God’s Precious Message: I AM YOUR LOVING FATHER |

God message today my child are you ready

to hear a powerful message from God for

you today a message full of blessings

hope and divine guidance no matter who

you are or what you’re facing God has a

precious word for you right now a

message from God today that has the

power to bring renewed peace strength

and purpose to your life God says my

dear child you see life is a complex

Journey filled with a myriad of

experiences and people some will uplift

you While others might challenge your

peace but remember not everyone has bad

intentions toward you not everyone is

out to bring you down I have placed many

loving Souls on your path who wish to

see you succeed and be happy sometimes

it can be hard to trust especially if

you’ve been hurt before it’s natural to

build walls and she healed your heart

from further pain however in doing so

you might miss out on genuine

connections and the beauty of true

companionship I urge you to give

yourself the chance to trust again to be

open to new relationships and to let the

light of others shine into your life

talk to me more my child in The Quiet

Moments of your day whether in the early

morning light or as the sun sets speak

to me share your worries your Joys your

fears and your dreams the more you

communicate with me the more I can help

you discern I can help you see the good

in others recognize genuine intentions

and steer clear of negativity let me be

your guide in distinguishing the good

from the bad know that I am always with

you I am in the gentle breeze the

laughter of a friend and The Quiet

Moments when you feel alone call on me

and I will show you the way I will

strengthen your spirit and fill your

heart with courage and understanding

Embrace forgiveness my child holding on

to past hurts only weighs you down and

clouds your heart with bitterness

forgive those who have wronged you not

for their sake but for yours forgiveness

frees you it allows you to move forward

without the heavy chains of resentment

be alike to others just as you seek

kindness and good intentions be the

source of it for someone else in a world

that can sometimes be dark be the spark

that lights up the darkness show love

where there is hate offer hope where

there is Despair and bring joy where

there is sadness and remember my love

for you is Everlasting it is a constant

and unchanging force in your life you

are my creation wonderfully made and

deeply loved no matter the challenges

you face know that you are never alone I

am here loving you cheering you on and

always eager to listen in closing my

child carry this message in your heart

trust in the good talk to me often

forgive freely and be a light in the

darkness follow these words and watch

how your life transforms with more peace

love and understanding dear child I want

to remind you of the strength and

resilience that lies within you

throughout your journey there will be

challenges and trials but they are not

meant to break you they are there to

build you each obstacle you overcome

each struggle you face they all shape

you into a more formidable and wise

individual as you continue to navigate

through life remember to hold on to


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