God’s Precious Message: TURN TO ME NOW

God message today my child today I have a special message just for you as you

sit quietly take a moment to listen to my voice for it is filled with love and

encouragement meant directly for your heart my son I know the dreams that

dance in your heart some days they may feel so big so bold that you wonder if

they can ever come true I see you looking up at the stars imagining

planning and sometimes hesitating out of fear but remember I am with you always in every

moment of Doubt every second of uncertainty know that I am there holding

your hand guiding your steps do not be afraid to dream big I am the creator of

all things and I have planted seeds of greatness within you these dreams are

not just Flights of Fancy they are glimpses of what can be your reality

trust in me have faith not just in what you can do but in what I can do through

you with me all things are possible your dreams are not just Within Reach they

are steps away from being grasped let me lead the way follow the path I have laid

out for you it might not always be smooth there will be challenges and trials but these are not to break you no

they are to build you to strengthen your your faith and to prepare you for the blessings to come each step you take is

a lesson each hurdle a testament to your resilience embrace them grow through

them and remember I love you this isn’t just a phrase It’s a profound truth that

should fill your soul with warmth my love is unconditional unfailing and

eternal it’s there in the joyful moments when your dreams soar and even in the

quiet times when they seem to falter so take a deep breath lift your eyes

towards the heavens stretch your hands high and release your fears to me hold

on to my hand and let us step forward together the journey ahead is exciting

filled with signs of my presence and tokens of my love you are capable you

are chosen and you are loved more than you could possibly imagine step forward

in FA Faith the path is clear and your dreams are waiting just keep walking

with me and watch as the extraordinary unfolds before you you are meant for

great things believe it claim it and walk in the certainty that I am with you

every step of the way be bold be brave and be at peace for I am here and I will

never leave you together we will reach Heights you’ve never imagined and

Achieve dreams bigger than you’ve ever dreamed I am your father your guide and

your biggest supporter trust in my plans for you they are plans to prosper you to

give you hope and a future so dream big my child your dreams are not just

fantasies they are blueprints of what I am calling you to build go forward with

confidence I am with you in every moment supporting you loving you and leading

you to your destiny my precious child you are equipped with unique gifts and

talents my child purposefully woven into your being by my hands they are not

random they are given to you for a reason to shine to serve and to fulfill

the calling I have placed on your life Embrace these gifts use them to lift

others up and to reflect the light of my love in the Darkness I am your steadfast supporter cheering

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