God’s Precious Message: I WILL UPLIFT YOU

my beloved child today I come to you with a message that is woven into the

fabric of the universe a lesson that transcends time and space and a

principle that is foundational to the life I Envision for you in a world where the scales of Justice often tip

according to the weights of wrong and retaliation I urge you to live by a different standard a Divine standard you

see my child the world teaches that to give as good as one gets is the way to

ensure fairness and to protect one’s dignity yet this approach only

perpetuates cycles of hurt and misunderstanding it builds walls where

there could be Open Fields I ask you not to conform to this pattern but to

transcend it to embody a spirit of grace and mercy that mirrors my own heart I

have shown you time and again through my words and my actions how to treat others not as they deserve but with love

unyielding and kindness unending remember how I walked among you offering

forgiveness to those who sought to harm me extending a hand to the outcast and

lifting up the downtrodden I have loved you with an everlasting love one that

does not keep a ledger of wrongs but is ever hopeful ever patient and ever

enduring so I call you to this radical way of living treat others better than

they treat you respond to indifference with interest meet scorn with kindness

counter disdain with dignity this is not a call to disregard your worth or to

tolerate mistreatment but rather to affirm your identity as a bearer of my

light and love in a world that desperately needs it in this journey you

are not powerless you are empowered by the mightiest force in existence my love

It Is This Love that transforms hearts and renews Minds It Is This Love that

tears down the barriers of bitterness and builds Bridges of Hope each act of

kindness each gesture of compassion each word of encouragement you offer plants

seeds that can grow into trees of life for others as you step into each day

remember that you are not walking alone I Am with You guiding you strengthening

you you and rejoicing in every step you take on this path of higher calling the

challenges may be great and the resist and strong but the victory is already

yours because you are acting in my name and for my glory so go forth my child in

boldness and in peace shine brightly in a dim world love deeply in a shallow

world live rightly in a confused world and as you do you will find that the

life you enrich the most with these acts of love and mercy will often be your own

be assured of my unending presence with you for I am just a prayer away always

ready to listen always ready to guide and always eager to help lean on me and

together let us make this world a little more like heaven one act of Love at a

time my son and as you move forward remember the promises I have made to you

my word assures you that blessed are the peaceful for they shall be called the

children of God in embodying this piece you Proclaim your heritage as my child a

living testimony to my character consider how the smallest acts of kindness can Ripple through the lives of

those around you just as a single Pebble can create waves across a vast ocean so

too can your action of mercy and love influence the world far beyond what you

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