dear child today I want to remind you of

something very special you are never

alone and you don’t need to worry as you

lie awake at night pondering over the

twists and turns of your life remember

that I am right here with you

orchestrating things in your favor you

see sometimes the path ahead seems

clouded in uncertainty and the worries

of this world weigh heavy on your

shoulders but it is in these moments

that I am most active even if you cannot

see it you may wonder how your

challenges will resolve how you can

overcome the hurdles that seem so

insurmountable but know this I am your

heavenly father and I am always at work

for your good I am moving the obstacles

out of your path even those that seem

firmly planted in the ground those wrong

people who Cloud your peace I am gently

guiding them away making room for those

who will encourage and uplift you

imagine this as you sleep I’m aligning

your life with blessings and

opportunities preparing you for good

breaks that are just on the horizon it

may be hard to believe especially when

the night is dark and the silence around

you is deep but I am turning your trials

into triumphs the mistakes you fret over

the opportunities you feel you’ve missed

I am transforming them into step

Stepping Stones leading to Greater

Heights trust in me for my plans for you

are filled with hope and a future let go

of your fears and place them in my hands

do not be dismayed when You Face detours

or delays they too are part of a greater

plan to strengthen you and to build your

resilience every experience every

interaction is a brush stroke in the

beautiful Masterpiece I am painting with

your life so my child lay down your

burdens tonight close your eyes and rest

in the peace that comes from knowing I

am with you watching over you and

working all things for your benefit wake

up each morning with a heart ready to

receive the joy and blessings I have in

store for you walk in confidence today

tomorrow and all the days to come for I

am guiding you every step of the way

remember my love for you is unending and

my grace for you is Relentless there is

nothing too broken that it cannot be

fixed no situation so dire that it

cannot be turned around when you place

it in my hands keep your faith strong

and your spirit joyful for great things

are coming your way let this message be

a light to you in dark times and a

reminder of my Everlasting presence in

your life you are cherished protected

and forever loved my child continue

trusting in my guidance my child just as

the seasons change so too do the

circumstances of your life each season

serves a purpose shaping you teaching

you and ultimately leading you to your

Divine Destiny in times of Joy celebrate

and give thanks in times of struggle

seek my face and know that these are

moments when your faith can grow deeper

and your character can be refined do not

fear the unknown for I am the architect

of your future meticulously planning

each step you take the roads you travel

have been laid out with intention each

Twist and Turn design to bring you

closer to your ultimate purpose when you

find yourself at a crossroad unsure of

which path to choose quiet your mind and

listen to my voice I will whisper

directions to your spirit guide in you

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