God’s Precious Message: IT’S NO COINCIDENCE

God says my beloved child today I want

to remind you of my unending love and

faithful promises I see your struggles

and hear the prayers whispered from your

heart know this I am with you in every

moment guiding your steps and fortifying

your spirit I have watched as you face

delays and disappointments but let me

reassure you these are not in vain each

moment of waiting is part of a larger

plan a canvas I am painting with the

colors of your life the delays you have

endured will transform into Miracles

that will leave you in awe trust in my

timing for it is perfect and it is

designed with Infinite Wisdom in this

season I am doing a new work in you I

will place a new song In Your Heart A

Melody of Hope and joy that will be a

light in the darkness this song will not

only lift your spirits but will also be

a testament to others of my goodness and

Grace let this song resonate in your

every action and in every word you speak

you are entering a time of extraordinary

favor my goodness will overflow like a

river blessing every area of your life

the dreams you have held close the

prayers you have swn with tears watch as

they begin to unfold and Bloom this is

the time time for your faith to rise

like the dawn bright and clear remember

my child never to give up when the path

seems uncertain and the night feels too

long hold fast to your faith stand firm

in my promises for they are sure and

true I am your steadfast protector your

unwavering guide and your loving father

Rejoice for you are not forgotten I am

actively working in your life even in

ways unseen you are cherished valued and

loved beyond measure as you continue to

walk in faith keep your eyes fixed on me

I am the author of your story the

creator of your destiny and in my book

every chapter ends in Victory so take

heart lift your eyes and step forward

with confidence a glorious Journey

awaits filled with answered prayers and

un precedented blessings walk boldly

pray fervently and love deeply and above

all let your life be a reflection of my

love a Beacon of Hope to the world

remember my dear child in every day and

in every way you are enveloped in my

grace this is your time for Renewal and

wonders await the Miracles for they are

coming your faithfulness and patience

will be rewarded Ed and your heart will

be filled with the joy and peace that

only I can provide my son continue to

trust in my plan for your life know that

each step you take even those taken in

uncertainty are Guided by my hand there

may be days when you feel alone but rest

assured you are never alone I am always

beside you offering my strength when

yours feels insufficient in this journey

you will encounter challenges but these

are opportunities for growth embrace

them with courage knowing that each

challenge is a stepping stone to Greater

Heights with every trial you will emerge

stronger more resilient and more aligned

with the purpose I have set out for you

let gratitude be your constant companion

give thanks for both the big blessings

and the small Joys gratitude will turn

what you have into enough and more it

will turn denial into acceptance chaos

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