God’s Precious Message: LISTEN TO MY VOICE

my beloved child I am here with you

watching over you at all times and I

fully understand the burdens you carry

in this vast Universe I created you are

never alone and I am always Within Reach

hear my voice as I speak directly to

your heart offering comfort and guidance

through your trials life will often

challenge you presenting obstacles that

seem insurmountable during these times

when despair seeks to Cloud your mind

turn to me I am your refuge and strength

and ever present help in times of

trouble when negative thoughts arise let

them be a signal to draw closer to me

speak to me in prayer share your worries

and trust that I am listening I promise

to provide peace for your troubled mind

and to soothe your anxious heart you may

encounter voices that seek to bring you

down down people might misunderstand you

or underestimate your capabilities when

others cast Shadows of Doubt remember

that my light within you can dispel any

Darkness I see your true potential your

inherent worth and the unique path I

have laid out for you do not let the

criticisms or the negative opinions of

others shake your resolve instead

remember my words to you you are

fearfully and wonderfully made I have

equipped you with all you need to

overcome and Achieve greatness in

moments of weakness remember that my

power is made perfect in your Frailty

lean on me and I will give you the

strength to persevere with every step

you take I am beside you cheering You On

Believing in you even when you find it

hard to believe in yourself consider the

lies of the field how they grow grow

they neither toil nor spin yet I tell

you even Solomon in all his glory was

not a raid like one of these if I so

clothe the grass of the field which

today is alive and tomorrow is thrown

into the oven will I not much more

clothe you oh you of little faith

therefore do not worry about tomorrow

for tomorrow will worry about itself

each day has enough trouble of its own

as you continue your journey hold fast

to the values I have taught you love

generously serve joyfully and walk

humbly with me share the love I have

poured into you with others for in

giving we receive and in comforting

others we find Comfort ourselves

remember my child that every challenge

is an opportunity for growth every

setback a setup for a comeback and every

heart take a chance to demonst rate the

depth of your faith rise each morning

with a renewed Spirit ready to face the

day with courage and optimism for I Am

With You Always to the end of the age in

every moment of every day you are loved

immeasurably by me when the world around

you seems uncertain rest in the

certainty of my love I am your steadfast

supporter Your Divine protector and your

Eternal guide let my love be your

strength and your joy therefore go

forward with confidence knowing that you

are never walking alone I am here

guiding your steps celebrating your

successes and comforting you in your

struggles walk boldly in the path I have

set for you embracing each new day with

hope and a Heart full of my peace my son

your journey is not meant to be traveled

without challenges for it is through

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