God’s Message | You Are The Chosen | Important Message Today

dear beloved children I come to you with

a message of love and

purpose you are the chosen ones

handpicked by me your creator to fulfill

a special calling on this Earth before

you were even conceived in your mother’s

womb I knew you and selected you for a

unique Mission being chosen by me means
Being Chosen

that you possess a special gift the gift

of free will I have granted you the

ability to to make decisions and choose

your path in life this freedom is both a

blessing and a

responsibility you have the power to

walk in righteousness and virtue

following my Commandments and principles

or to stray into sin and darkness

remember being chosen does not equate to

being perfect you are mortal and prone

to mistakes and

weaknesses however I offer you my Grace
Grace and Forgiveness

and forgiveness so that you may learn

from your errors and strive for

Perfection you are the chosen ones

because you have a distinct calling I

have planted seeds of potential and

talents within you waiting to be

nurtured and utilized for the betterment

of the world your Calling May Vary to be

a nurturing parent a compassionate

friend a talented artist scientist or

healer but above all your purpose is to

serve others and to love all those

around you do not forget that your

chosen status comes with

responsibility you are called to be a

light and salt to the world exemplifying

piety and

righteousness your actions words and

thoughts should reflect my truth and

love for all

creation also your chosen status

requires service not privilege be

prepared to make sacrifices to obey my

will and to follow the path I have laid

out for

you divine election demands Faith

perseverance patience and

wisdom dear chosen ones fear not to be
Closing Prayer

different do not conform to the ways of

the world but walk the narrow path that

leads to eternal life and my grace

Embrace trials and

tribulations for they strengthen your

faith and draw you closer to me me

remember that I will never leave you I

will always be by your side supporting

you and guiding you towards your destiny

believe in yourself in your calling and

in your

chosenness let the light of my truth

shine before you filling your soul with

joy and peace be my chosen ones walk in

the light of Truth and

righteousness I bless you and carry you

on the wings of my Tender Love

I bestow upon you Heavenly gifts and

entrust you with my mission on Earth be

strong be faithful be my chosen ones


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