my beloved child I come to you today

my beloved child I come to you today

with a message of Hope and encouragement

as one who has walked this Earth and

experience the fullness of God’s plan I

can attest that his ways are indeed

higher than our ways and his timing is

always perfect even when it may not seem

so to our limited understanding too

often my children become impatient

wanting instant gratification and

results on their own timetable but I say

to you

the weight is worth it for God’s plan is

always worth the wait when I walk the

dust of the earth I encountered many who

grew weary who doubted who questioned

the father’s

timing they looked around at the

suffering the

Injustice the darkness and cried out how

long oh Lord they wanted Deliverance now

Redemption now the kingdom now and I

understand their longing for I too felt

the weight of Humanity’s

Brokenness I wept at the tomb of Lazarus

I agonized in Gethsemane I cried out

from the cross my God my God why have

you forsaken me but in those moments

even as I wrestled with the father’s

plan I trusted I knew that though I did

not fully comprehend it his purposes

were good his timing was right and so I

surrendered saying

not my will but yours be done and oh

child the reward that came from that

trust that obedience for through my

willing submission to the cross the

Gates of Heaven were thrown open sin and

death were conquered and Mankind was

reconciled to the father if you believe

in God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the

comments what seemed like the ultimate

tragedy became the greatest Triumph but

it required waiting it required patience

it required trust in the face of seeming

hopelessness so hear me

now my dear one when the weight feels

unbearable when the darkness seems

unending when your prayers seem to

bounce off the ceiling do not lose heart

God’s plan is always worth the wait I

know the temptation to give up to take

matters into your own hands to demand

that the father act according to your

timeline but I urge you do not give in

to that

Temptation for if you could see as the


sees if you could understand the

intricate web he is weaving you would

know that every delay every

disappointment every heartbreak is

working together for your good and His

glory remember the story of Joseph

favored by his father despised by his

brothers sold into slavery falsely

accused imprisoned how easy it would

have been for him to become bitter to

lose Faith to think that God had

abandoned him and yet through it all the

father was positioning Joseph for a

remarkable Destiny to save not only his

own family but an entire

nation if Joseph had given up if he had

stopped trusting in the midst of his

trials think of all that would have been

lost but because he held fast

because he believed that God’s plan was

worth the wait he emerged from the

darkness into a future more glorious

than he could have

imagined or consider the Israelites

wandering in the wilderness for long

years how they must have longed for the

promised land how they must have

questioned God’s timing and yet had they

reached that land any sooner they would

have been woefully unprepared to possess

it the weight was necessary to

the journey essential to shape them into

the people God

intended and so it is with you my child

the path May wind the road may be long

the weight may feel

interminable but I say to you trust the

Father’s Heart for his plan is always

worth the wait youa from your limited

perspective you can only see the

immediate circumstances the pressing

needs the unanswered prayers feel free

to share this video with up to three

people if you feel the need for God’s

presence but the father sees the whole

tapestry The Grand Design he knows the

end from the beginning and he is weaving

every thread every color every trial and

Triumph into a masterpiece of his own

making perhaps the weight is to purify

you to strengthen your faith to teach

you patience and perseverance

or perhaps it is to position you for a

greater purpose to prepare you for a

more significant role whatever the

reason be assur that it is not aimless

it is not random it is part of the

father’s perfect plan when you are

tempted to lose hope to grow weary to

give up remember the words I spoke to my

disciples in this world you will have

trouble but take heart I have overcome

the world the troubles you face are not


nor are they final for I have conquered

sin and death and through me you too can

overcome so cling to that truth my child

anchor your soul in the knowledge that

the Father’s Love For You is

unfailing his purposes for you are good

and his timing is always

right even when it feels like he has

forgotten you even when the darkness

threatens to overwhelm you he is working

he is moving he is bringing about a

future and a hope I know the waiting is

hard I know the doubts and the fears

that can assail you but I also know the

joy and the Triumph that await on the

other side of the wait for I have

experienced it myself and I can testify

that it is worth it all remember the

words I spoke to my disciples before I

ascended to the father I am going to

prepare a place for you and if I go and

prepare a place for you

I will come back and take you to be with

me that you also may be where I

am that promise still stands my child I

am even now preparing a place for you a

dwelling in the father’s house where

there will be no more tears no more pain

no more waiting a place of Eternal rest

Eternal Joy Eternal fulfillment so hold

fast to that hope that promise let it

anchor your soul let it steady your

heart in the midst of the storm for I

tell you the weight no matter how long

or how difficult will be worth it when

you behold the glory that is to come and

in the meantime know that I am with you

I have not forgotten you nor will I ever

forsake you I walk beside you in the

valley I carry you when you are weary I

intercede for you before the father I am

your Good Shepherd and I will never

never leave my sheep so press on my

child keep your eyes fixed on me keep

your heart attuned to the father’s voice

trust that even when you cannot see it

even when it feels like nothing is

happening the father is at work

orchestrating every detail for your good

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description and pinned comment the wait

may be long the journey may be arduous

but I promise you it will be worth it

for God’s plan is always worth the


now I know that for some of

you this message may be a difficult one

to hear the waiting can feel unending

the darkness can seem

impenetrable and you may be tempted to

question to doubt to grow weary

but I urge

you do not give into that Temptation

instead fix your eyes on me the author

and perfector of your faith remember the

words of the

psalmist I remain confident of this I

will see the goodness of the Lord in the

land of the living wait for the Lord be

strong and take heart and wait for the

Lord for I tell you the wait will not be

in vain the father’s timing may not

align with yours but it is always

perfect and when you behold the fullness

of his plan when you see the tapestry he

has woven you will know beyond a shadow

of a doubt that it was worth it all so

take heart my

child lift your head straighten your

shoulders and press on for the father’s

plan is unfolding even in the midst of

your waiting and when that plan is

finally revealed when the darkness gives

way to the dawn you will be overwhelmed

by the glory of it all until that day

know that you are loved you are

treasured you are upheld by the

Everlasting Arms of the father he sees

you he hears

you and he is working on your behalf

even when you cannot see it my child

pause the video and click the Subscribe

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believe in his

goodness his

faithfulness his perfect timing for I

tell you the wait no matter how long no

matter how hard will be worth it God’s

plan is always worth the wait now go my

dear one and cling to that truth share

it with others who are weary who are

struggling who are tempted to lose hope

for in doing so you will not only

encourage them but you will also

strengthen your own faith your own

resolve your own trust in the father’s


plan the wait may be long but it will

not be forever the darkness may seem

unending but the dawn is surely

coming so hold fast my child hold fast

to me and to the promise that what the

father has in store is always always

worth the wait go now and May the peace

of the Lord be with you amen my child

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