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my beloved child as you draw nearer to

the essence of who I am the realization

of your human Frailty becomes more

pronounced it’s as though with each step

closer the light of my love illuminates

the blemishes within your

soul this light my child is not to

chastise but to lovingly reveal the

necessity of my grace in your

life the awareness of your sins should

not ensnare you in a web of Shame but

rather liberate you as you understand

the magnitude of My

Sacrifice consider the stars that

twinkle so gently against the canvas of

night their beauty can only be truly

appreciated in the absence of artificial

light similarly it is against the

backdrop of your imperfections that the

beauty of my grace shines

brightest the understanding of your

flaws should not be a source of Despair

but a cause for rejoicing

for it is in your weakness that my

strength is

perfected you are wonderfully loved more

than your heart could ever

fathom my love an unending sea does not

shrink from your sins but washes them

away with gentle insistent

Tides some walk in ignorance child their

hearts Veil to the depth of their need

for my love they live in a world that

Whispers The seductive lie of moral

relativity where the concept of son is

considered outweighted or even

offensive but the truth remains

unchanged since the foundation of the

world apart from me there is no true

north no moral compass that leads to

life without me they are a drift and

their hearts remain shuttered to the

grace that could renew their souls do

not be discouraged dear one for you are

the bearer of the greatest treur

a light that can pierce the deepest

Darkness your life transformed by my

love is a testament to the hope that

dwells within you in you my love finds

expression through you it reaches out to

those who have yet to find their way

back to

me the evil one may cast Shadows of

doubt and seow seeds of deception but

remember that I am the light of the

world when you abide in me you become a

Beacon of this light a city set on a

hill that cannot be hidden in your words

and deeds let my light shine forth in

your compassion and kindness let it

break through the darkness as my

follower you possess the light of Life

an inexhaustible flame fueled by my


love take heart for my love is not a

well that can run

dry my forgiveness is not a finite

resource that diminishes with use in

your journey through this life you will

stumble you will fall but each time my

hand is there waiting to lift you up

rejoice in this endless Grace This Love

that transcends all understanding the

psalmist knew of this love and sang of

unfailing kindness the Apostle spoke of

a love greater than any man can know one

that lays down his life for his friends

and so I urge you love me with all your

heart soul and

mind this is not a love that is measured

by emotion alone but is a steadfast

unshakable love a love that stands firm

in the face of Trials and rejoices in


truth when you love me in such a way you

reflect my love to the

world each act of kindness each word of

Truth each moment of compassion is a

Melody that that harmonizes with the

song of creation a song of redemption a

lullabi of

Grace let this love that you have

received overflow let it touch Every

Soul you meet so they too might come to

know the joy of Salvation the Peace of

forgiveness and the hope of eternal

life do not be troubled by the darkness

in this world nor be dismayed by those

who have yet to see you are my

ambassador my child The Vessel through

which my love

flows continue to walk in the light and

know that with every step my love is

with you my grace is sufficient and my

strength is made perfect in your

weakness I Am With You Always even to

the end of the

age now go forth in the Assurance of my

love for you are cherished you are

redeemed and you are mine forever

more hear me for I am your father and in

my words find the warmth of My

Embrace I have spoken life into your

being breathed hope into your days and

through my resurrection you have been

reborn this is not simply a chapter in

your story it is the beginning of a

brand new volume in the anthology of

your existence the moment you trusted in

me my child you became more than you

ever imagined you became a member M of

my eternal family in that single

transformative instant you were plucked

from the jaws of death and cradled in

the arms of everlasting life this is

your inheritance the promise that is

unmarred by time Untouched by sorrow and

unblemished by

Decay it awaits you treasured and secure

in the realm of

Heaven I tell you this not to dwell on

the past but to light a path for your


future for in becoming a new creation

with my spirit residing in your heart

your journey is only just unfolding


you it is a path paved with renewal each

step a chance to refresh the essence of

your mind to Adorn your spirit with a

new self that mirrors my goodness my

righteousness and my

sanctity this transformation is your

calling a Pursuit that will span the

breadth of your life

Let each day be an opportunity to grow

closer to the image I have fashioned for

you an image of divine love and

grace approach this task with a brave

heart and a thankful

Spirit stay vigilant my child for in

your walk through this world I’m working

wonders within you even when the Shadows

seem to obscure my

presence Embrace this change for it is

my hand guiding you

when doubt Whispers let Faith be your

reply as you shed the remnants of the

old the worn and the weary wrap yourself

in the newness of life that I

offer this is not an Edict of toil but

an invitation to dance in the light of

my love and to be a beacon of that love


others for every moment you feel alone

remember that I am with you when the

road seems treacherous know that my word

is the lamp unto your feet and when the

weight of the world seeks to burden your

shoulders lay it down at my feet for my

yoke is easy and my burden is light your

transformation is not solely for you but

also for those around you as you Dawn

the cloak of godliness you become a

testament to my grace a living breathing

Beacon of the hope that does not

disappoint in your words let others hear

my voice in your actions let them feel

my touch in your love let them see my

face remember I have not called you to a

life of mundane existence but to an

extraordinary adventure with

me so my child rise each morning with

anticipation of what our shared Journey


bring look for the signs of my handiwork

in your life the subtle and the grand

for in both the quiet Whispers And The

Roaring winds

I am there I have placed before you an

open door that no one can

shut walk through it with confidence for

it leads to a kingdom that cannot be

shaken to a story that will be told for

eternity where every chapter is better

than the one before because it is

written with the ink of my unfailing

love as you continue on this path never

forget that I am with you in you and for

you my love surrounds you like the vast

expanse of the sky endless comforting

and awe

inspiring together we will journey

toward the Horizon of Eternity and with

each Sunrise we will draw closer to the

Glorious Day when you will step into the

fullness of my presence where Joy is

endless and life is

complete so my precious one step forward

into this day into this life with the

knowledge that you are never alone and

that The Best Is Yet To Come for in me

you are new you are loved and you are

forever held within the bounds of my


Grace in your moments of Stillness and

the hustle of your daily Endeavors

whisper to me your desire for a heart

more reflective of

gratitude when the sun kisses The

Horizon at dawn or sets in a blaze of

glory Glory at dusk Let each be a

reminder to you to offer thanks brighten

your day illuminate your spirit by

beckoning me to amplify your

thankfulness for it is in this practice

that your heart unfurls and finds its

way to

mine look around you beloved in the

mundane and the Magnificent seek my

countenance in the laughter of a child

or the comfort of a friend recognize my

touch in the steadfastness of the

mountains and the gentle caress of the

breeze sense my steadfast presence your

gratitude once awakened becomes the lens

through which you can discern my hand at

work painting your life with Strokes of

my divine

grace acknowledge me your God in the

fine tapestry of your existence the

subtle Hues and bold colors all woven

together by my

hand take the time to behold the AR

array of blessings I have scattered on

your path from the tiniest Dew Drop to

the vastness of the ocean and let your

heart swell with thanks for each one

this rhythm of recognition and gratitude

will serenade your soul with joy and

tune your spirit to the frequency of my

goodness and in the moments when the

path you tread seems fraught with

uncertainty when the stones Beneath Your

Feet shift and threaten to trip you up

reach for my hand with

trust to develop this trust engage in

the discipline of declaring your faith

in me amidst The

Tempest your confidence in my unfailing

love is not just a shield but a forward

March that propels you through the

thickest Meers of

life when doubt seeks to darken your

door let your Proclamation be Lord I

trust in your unfailing love it is a

potent invocation a beacon of truth that

dispels the shadows and anchors you in

my eternal

care each utterance is a step closer to

me each declaration A Stitch in the

fabric of our relationship woven tightly

with threads of trust rejoice in me your

God for I am ever presentes a constant

in the variable equation of life I am

the rock on which you can build your

life unshakable and

immovable your gratitude and Trust are

offerings that please me sweet

fragrances that rise from a life lived

in harmony with my

will remember dear one that your journey

through this world is not a solitary

Trek but a shared Voyage with

me your awareness of my presence is like

a vessel that captures the rain it

gathers the Waters of my love and

quenches The Thirst of your

soul let thankful Ness and Trust be the

twin stars that guide you through the

night leading you to the dawn of my


day so take heart and lift your eyes to

the heavens from where your help comes

rejoice in the beauty of creation the

wonders of life and the blessings that

shower upon

you and in this space of gratitude let

trust flourish creating a sanctuary

within you where my spirit can dwell and

where you can truly know the depth of my

love that spans from here to

Eternity for you are my beloved the one

for whom I gave it all and in your

praise your thanks and your steadfast

trust you honor

me so walk boldly live joyfully and love

profoundly knowing that in every breath

and every step I am with you now and

forever more as you dwell upon these

words and let them gently caress the

depths of your soul remember that I the

Lord your God am intimately acquainted

with every facet of your

existence I am the resurrection and the

life a declaration of profound hope that

transcends the boundaries of Earthly

understanding it is a promise of renewal

of restoration of an unending Embrace in

the Everlasting Arms of my

love understand beloved that when I

walked the earth I was not a distant

deity but a presence that wept with

those who wept rejoiced with those who

rejoiced and offered my hand to those in

need when I called Lazarus forth from

his grave it was a testament to the

power of Life over death a foretaste of

the victory to come and this power this

Victory is not reserved for the annals

of History it is a present and enduring

gift to

you yes to you who now draws breath and

seeks meaning in the shadow of

mortality you see I know your struggles

and your Sorrows I know the burdens that

weigh heavily upon your shoulders and

the silent tears that fall in the

Solitude of the night I know for I have

felt them in the very fabric of my being

in your pain I am there offering solace

in your joy I am there celebrating with

you and in every moment between I am the

constant the Eternal the way that leads

you through the winding Paths of

Life think upon the lies of the field

how they grow they toil not neither do

they spin yet even Solomon in all his

glory was not AR raay like one of these

if I so clothe the grass which to today

is and tomorrow is cast into the

oven shall I not much more clothe you oh

you of little

faith therefore take no thought saying

what shall we eat or what shall we drink

or wherewith All Shall we be

clothed for your heavenly father knows

that you need all these things but seek

first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things shall

be added unto you as I taught my

disciples I am the truth that pierces

the darkness of Deceit and the life that

invigorates the weary

soul in me you find a Wellspring of joy

that never runs dry for I am the

treasure that encompasses all Treasures

the pearl of great price for which one

sells all they have to possess

it this truth can indeed simplify your

life if you let it take root in your

heart when the complexities of life

entangle you remember that I am the

answer to every question the peace in


storm my child in your Pursuit of

Happiness and

satisfaction look no further than the

one who formed you knows you and loves


unconditionally come to me dear one just

as you are with your fears your flaws

your dreams and your

hopes share your life with me your

everyday moments and Monumental

Milestones let me be your strength and

Solace the steadfast companion on this

journey called

life there is no need for pretense or

perfection in my presence for I have

Loved You at Your Darkest and rejoice

over you with

singing as you continue to walk with me

Let My Words dwell in you richly guiding

and shaping your

path remember that I am the way the only

path to the Father the only truth that

sets you free the only life worth

living and when the Shadows lengthen and

the Twilight of your days on Earth

approaches fear not for I am the

resurrection who will raise you up on

the last day to dwell in my house

forever as you go forth this day carry

this assurance in your heart that

nothing in all creation can separate you

from my love no height nor depth nor

anything else in all creation will be

able to separate you from the love of

God that is in Christ Jesus our

lord Rejoice for I Am With You Always

even to the End of the Age rest in my

love for you are precious in my sight

and honored and I love you therefore do

not let your heart be troubled neither

Let It Be Afraid

abide in my love as I have overcome the

world in this world you will have

tribulation but be of good cheer I have

overcome the world so take heart my

child for I have called you by name you

are mine rejoice as you Journey with me

the way who guides you always and the

resurrection who gives you eternal life

in your moments of Doubt when you find

yourself questioning your worth or your

ability to face the challenges ahead

remember that you are not alone I am

with you not as a distant Observer but

as an active presence in your life there

is no corner of your mind where my love

cannot reach no shadow of your heart

that my light cannot

illuminate when you look at yourself and

see only

imperfections I see a reflection of my

own image the image I lovingly crafted

with my own hands

do you see how the birds of the air

neither sew nor reap yet they are

provided for they do not fret about

tomorrow for they trust in my

care how much more will I care for you

oh you of little faith you who are made

in my image you who I have redeemed and

called by

name you are precious in my sight when

the worries of this life weigh you down

and you find your own resources lacking

look to me it is is in your weakness

that my strength is made perfect a

whisper a breath a heartbeat turned

towards me is enough to draw upon my

Infinite Strength do not be like those

who stockpile their faith rationing it

out in measured portions fearful it will

run out my abundance is a NeverEnding

Wellspring you cannot overdraw from the

bank of my

faithfulness open your heart wider and

see if I will will not pour out so much

blessing that there will not be room

enough to store it there are no limits

to what I can

provide from the greatest mountains of

your troubles to the smallest grains of

your cares there is nothing too big or

too small for me I know the plans I have

for you plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope and a

future do you trust me even when the

path is unclear clear and you cannot see

the next step take my hand step out in

faith and walk with me I will lead you

through valleys as dark as death and

over Peaks as radiant as the

dawn the journey may not always be easy

for growth often comes through adversity

but my Grace will be sufficient for you

remember my child that each day is a

gift an opportunity to experience my

love and to extend it to others

others when you rise in the morning let

your first thought be of me and let your

first words be thanks for the breath in

your lungs and the new mercies that


you as you go about your day keep your

eyes fixed on me and I will guide your

steps you need not be anxious about the

future or regretful of the past for I am

the god of now present in every moment

in times of Joy share it with me Let It

Be a Dance of praise for the blessings I

have bestowed upon you and in moments of

Sorrow do not hide your tears from me

for I am close to the Brokenhearted and

save those who are crushed in

spirit your emotions are precious to me

they are part of the beautiful

complexity of who you are and I cherish

all that you bring to

me in times of Joy share it with me let

it be a d CH of praise for the blessings

I have bestowed upon you and in moments

of Sorrow do not hide your tears from me

for I am close to the Brokenhearted and

save those who are crushed in

spirit your emotions are precious to me

they are part of the beautiful

complexity of who you are and I cherish

all that you bring to me do not measure

your days by the Harvest you reap but by

the seeds that you plant some days you

will see the fruits of your labor while

others will be spent in the quiet

tending of the soil of your

soul but know this I am the lord of the

Harvest in due season you will reap if

you do not give

up in your interactions with others let

your words be seasoned with my

grace you are my ambassador to a world

in need of my

light show kindness to the unkind love

to the unlovable and forgiveness to

those who have trespassed against you in

doing so you become a conduit of my love

a beacon of My Hope in a world that so

desperately needs it and when the day

draws to a close when you lay your head

upon your pillow review not the failures

but the moments where my grace was

sufficient for

you sleep in peace knowing that I am

watching over you that my angel encamp

around those who fear

me so my beloved walk in this truth you

are never too broken for my healing

never too lost for my finding and never

too far for my

reaching in every moment I am your ABA

father your God and your fiercest

protector call upon me and I will answer

I will be with you in trouble I will

deliver you and honor

you with with long life I will satisfy

you and show you my

salvation remember my Mercy is a new

every morning and my faithfulness is as

vast as the sky look to me your

everpresent help your unfailing source

and your steadfast love today and always




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