God’s Precious Message: I AM RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE

my child this message is a special gift

just for you I’ve chosen this moment to

reach out because there’s something

vital I need to share within this video

lies a sign a miracle mint for your eyes

only please give it your attention let’s

embark on this journey together listen

closely for my words are here to guide

Inspire en light your path forward my

precious child as you walk through life

there will be moments when you feel like

you haven’t succeeded on your first try

or perhaps even on your second or third

but remember my child failure is not

falling down but staying down I see your

struggles and the burdens you carry it’s

important for you to know that each

challenge is a stepping stone towards

Greater Heights and every setback is an

opportunity to learn and grow remember I

am with you in every step you take my

strength is perfect in your weakness

think of the Mighty Oak Tree it starts

as a small seemingly insignificant seed

it faces storms and winds yet it grows

stronger through adversity just like the

oak you have the resilience to rise

again do not be discouraged if success

does not come at once your journey is

about more than the destination it’s

about growing stronger and wiser along

the way I know the plans I have for you

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope and a future

trust in these words as you press

forward do not dwell on the past or the

mistakes you’ve made each day is a new

beginning a fresh start filled with new

possibilities when you feel overwhelmed

come to me in prayer lay down your fears

and anxieties at my my feet and I will

give you rest my love for you is

Everlasting and unconditional remember

you are made in my image capable of

great things reflect on the victories no

matter how small they seem celebrate

every step forward these are the moments

that define your path let gratitude fill

your heart and let it Propel you to

press on with courage and Faith You are

not alone in this journey I am always

here for you guiding and supporting you

listen to my voice in The Quiet Moments

I am speaking through the peace in your

heart the beauty of Nature and the

kindness of strangers in moments of

Doubt remember that I believe in you you

are my creation equipped with unique

talents and abilities use them to serve

others and bring light to the Dark

Places as you do you will find the true

purpose I have for you above all

remember I love you my love is not based

on your achievements or successes but on

your very existence you are precious in

my eyes and I am proud of you keep

pushing forward keep reaching for the

stars and know that I am cheering you on

every step of the way so my child rise

up take heart and have faith The Best Is

Yet To Come you are capable of reaching

so much together we can achieve wonders

never forget that you are loved more

than you can ever imagine continue to

persevere my child do not give up when

the road gets tough or when obstacles

seem insurmountable instead see each

challenge as a chance to demonstrate the

strength I have placed within you you

have been given a spirit not of fear but

of power love love and a sound mind use

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