God’s Precious Message: THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU

my child listen to my words today I see the pain and hurt you’ve endured I

understand the scars left by those who have wronged you and I know how difficult it can be to move past those

experiences but I want you to know that you cannot let what others have done to you control how you treat those around

you each person you encounter is a new opportunity to show love kindness and

Grace remember not everyone has bad intentions not everyone wants to bring

you down you see I created each person with a unique purpose and though some

may stray and cause harm many others are here to uplift support and walk

alongside you in your journey it’s important to open your heart and see the good in others even when it’s hard allow

yourself to forgive to heal and to extend the grace that I have so freely

given to you when you find it difficult to trust or when your heart is heavy

with doubt turn to me speak to me more often in our conversations I will help

you discern the good from the bad I will guide you to those who have pure hearts and good intentions let me be the

compass that directs you toward loving and positive relationships my love for

you is infinite and unconditional I know the depths of your soul and the

struggles you face when you feel overwhelmed remember that I am here with

you always I will never leave you nor forsake you lean on me for strength for

courage and for wisdom let my love be the foundation upon which you build your

life and your relationships as you go through each day Let My Words resonate

within you choose kindness over bitterness forgiveness over resentment

and love over hate these choices are not always easy but they are the path to

true peace and happiness by following this path you become a reflection of my

love to the world your actions and your words have the power to change lives to

heal wounds and to bring light into the darkest places my child You are not

alone I have placed people in your life who are meant to help you to encourage

you and to Stand By Your Side Trust trust in the relationships I have blessed you with trust in the love that

surrounds you even when it feels scarce open your heart and allow yourself to

receive the blessings I have in store for you remember you are my beloved you

are precious in my sight the trials and tribulations you face are not meant to

break you but to shape you into the person I know you can be with each

challenge you grow stronger and more resilient with each hardship you draw

closer to me keep your faith strong even in the face of adversity pray without

ceasing seek my guidance in all things when you feel lost or uncertain remember

that I am here to lead you my plans for you are filled with hope and a future

trust in my timing and my purpose for your life you are capable of great

things my child I have Place talents and Gifts within you that are meant to be

shared with the world do not let fear or doubt hold you back step forward in

faith knowing that I am with you every step of the way use your gifts to bless

others to inspire and to uplift in moments of weakness turn to me let my

strength be your strength let my wisdom be your guide I am the rock upon which

you can stand firm no storm can overcome you when you are rooted in my love I

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