God’s Precious Message: ACCEPT THESE WORDS

God says my child today I your loving

father want to speak directly to your

heart you might feel at times as if you

were wandering alone unseen in a world

that moves rapidly around you there are

moments when you might feel overlooked

as if you are invisible in the bustling

crowd perhaps there are times when you

feel misunderstood by those around you

or even forgotten by the world you try

so hard to engage with but I see you I

have never turned my gaze from you I

understand your journey better than

anyone ever could my child I want to

remind you that you are never alone I am

with you in every step you take each

moment of joy every second of challenge

I am there your tears are never shed in

solitude for I am there to catch every

single one you are precious to me

created with purpose and immense love

remember the promises I have made to you

I have plans for you that are filled

with hope and a future when you are

weary come to me and I will give you

rest when you feel weak remember that my

strength is made perfect in your

weakness lean on me and I will be your

steadfast support I have equipped you

with unique gifts and talents do not

doubt yourself or the importance of your

role role in this world you are a light

in the darkness a Beacon of Hope and

love share your gifts freely with others

for in giving you shall receive and in

serving you will find your true purpose

Let My Words Be a lamp unto your feet

and a light unto your path when

decisions seem overwhelming when you

stand at a crossroad look to me I will

guide you providing wisdom and

discernment Trust in me with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will direct your

paths you are loved with an everlasting

love an unending unfailing love that

will not waver my love for you does not

depend on your accomplishments your

social status or any Earthly thing it is

unconditional steadfast and eternal take

heart and be courageous

do not fear the future or dwell on the

past live in this moment knowing that I

am with you that I am for you and that I

will never leave you no matter the

storms that come your way remember you

are not battling them alone I am your

shield and your Defender as you continue

your journey keep your eyes fixed on

what is true and Noble right and pure

lovely and admirable think about such


and peace will be yours I have overcome

the world and in me you have peace

though in this world you will have

trouble take heart I have overcome the

world rejoice in Hope be patient in

Tribulation and constant in prayer reach

out to others showing them the love and

compassion I have shown you be a

reflection of my love to those around

you as you do so you will find that even

even in moments of feeling misunderstood

or overlooked there is a profound

purpose and joy in living a life

Anchored In My Love continue to embrace

your identity in me for it is steadfast

and true you are not defined by your

past mistakes nor are you Bound by the

perceptions of others you are defined by

my love and your inheritance as my child

in you I see infinite potential and

possibilities I created you in my image

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