God’s Promises and Their Relevance Today | Gods Message Now

words and here I am to answer your

prayer don’t ignore or dismiss this

message I have called my servants who

are willing to fight until the end to

bring you this message no matter where

you are you cannot hide from my presence

no one can you might feel tired and

think you’ve lost your faith because of

many unresolved problems and

disappointments that have hurt your

heart but let me remind you again I am

here and I will not

leave I have always been here but

sometimes you are so busy with many

things things that you forget who I am

you have never been alone I have always

walked beside you I have saved you from

dangers and protected you from tragedies

and accidents countless times I have

knocked on your heart asking you to let

me in but you ignored me today I knock

on your door with all my strength

shaking your spirit to make you

understand and feel my presence You Are

Not Alone alone remember who I am I’m

not just a memory on your wall or a

Dusty old book beside your bed I am

alive I am real I am your all powerful

God your heavenly father no one ignores

me without

consequence don’t get me wrong I am not

angry with you I do not send punishment

when you don’t listen I speak to you

with wisdom directly to your heart about

the things that will happen in your day

I give you many pieces of advice through

my word but if you do not hear or read

them all my words will be in vain do it

out of love for me remember I always

speak to you with

affection do not come to me out of fear

thinking I will punish you if you don’t

I am not like that I am not a flawed

human I do not

lie I gave my life for you and did not

do it to get angry with you at any

moment I know how to love I know

Fidelity and I know how to treat you


tenderness so today trust believe hold

on to my promises be silent and read

with respect listen think receive and

feel these words being written in your

soul engraved with love on the walls of

your mind when Night Comes you will

remember me you will return

listen to me and find peace sweetness

tenderness love and hope I will fill

your soul with faith and in the morning

you will rise without burdens or worries

but with spiritual confidence courage

and strength to overcome all obstacles

and Crush all your

afflictions that is who I am the god of

power but also your loving

father my heart overflows with holy and

pure love I care about your well-being I

look at your future with joy because I

see how blessed you will be you will

achieve all your beautiful dreams and be

greatly prosperous many of the obstacles

you face are enormous

blessings learn to think as I think look

forward with faith when your soul is

troubled sit for a moment call to me and

I will answer I will show you you who

you really are I created you in my image

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