God’s Precious Message: LISTEN CLOSELY TO ME

my dear child as I look upon your

journey I see all that you face the

highs and lows the laughter and tears

and I want you to know I am always with

you even in those moments when you feel

alone when the Shadows Loom large and

the light seems faint I am right there

beside you I am your steadfast protector

your unshakable guide and your endless

source of Love remember my child in the

creation of the universe in the

intricate Dance of the stars and planets

I had you in mind you are part of a

grand divine plan uniquely crafted with

gifts dreams and a purpose only you can

fulfill I equipped you with strength for

the hard days and resilience for the

long nights when you are weary lean on

me for my power is made perfect in your

weakness life my beloved is a precious

gift a journey that you must cherish and

embrace with every fiber of your being

each day is ripe with new chances and

fresh Beginnings look around and see the

beauty I have placed in your path the

flowers by the roadside the smile of a

stranger the laughter of children these

simple Joys are my Whispers of

encouragement reminders of my love for

you in times of doubt when you question

your worth and purpose remember that I

have made you in my image wonderfully

complex and beautifully unique you are

more valuable than The Sparrows and I

know every hair on your head you were

made to shine brightly to share your

light with the world do not hide it do

not doubt it forgive freely my child as

I have forgiven you let go of grudges

and bitterness for they will only weigh

you down instead choose love and

compassion which heal and build up let

your heart be a Wellspring of Grace just

as my heart is towards you in

challenging times seek my wisdom turn to

my word where you will find guidance and

comfort speak to me in prayer I am

always listening the answers you seek

may not always come in the way you

expect but trust that I am working all

things for your good be patient with

yourself and with others growth and

change are gradual and every step

forward is progress celebrate the small

victories in your life for they will

lead you to Greater triumphs and in all

things give thanks for gratitude opens

the doors to abundance above all

remember my eternal promise to you I

will never leave you nor forsake you no

matter where you go or what you face my

love will follow you from the heights of

Joy to the depths of Despair you are

never beyond my reach my son trust in

the journey I have laid out for you

knowing that each Challenge and Triumph

is designed to shape your heart and

refine your spirit even when the path

seems unclear trust in my guiding hand

remember the stories of those who walked

before you their faith and perseverance

leading them through seas and deserts to

promises fulfilled embrace the community

around you my child you are not meant to

walk this path alone share your Joys and

burdens with others and let them share

theirs with you in this Fellowship you

will find strength and comfort as you

support one another you build up the

body of Christ each person a vital

thread in the tapestry of my kingdom

when fear tries to grip your heart

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