God’s secret message your name is being

discussed in heaven God’s message today

imagine your heart held gently in my

hands as I speak softly to you let go of

whatever fear you may be feeling I

understand the depths of your feelings

my dear child in the safety of your

emotions I can feel the exhaustion that

comes from being confused and burdened

but I beg you to put your faith in me

for the day of your release is Drawing

Near in this moment I am here to heal

the hurts lighten the loads and remove

the crushing pressure my darling let me

unravel the tapestry of promises and

lead your mind to a tranquil ha even

where I may slowly dissolve the threads

of concern I will work relentlessly to

release you from the chains of misery

just as a crop needs time to bloom even

though you won’t experience this great

Triumph immediately be aware that a

radical shift in your life is about to

begin from this very day as you feel the

weight of the world lifting off your

shoulders you may notice a change in the

way others see and interact with you a

lot of assumptions will be proven wrong

and people’s views will shift

significantly I’m Reviving the happiness

that once a sword through your veins

giving you a new lease on life the

depths of my affection for you are

Limitless let this reality move you

helping you out of your jam is not my

only purpose in being here your

financial situation health and family

relationships are all aspects of your

life that I want to improve I have

placed you in a position to discover new

possibilities with faith guiding you so

open your eyes to the benefits that are

already in your possession I want your

wealth not for your own selfish game but

so that you can help my children who are

suffering from hunger and oppression and

these possibilities will present

themselves to you when they arise is in

times of trouble far away I see you as a

Channel of blessing carrying my message

to others who cannot hear it because you

listen to me and grow in your faith be

aware that there are spirits enduring

trials that you cannot fathom I am

strengthening your capacity to feel

compassion and mercy for individuals who

feel they have failed to live up to my

standards of Grace my goal is not

condemnation but rescue please don’t

harm the people I care about or the ones

you meet on your travels I have no such

wish I am focused on this assignment

although I anxiously anticipate their

arrival I will rest rescue you from your

enemies lift you up out of the

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