God’s Precious Message: DRAW NEAR TO ME

my child are you ready to hear a

powerful message from God for you today

a message full of blessings hope and

divine guidance no matter who you are or

what you’re facing God has a precious

word for you right now a message from

God today that has the power to bring

renewed peace strength and purpose to

your life my dear one in this bustling

World filled with challenges and strife

I see your struggles and your efforts to

navigate the complexities of Life

remember I’m always with you guiding you

through every step and watching over you

with an unwavering gaze of compassion

firstly I implore you to embrace

kindness in your interactions whether

they be large or small show The Gentle

Touch of Grace that I have showered upon

you when you speak let your words be

soft and uplifting for your voice is a

powerful tool that can heal broken

Spirits be honest in all your dealings

for honesty is the foundation upon which

trust and integrity are built you may

encounter moments when others wrong you

or when obstacles seem insurmountable

during these times I ask you not to

retaliate with harshness or deceit

remember my child that I have asked you

to love your neighbor as yourself this

commandment is not a mere suggestion but

a Cornerstone of how you should live

your life loving others does not mean

you must agree with everyone or remain

silent when you see Injustice instead it

means treating others with the same

respect and kindness that you wish to

receive it means forgiving those who

have wronged you and offering a helping

hand to those in need trust that I am

your Defender and your strength I will

fight your battles in ways that you

cannot see and from angles you cannot

understand let go of the burden of

feeling that you must control every

outcome surrender these battles to me

and I will ensure that Justice and peace

Prevail I want you to focus on

cultivating a Heart full of love and a

spirit rich with Mercy in doing so you

will light up the dark corners of this

world and bring Solace to those who are

in despair through your actions and your

words you will demonstrate the depth of

my love for all Humanity remember my

love for you is eternal and unchanging

it is as vast as the oceans and as

constant as the stars in the night sky

lean on me when you are weary for I will

give you strength seek me in moments of

uncertainty for I will provide Clarity

and wisdom together let us spread this

message of love and peace peace hand in

hand with your heart echoing my

teachings you can transform the world

around you be a Beacon of Hope and a

pillar of Faith stand firm in the values

I have taught you and watch as your life

unfolds into a beautiful tapestry of

Grace and fulfillment I love you my

child more than words can convey you are

my creation a masterpiece designed for

greatness go forth in confidence knowing

that I am with you always guiding loving

and cherishing you at every moment of

your life my dear son always remember

that your journey on Earth is

significant every encounter every

Challenge and every moment of joy is

part of a larger plan that you may not

yet fully understand Embrace each day

with faith and confidence knowing that

everything you experience is is designed

to shape you into the person you are

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