God’s Precious Message: FEEL MY STRENGTH

dear beloved today I want to remind you

of my unwavering presence in your life

you may not always see it but I am

constantly at work behind the scenes

orchestrating events and moments that

will ensure your safety growth and

happiness I have guided you through

challenges you weren’t even aware of

shielding you from harms and

difficulties that could have hindered

your path my child understand that in

the grand tapestry of your life life

every thread has been woven with

intentionality and profound love each

moment of Joy each trial and every

success you’ve experienced has been part

of a carefully designed plan to bring

you closer to the Fulfillment of your

true purpose you might sometimes feel

that you are walking this journey alone

but I am always here beside you in The

Quiet Moments in the bustling days in

every breath and heartbeat

my presence envelopes you softly yet

profoundly when you are weary lay your

burdens on me and I will give you rest

when you are joyful share your happiness

with me and we will rejoice together

remember the times when you felt a

sudden surge of strength in moments of

weakness know that it was I who

fortified you recall the unexpected

blessings that have come your way often

just at the right time

these were gifts for me tokens of my

endless affection for you in your

interactions with others see them

through my eyes greet them with kindness

understanding and love for they too are

walking paths I have set for them your

journey is not just about where you are

going but also about whom you touch

along the way my dear one I have always

cherished you from the very moment I

conceived of you in my Divine mind you

are wonderfully made equipped with

talents and abilities tailored

specifically to you use them not just

for your fulfillment but for the

betterment of the world around you let

my word be a lamp unto your feet and a

light unto your path within its Pages

you will find wisdom for decisions

comfort for pain and Assurance of my

love and Promises stand firm in faith

even when circumstances challenge your

beliefs my promises are unshakable and

my Covenant with you is eternal as you

continue on your journey take time to

nurture your relationship with me in

prayer in worship and in quiet

meditation seek my face I am ever ready

to speak to you to guide you and to

listen to your deepest concerns your

voice is precious to me never hesitate

to call out to me finally know without a

doubt that you are loved immensely and

unconditionally nothing can ever

separate you from my love not trials not

fears not even the mistakes you make in

every moment of every day I love you

completely and eternally go forth in

this knowledge and let it fill you with

confidence and peace whatever today

holds whatever tomorrow may bring

remember I am with you always

to the very end of the age my son as you

step into each new day carry with you

the knowledge that my plans for you are

plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope and a future each

Sunrise is a reminder of my fresh

mercies and a new opportunity for you to

experience my grace in moments of Doubt

or when fear creeps into your heart

remember the countless times I have been

faithful reflect on the blessings in

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