all night even when when it’s quiet I’ll be busy showering you with my blessings

remember I never fail nor do I act too early or too late I always step in at

just the right time often when you least expect it have faith that I will keep my

promises to you don’t pay any attention to the lies of the evil one who tries to

convince you that you can’t succeed stand against him resist him and he will

run away and defeat put all your trust in me and do not place your hope in

Earthly things do not forget that what the world offers is ephemeral and temporary but what I offer you is

eternal and true for heaven and earth will pass away the world and its desires

will end but my word and those who do my will shall remain forever so my child

when the struggles and Trials come do not try to avoid them face them when problems and failure knock on your door

do not fear them lift up your head with Faith and Hope do not see problems as

such but as challenges to make you stronger and braver remember that I made

you in my image and likeness I made you my son my daughter I gave you the power

to overcome every work of evil do not be afraid of what may come trust and allow

me to do my will in your life I will strengthen you give you the courage and knowledge you need for everything to go

well in this life remember that if you go with me I will guide you along paths

of Peace Grace and blessing so that everything you undertake may be

abundant just open your heart to my advice and embrace my promises I assure

you that great things will come into your life love abundance and prosperity

will pursue you no harm will come to you because you have trusted in me I have

seen your struggles give me your hand and rest in me never think that you are

alone in the storm I am always by your side giving you peace the trial you are going through is

strengthening your character I know it is difficult for you

which is why I am here to speak to your heart and soul to tell you not to fight

against the process you are going through hand over your worries to me because I’m looking after everything

hold my hand and find comfort in my presence don’t be anxious as I’m in

control you might not know what the future holds but I do I love you deeply

and understand your concerns about your challenges doubt can be crafty swooping

in like a bird of prey to shake your faith and pull you away from me your

creator I am your God and I cherish you you might not grasp the purpose of the

storm now but today’s pain will be tomorrow’s Triumph search for me at the

break of day I recognize your humble and remorseful heart yearning for the

hardship to end yet you need to continue steadfast in prayer victory is yours

Lean on Me share your deepest feelings have faith in me and I remind you find

your rest in me no challenge your turmoil is too too great for me to handle I uplift those

who have stumbled and I’m here to comfort you when times are tough peace is what I offer you now accept it even

as the world around you may seem to fall apart let your heart stay calm because I

am with you you’ll come to see that I’ve always been by your side actively

working in your life aware of your determination and your enduring Spirit

even when misguided voices surround you seek the comfort you need in

me without hesitation I am here to tell you that every time you have prayed I

have heard your voice I know your moments of sadness of joy and I know of

your faithfulness to me I heard your voice calling me and that is why I will speak to your soul I

know what you think I understand what you are feeling I have the answers to all your questions the solution will

come to your hands you will no longer cry for every situation that troubled you will leave your life I want to turn

your obstacles into blessings your weeping into Joy I am so pleased that you seek me

every day you have traversed deserts and I have been there with you I’ve delivered you from so many afflictions

and I will do so now today I’m here to give you a solution for everything that’s weighing you down your

uncertainties will be cleared up you just need to quiet down to hear what I have to

say like I’ve mentioned before I will talk to your inner self so keep trusting

in my love I am in control of everything around you so there’s no need to be

afraid keep on praying with determination I won’t let anyone put you

down or hurt you believe in what I say and walk confidently always focusing on

my presence hold on to my promis and keep them close to your heart whenever

you call out to me I’ll respond don’t stop keep moving towards your goals I’m

here waiting for you with open arms remember I’ve instructed you to

stay persistent in prayer even when it seems like nothing is changing continue

to pray don’t let doubts win the adversary wants you to give up to be scared and faithless to drift away from

me but I’m telling you today that I’m listening to your prayers I’m always

active in your life the tough times will pass and peace will settle in your heart

you are righteous in my view and I ensure that no one who is righteous will be left without my

blessings take my hand I assure you that nothing will ever be the same as

before so do not be afraid and draw near to me remember that I will always be by

your side so that everything goes well according to the plan I have for your

life I will lead you by the hand to where you should be to the place where

you will Thrive where my love abounds and my grace is more than sufficient I only ask

that you trust me and believe in these words that I speak to you today I’ll guide your path and lead you

to Lush Serene places I’ll point out where blessings can be found found just

stay alert and watchful so when the opportunity knocks you won’t be caught off guard instead you’ll be ready to

embrace the good that’s coming your way by embracing these opportunities you’ll

see your dreams aspirations and plans come to fruition so place your trust in

me hold on to my words and my promises don’t get disheartened or lose hope

don’t quit if you don’t see results right away hold my hand and keep

believing I’ll be with you at all times day and night even in quiet times I’ll

be active showering you with my blessings remember I never fail I’m

never too early or too late I act precisely when needed often when you least anticipate

it trust that I’ll keep my promises to you ignore the deceit of the evil one

who tries to convince you that you’ll fail stand against him and he’ll turn away in defeat place your full trust in

me not in worldly offerings remember what the world

provides is fleeting but what I give is Everlasting and true for heaven and

earth will pass away the world and its desires will end but my word and those

who do my will shall remain forever so my child when the struggles

and Trials come do not not try to avoid them face them when problems and failure knock on

your door do not fear them lift up your head with Faith and Hope do not see

problems as such but as challenges to make you stronger and braver remember that I made you in my

image and likeness I made you my son my daughter I gave you the power to

overcome every work of evil do not be afraid of what may come trust and allow

me to do my will in your life I will strengthen you give you the courage and

knowledge you need for everything to go well in this life keep in mind that if

you walk with me I’ll Lead You Down paths filled with peace Grace and

blessings making all your endeavors fruitful just open up to my guidance and

hold on to my promises I guarantee that wonderful things will enter your life

life expect love wealth and success to follow you no harm will befall you

because you’ve placed your trust in me I’m aware of your challenges so reach

out and find your rest in me never feel you’re facing tough times

alone I’m right there with you offering peace the challenges you’re encountering

are there to build your character I understand it’s hard and that’s why I’m here to reassure your heart and soul

urging you not to resist the growth process you’re undergoing hand over your worries to me

I’m handling everything grasp my hand and find solace in my presence don’t fret for I’ve got

everything under control you cannot see the days to come but I know what will

happen I love you so much and understand why you question the

trials doubt is opportunistic like birds of prey seeking to undermine

your faith and distance you from your creator I am your God and I love you I

know you do not understand the storm now but what is your pain today will be your Victory tomorrow seek me early in the

morning I see your humbled heart repentant wishing for everything to pass

but you must persevere in prayer I will grant you Victory Lean on Me share all

your concerns have faith in me and let me run REM you find your rest in me I’m

more powerful than any issue or storm you face I lift up those who have fallen

and provide solace in tough times at this moment I’m offering you peace

accept it even if everything around you is falling apart keep your heart at ease knowing I

am with you you’ll see that I’ve always been there actively working in your life

because I’ve seen how you have persevered even when misguided voices surrounded you turn to me for the

comfort you need without any doubt I’m here to affirm that I’ve heard every prayer you’ve whispered I’m aware of

your times of sadness and happiness and I recognize your loyalty to me I’ve

heard you calling out to me and that’s why I’ll speak to your heart I

understand your thoughts and feelings I hold the answers to your queries relief is on its way to you and you won’t have

to weep any more as every trouble that burdened you will disappear from your life I aim to transform your challenges

into blessings your sorrow into Joy it gladdens me that you turn to me

daily you’ve endured tough Journeys and I’ve been by your side throughout I’ve

rescued you from many troubles and will do so again today I’m here to offer a

solution to all your concerns your uncertainties will clear up you just need to quiet down to hear me as I

promised I’ll talk to your inner being so keep your faith in my love rest assured I’m in control of

everything around you so there’s no need to be scared keep on praying steadfastly

I won’t let anyone put you down or hurt you believe in what I say tread

confidently always focusing on my presence embrace my promises keep them

close to your heart whenever you reach out to me I’ll respond don’t give up

continue your journey towards your goals I’m here ready to welcome you with open

arms I’ve instructed you to be persistent in your prayers even when it

seems like nothing is changing continue to pray don’t let your doubts win the

adversary wants you to feel defeated and scared to lose your faith and drift away

from me I’m here to let you know that I hear your pray prayers I’m always active in

your life this tough time will pass and peace will settle in your

heart because you are righteous in my eyes and I do not Overlook the righteous

without blessing them I am your God and I chose you even before you were

born sometimes these challenges are necessary to strengthen your faith

making it more solid and you’ll witness how I provide solutions for every issue you just like I calm the storms in

nature I’ll calm the storms in your life even more don’t think I’ve forgotten you

as I’ve said your life is safely in my hands I embody love peace Justice and

kindness and I’m responsive to what you need everything will get better you’ll

smile again and peace will come to you and your loved ones and you’ll realize

it was me working in your life life all along Embrace these promises and be enveloped in my peace I love you