God’s Message: Trust in my Love | God Message Now

my dearest child in the quiet of this moment I reach out to you with a love that

transcends time and space I am here ever present even when

you feel most alone I see you in all your struggles and tears and I whisper to you now I

have never abandoned you nor will I ever understand understand my beloved that

your pain and trials were never a part of my plan for you my love for you is

unending a constant Refuge waiting for your open heart in the shadows of life

where confusion and uncertainty Loom remember I am there my presence is a

beacon in Your Darkest Hours guiding and safeguarding you you are never

alone reach out your hand let me lead you from the darkness into the warm and

light of my love to a place brimming with joy abundance and true

happiness trust in me my child the life I have for you is filled with extraordinary promise a life rich in

purpose overflowing with victories and blessings no distance can separate you

from My Embrace no misstep is too far for my grace and forgiveness know that my love breaks

through every barrier conquers every challenge have faith in me for I am always here

ready to listen to your prayers and hold you in my eternal love regardless of moments of pain and

sorrow my ears shall always be attuned to your words and my heart shall be filled with compassion for you there is

nothing you can do to push me away no mistake you can make no sin that can

sever our connection my love is stronger than any failing or weakness

my love surpasses all understanding and reaches higher than the heavens allow me to embrace you in your

moments of vulnerability to reveal the grace and forgiveness I

offer understand that my love knows no bounds no matter how many times you

stumble I shall always be there to lift you up no matter how many times you air

I shall always be there to correct your steps and guide you on the right path my

love is constant and inexhaustible and it shall always be present in your life

providing you with the strength and courage to overcome any difficulty my child close your eyes and allow me to

embrace you let the warmth of my presence be a comforting source of energy let my love envelop you and

provide Solace I shall cradle you in my arms and give you encouragement come now Surrender Your

Heart To Me me do not fear for I shall Grant you Freedom peace and

Tranquility trust in me for I shall be your refuge and strength allow me to embrace you and

show you true love a love capable of healing any wound and restoring your

soul always remember that you are my greatest treasure and my love for you

shall never change no matter how challenging the circumstances you face may be I shall

always be there to support you my child on this day allow me to

embrace you and entrust all your burdens to me no matter how distant you may feel

or how dark the path you are traversing may seem my love surrounds you and restores you in this very moment know

that all is not lost for I am with you today you can begin a new live once more

dream and aspire for in me you can reclaim all that you have lost and even

more for an abundant life is what you deserve a life of Victory and

happiness that is my will so from this day forward when you feel overwhelmed by

the weight of your burdens or troubled by your worries believe in me Place

everything in my hands allow me to be your support and Foundation you need not bear the weight

alone for I am here to to assist you today I shall take care of all your

needs filling your soul completely remember that I shall always be with you

providing you with the strength you require to face any adversity simply trust in me even when you feel no one

understands you or that you are alone in your battles I shall always be here listening

to every Whisper of your heart loving you and helping you in every way in this

moment my beloved child may you feel the warmth of my love enveloping you and comforting

you understand that my love for you shall never waver it shall always be

there for you in every moment of your life ready to embrace and console you whenever

necessary beloved child raise your hands now and embrace my love which never

fails or fades it is my pure Sublime and unconditional love for you receive my

Embrace in it you will find the strength to carry on the hope to face challenges

and the certainty that you shall never ever be alone you are facing formidable

challenges but I will touch your heart with my words nothing has the power to destroy

you or steal away all that I have bestowed upon you certainly these times are difficult

but nothing will prevent me from performing my my mighty work within you I know you have many plans and dreams

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