God’s Precious Message: YOUR VICTORY IS NEAR

my precious child listen closely to the

words I have for you today I understand

the pressure weighing down on your heart

and I know the burdens you carry seem

heavy however this pressure is not meant

to break you I’m not allowing these

challenges to shatter your spirit or

make you feel defeated instead I’m using

them to shape and strengthen you molding

you into the person I always envisioned

through these moment

I’m helping you grow into your true self

the self that reflects my light and love

my dear one your prayers have not gone

unheard I listen to every word every

tear and every silent cry you are never

alone even when your struggles feel

overwhelming and you cannot see a way

out I am right here beside you guiding

your steps and offering you my peace you

may not always understand understand why

things unfold the way they do but trust

in me I’m revealing new ways for you to

draw closer to me to Lean Into My

Embrace and to walk the path I’ve

prepared for you I see your weariness

and I understand the longing in your

heart for peace and rest true peace my

child doesn’t come from avoiding

challenges or SID stepping difficulties

instead it comes from surrendering your

life and into my hands trusting me

completely with every hope dream and

fear when you learn to release control

letting go of anxiety and doubt you will

experience the Deep soul-filling peace

that only I can provide do not be afraid

to surrender your plans to me for I have

already paved the way for your life I

know the desires of your heart and I

want to fulfill them in ways beyond your

imagination But first you must trust me

fully allowing me to shape you through

these trials so that your faith can

blossom and your spirit can soar when

you learn to let go I will lift you up

with joy and hope replacing your burdens

with courage and clarity as you navigate

this journey remember that I am your

steadfast Rock no wave no storm no

hardship can shake my love for you even

in your darkest moments I am the light

guiding you forward when the night feels

endless and the dawn seems distant look

up to me I am your strength and I will

hold you close these challenges are not

meant to be your undoing but rather the

refining fire that brings out the purest

gold within you I am using this time to

teach you how to trust me more deeply

and to rely on my guidance in new and

profound ways let your Spirit rest in

the knowledge that I am always with you

that my love surrounds you and that my

plans for you are for good and not for

harm I know it’s not always easy to

surrender and fear often Whispers In

Your Ear telling you that things won’t

work out but remember I am bigger than

any obstacle stronger than any fear and

more faithful than any circumstance

there is no trial too great for me to

over come no barrier too high for me to

break down trust in me and you will see

the beautiful transformation I am

working within you take heart my beloved

child the pressure you feel today is the

foundation for the blessings that will

follow tomorrow I am making you into a

person of unwavering faith and

unshakable trust when you look back on

these moments you will see how far

you’ve come and how each trial brought

you closer to me you will recognize the

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