Gods Message Today Don’t Ignore My Blessings I God Message

my beloved children I come to you today

with a message of Hope encouragement and

blessings in these uncertain times it’s

easy to focus on the negative and the

hardships you face but I’ve have not

forgotten you you’re always on my mind

and in my heart I want you to know that

no matter the trials the economic woses

the health issues or the worries that

occupy your thoughts you are still

infinitely blessed your true blessings

do not come from this world but from

your relationship with me your heavenly

father God I have showered my love and

grace upon you I have great and wondrous

plans for you you need only trust in me

walk in faith and allow me to guide you

when you feel alone know that I am by

your side when you feel afraid find

comfort and courage in my Everlasting

Arms when you feel weak I will renew

your strength I will never leave you nor

forsake you this I promise the plans I

have for you are good plans to help you

heal you prosper you you and give you a

future filled with hope my child open

your eyes to the blessings all around

you is not the very air you breathe each

day a precious gift do you not have a

family who loves you and friends who

support you have I not given you special

talents and abilities count each one as

a blessing from my hand even in the

midst of Trials if you look closely you

will see my grace at work hardships are

an opportunity to grow in wisdom and

character challenges develop

perseverance and strength pain and

suffering allow you to have greater

empathy and compassion for others none

of these diminishes my blessings in your

life stay rooted in my word here you

will find encouragement peace and joy

fill your heart and mind with scripture

for it is alive and active let my

promises soak deep into your spirit

renewing and refreshing you come to me

daily in prayer allowing me to lift your

burdens and guide your steps walk in

forgiveness towards those who have have

hurt you this sets you free from

bitterness and resentment be quick to

show mercy and Grace to others just as I

have shown you immense mercy and Grace

by walking in my ways you will live a

blessed life no matter the circumstances

around you my dear child you are so very

precious to me I Delight in you though

the enemy tries to steal your joy and

distract you from my blessings he has no

hold over you as you abide in me be

strengthened in the knowledge that I am

always watching over you protecting you

and working everything in your life

together for good the road ahead may be

filled with unpredictable twists and

turns but do not fear Lean on Me trust

in my eternal promises follow my lead

with unwavering Faith soon you will look

back with gratitude and understand the

fullness of my blessings no matter what

you are facing today or what storms may

arise tomorrow Rejoice lift your eyes to

me and be at peace you are blessed my

beloved child do not lose heart or give

up hope I know the challenges you face

often seem overwhelming but I did not

create you to carry these burdens Alone

come to me when you feel weary and I

will give you rest open your heart to me

and I will fill you with Indescribable

joy and peace that passes understanding

you see only the immediate circumstances

around you but I see the full picture I

see the plans I have for you good plans

to prosper you and give you hope I see

the person you can become when refined

by the fires of afflictions I see the

testimony you will have to encourage

others when you emerge Victorious on the

other side what you are going through

now is only a light and momentary

trouble compared to the eternal glory I

have prepared for you so walk forward in

Courage armed with my strength and

wisdom take one step at a time one day

at a time endure the present trials with

patience and Grace while keeping your

eyes fixed on me the author and per

perfector of your faith the path I call

you to walk is not easy but it is

profoundly purposeful have I not

promised to be with you always trust

that I will uphold you and see you

through my child even in times of

adversity search for my blessings all

around you though fear anxiety and doubt

assail your mind take refuge in me come

boldly before my throne of grace worship

at my feet Lean Into My Embrace as you

pour out your heart to me I will fill

you a fresh with my spirit dispelling

the darkness bringing Clarity Direction

and inspiration I have spoken life and

purpose over you believe my words for I

do not lie the enemy seeks only to kill

steal and destroy but I have come to

give you a rich and satisfying life hold

fast to this truth though you do not yet

see the Fulfillment of my promises trust

that what I have said I will do it will

come to pass stay rooted in my word of

Truth immerse yourself in scripture

allowing its power and wisdom to renew

your mind for my word is alive and

active it has creative power to impart

faith and bring forth Miracles it will

transform you from glory to glory as you

meditate on my promises I will bring

them to pass it will not return void but

accomplish everything I please walk in

the freedom I have given you no longer a

slave to fear be bold and courageous for

I am with you take risks in my name I

will will back you I will catch you if

you fall remember all things work

together for the good of those who love

me and walk in my purposes you have

nothing to lose and Eternity to gain

press onward I’m right here cheering you

along the way my precious child you

remain blessed beyond measure the trials

of this world are temporary but my love

and blessings are forever hold on to

this truth with an unwavering grip I

will see you through every storm

brighter days are coming this I

guarantee lift your eyes to me and be

encouraged I will never leave your side

child do not lose perspective in the

midst of your struggles though the world

around you seems dark and hopeless there

is always light and joy to be found in

me come to me when waves of worry

consume your mind I will speak peace and

calm to your soul set your eyes on

eternity not just the temporal things of

this Earth which can be shaken always

remember that your true home is in

heaven with me I have prepared awell in

place for you an inheritance

imperishable undefiled and unfading no

earthly Affliction or persecution can

touch that eternal glory no human

hardship or heartache can diminish the

Kingdom blessings stored up for you

there so lift your vision higher above

the trials that surround you now look

instead for glimpses of Heaven’s Glory

piercing through there you will find

strength to endure there you will

remember how deeply you are loved how

precious you are to me from that Eternal

Vantage point you will understand more

fully the meaning purpose and

temporality of pain you will trust that

I am with you in suffering using all

things for your ultimate good come to me

for rest when exhaustion weighs you down

for Comfort when grief aches your soul

for shelter When Storms rage and for

wisdom when the way seems unclear I am

always by your side as your constant

guide and Advocate I will Infuse

Supernatural strength into your inner

being renewed day by day I will give you

words to speak and truths to Anchor your

mind when swirling confusion threatens

take confidence in the truth that I am

greater than anything you will ever face

I hold the whole world in my hands have

I not overcome the world then you have

nothing to fear the one who breathed

galaxies into being dwells within you

that same Mighty power that raised Jesus

from Death To Life flows through your

veins you are more than a conqueror

through my love and divine

empowerment so lift your head high

beloved one wipe the tears from your

eyes and set your face like Flint March

forward boldly knowing your savior and

King goes before you The Battle Belongs

to Me the Lord your God you need only be

still and Silent watching as I

powerfully deliver you do not despair if

the answers you seek do not come quickly

instead surrender the timeline to me

accepting each moment as I design it

remain faithful in the small things I

give you to do today leave tomorrow’s

worries for another time finding your

sufficiency in my grace which is freely

given moment by moment soon your

perseverance will bear beautiful fruit

that endures walk in the confidence that

you have already overcome Through My

Sacrifice on the cross and triumphant

Resurrection from Death sin sickness

death and the Devil Himself are defeated

though times of testing will come have

courage for I have won the ultimate

Victory on your behalf the host of of

Heaven cheer you on as you live and move

and fight each battle in my strength and

Authority not your own ability you my

beloved one remain blessed at all times

and in all seasons regardless of

circumstances hardships transform you

into the very likeness of Christ your

savior as precious refined Gold pain

prepares you to pour living water into

thirsty Souls suffering produces greater

awareness of those hurting around you

cultivating divinely inspired compassion

Sorrows equip you to to come alongside

others weep with those who weep and

rejoice with those who Rejoice know that

nothing absolutely nothing can separate

you from my love there is no pit so deep

that my love is not deeper still I will

never leave or abandon you soon you will

understand with utmost Clarity how my

grace was sufficient for every trial on

that Glorious Day faith will become

sight as you find yourself safely

cradled in my Everlasting Arms I have

always been right here cherishing you

delighting liing over you guiding your

steps you are so very loved my precious

blessed child my beloved child as I

bring this message to a close I want you

to truly feel the power of my love and

blessings over your life you are not

alone on this journey so do not try to

navigate its twists and turns without

your heavenly father’s help I am right

here to lead you through the Sheep know

and recognize the voice of their

Shepherd if you listen closely with

spiritual ears of faith attune to my

voice you will hear my words of guidance

wisdom and encouragement Rising above

the chaos come to me first when

challenges tempt you to cower in fear

make spending time resting in my

presence your highest priority even

above the pressing issues clamoring for

your attention as you bask in the light

of my countenance renewed strength and

courage Will Rise Up from within you

powerful Kingdom Purpose will displace

aimless anxiety my Living Hope will

flood your soul displacing doubt doubt

and despair joy and passion will Infuse

your days divine inspiration will flow

freely it all starts with daily

nurturing your intimate relationship

with me guard your heart and mind

protecting them from the toxic lies and

accusations of the enemy use your sword

of the spirit to slice through his

deception and Distortion shut every door

where dark Whispers seek to undermine

what I say about you remember you have

already overcome the evil one through

Jesus’s death and Resurrection

wield this Mighty spiritual weapon

claiming Christ’s Victory and freedom

over your life finally my beloved child

continue cultivating your spiritual

Community among other believers together

spur one another on toward maturity and

fruitfulness in me worship and pray

alongside fellow brothers and sisters

who know this journey well serve the

vulnerable and hurting with compassion

encourage the weary and fearful spread

my hope and good news everywhere you go

you are surrounded by an unbreakable

Circle of Grace So draw strength from


spiritnest one you remain covered in my

infinite Blessings Now walk forward into

your day without fear drink deeply from

The Living Waters I pour out for you

allow my peace to rain in your heart and

my joy to be your strength rest in the

promise that I will never leave your

side and remember there are multitudes

of brothers and sisters on this journey

with you you are loved you are chosen

you are blessed go in Courage and

confidence wherever I lead you next and

to all reading this if your soul is

weary from the battles of this world

come find rest in the shelter of your

heavenly father’s Wings drink deeply of

my refreshing Waters of life and you

will never thirst again to all who are

looking for purpose and meaning I have

good works prepared for you simply walk

in step with my Spirit Come Just As You

Are lay down your pride and Earthly

ambition at my feet take hold of the

blessed life I have for you beloved ones

stay strong and keep your eyes fixed on

Jesus the author and perfector of your

faith he will see you through to the

Finish Line we pray you are renewed and

encouraged today please like and share

this video broadly let it be a blessing

to other tired and battle weary Souls

you are loved beyond measure abide in

the shadow of God most high where you

will find cool shade and sweet rest for

your souls amen

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