God’s Message: Trust in my Love

child you must not give up because this trip is only for those who are brave I

purposefully chose you to carry out a task that is of the utmost significance as I walk beside you

through each stage of the process I’m making my plan very obvious by working

together we will be able to overcome difficult circumstances overcome difficulties and Triumph over problems

we will continue to fight and we will never give up because you are destined to accomplish great things it is not a

coincidence that you are present here even before you were born I had your name written down in my book I’ve had it

there since the very beginning I have loved you from the beginning and I have been anticipating the day when you would

start to recognize my Guiding Light this is especially true when you

are going through difficult times since you might start asking things that you have never thought of before it’s

possible that you’re wondering where I was when you were in pain now here is

what I want you to know have faith in me your pain can be healed and the painful

memories of the past can be forgotten my love is so powerful that it has erased

all of your negative mistakes and now I want to assist you in forgetting those memories that are painful as well it is

not in your best interest to continue dwelling on the past because doing so will simply bring the pain back and make

you feel much worse what is essential is that you are still alive at this very moment and that

a great deal of wonderful things are on their way to you dreams will come true

you will accomplish your objectives you will see your family once more experiencing joy and you will even feel

as powerful and energized as you did in the past you should look forward to the place where blessed begin to occur and

pleasant things begin to grow make sure you are prepared for an incredible new phase in your life your spirit is

prepared to experience the joy that comes from embarking on new Journeys and achieving the goals that you were

destined to achieve put the past hurts behind you they are no longer there and

I have forgiven you for all of your mistakes you are no longer responsible for anything when you find that certain

individuals do not accept you or forgive give you it is time to look for new friends who recognize your genuine

worth the generosity and Independence that my spirit provides are not something that I want anyone to

disregard maintaining your presence in a circumstance that brings you down or embarasses you is not something you

should do only you should listen to me and you should protect your independence from

those who will use my words to exert control over you remove yourself from

any circumstance that makes you feel as though you are being held captive protecting your children is also

important when you leave situations like these behind you will be thankful that you were given this warning you’re going

to gain a better understanding of how much I care about you and how much you matter to me today however if you choose

to remain with people who do not treat you with respect it is important to keep in mind that you cannot expect things to

improve unless you make the decision to leave them put in your effort you are a person who

is both competent and responsible as long as you continue to be caught in a terrible cycle of humiliation and pain

your life and the lives of your family will continue to suffer you do not deserve to go through

such anguish as your mother I have made the sacrifice of my own blood to atone

for your transgressions the question I have for you now is what else can I do

for you feel free to ask me anything you want if you were to call out to me I

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