God’s Precious Message: I AM CALLING YOU

God says my child today I come to you

with a message of Hope and renewal as

the creator of all that is seen and

unseen I want to remind you of the

constant renewal that takes place not

just in the world around you but within

your very Spirit each morning the sun

rises a new casting away the shadows of

yesterday and bringing forth the light

of possibility similarly my blessings

are new each morning a testament to my

unfailing love for you know this no

matter how challenging yesterday was no

matter the trials and tribulations you

faced they are now part of the past

today stands before you fresh and

untouched brimming with potential do not

dwell on the missteps or the

disappointments of yesterday they are

but lessons that pave the way to wisdom

each one shaping you into the person you

are meant to be in The Quiet Moments of

the Dawn take a deep breath and let go

of your burdens feel my presence in the

gentle morning Breeze the soft rays of

the sun and the quiet chirping of the

birds these are all signs of the new

beginnings that await you rejoice in

this new day for it is a gift an

opportunity to do better to be better

and to move closer to the Divine Purpose

I have for your life remember my child

you are never alone I am always with you

guiding and supporting you when you feel

weary call on me and I will renew your

strength trust in my perfect plan for

your life and keep your eyes fixed on

the path I have laid out for you for I

know the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future let your

heart be filled with gratitude as you

step into this new day gratitude for the

air you breathe for the community around

you and for the infinite possibilities

that lie ahead with each thankful

thought your spirit will be lifted and

your heart will be prepared to receive

the fullness of my blessings moreover do

not forget to extend kindness and love

to those around you just as I have loved

you so you must love others

in doing so you not only become a vessel

of my love but also an agent of change

in this world through your actions and

your words you can bring light to the

darkest places and hope to those who are

in despair as you go about your day keep

your faith strong trust in my timing and

my will the journey may not always be

easy and there may be times when you

feel as though you cannot take another

step but remember I am the god of all

comfort the Healer of all hurts lean on

me and I will carry you through I am

your stronghold your Refuge your rock I

love you with an everlasting love let

this truth anchor you as you face the

challenges and celebrate the joys that

today holds be assured that my eyes are

always upon you and my ears are

attentive to your prayers go for forth

in peace filled with the courage and

hope that come from knowing you are

deeply loved my beloved as you Embrace

this new day remember the power of

forgiveness both giving and receiving

forgiveness frees you from the chains of

the past allowing your heart to heal and

your spirit to soar forgive as freely as

I have forgiven you and watch as peace

fills your life making way for deeper

connection and true Joy Let each

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