God’s Precious Message: TRUST IN MY PLAN FOR YOU

my cherished child today I come to you

with a message filled with love and

encouragement as you stand at the

precipice of new beginnings the path

ahead may seem daunting uncertain and

full of challenges but remember you do

not face these alone as your Creator

sustainer and everpresent help I am with

you every step of the way I know your

heart the silent fears that whisper down

in your ear and the dreams you hold

close at night trust in my perfect love

which casts out all fear and know that I

am guiding you I have equipped you with

strength wisdom and courage not just to

endure but to thrive as you embark on

this new chapter I want you to hold on

to the truth that you are not merely

wandering in the wilderness you are

walking towards a land of promise each

step is a part of my grand design for

your life a tapestry woven with threads

of your unique talents and my Divine

Purpose consider the lies of the field

how they grow they neither toil nor spin

yet even Solomon in all his glory was

not array like one of these if I so

clothe the grass of the field which

today is and tomorrow is thrown into the

oven will I not much more clothe you oh

you of little faith therefore do not

worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will

worry about itself each day has enough

trouble of its own instead focus on my

faithfulness remember how I’ve carried

you in the past how I’ve provided and

made a way when there seemed to be none

my promises are true and enduring and my

love for you is unchanging be strong and

very courageous be not afraid nor be

dismayed for I the Lord your God am with

you wherever you go just as I was with

Moses so I will be with you I will not

leave you nor forsake you step out in

faith and hold tightly to the promises I

have for your life embrace the unknown

with confidence not because you have all

the answers but because you know I am

with you your journey might be tough and

the road may be Rocky

but the mountains that seem

insurmountable will become testimonies

of my power and your faith let your

heart be steadfast anchored in the

assurance that what I have started in

you I will bring to completion remember

I have called you by name you are mine

when you pass through the waters I will

be with you and through the rivers they

shall not overwhelm you when you walk

through fire you shall not be burned and

the flame shall not consume you rejoice

in Hope be patient in Tribulation be

constant in prayer seek my face in all

things and listen for my voice I am

speaking in The Quiet Moments through

the people around you and in the depths

of your own heart above all know this I

love you with an everlasting love you

are the apple of my eye and my thoughts

towards you are as countless as the sand

on the seashore walk boldly in this

truth and let my joy be your strength my

child The Best Is Yet To Come be strong

courageous and move forward with a heart

full of faith I am with you today and

always my beloved child carry this

assurance deep within your soul let it

light up each step you take with each

new challenge you face remember that you

are never alone I have gone before you

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