you are about to face a painful issue

but God’s saying now God’s

message now God is telling you today

right now give my one phrase your entire

attention since it is the one thing that

has the ability to satisfy all of your

desires and make all of your darkest

fantasies come true while simultaneously

sading your emotional hunger it

satisfies your yearning for Spiritual

fulfillment by taking a deep breath from

this source of energy you can allow your

spirit to be perpetually refreshed by

the peace that it provides that you are

afraid to let go and give in the

Rejuvenation and healing that is waiting

for you in order to revitalize both your

physical body and your spiritual being

my spirit enters your very being and my

lifeblood flows via the sacred writings

and scriptures my Vitality will flow

through you until you are completely

saturated with my presence and energy

allow it to make its way through you in

the same way that old wounds heal and

shackles till we once unbreakable will

fall beneath the weight of the freedom

that I provide even sins that you commit

repeatedly will lose their hold on you

the shadows of sin will not be able to

persist in my Majestic presence for as

long as the light of of Heaven shines

onto the dark corners of your soul

unquestionably the Perpetual light is

capable of removing all Shadows

recognize the Brilliance of the sun’s

rays and Rise courageously like a

newborn light to the highest point point

of the world those who seek safety under

my wings are not exempt from being

judged or punished for the actions they

have committed in the past my

restorative light will heal and nourish

you releasing any vestiges of Darkness

that are concealed inside you surrender

to my light with this intention when it

comes to those who approach me with

humility my Mercy is Limitless on their

behalf bring your shortcomings into this

domain where sins are promptly washed

away and to expose them to the world now

is the time to liberate yourself from

the weight of Shame and start over in a

condition of completeness letting go of

the worn out garments of the past

provide you with the symbol of royalty

which will serve as a reminder of your

position as my most treasured child your

sentence has been carried out in its

entirety and those who are encircled by

the righteousness of my salvation have

no obligation to repay me me consider

the Bountiful Grace that I have showered

upon you as a source of comfort you must

let go of your old self which is a

representation of sin and servitude and

accept the freedom that I have secured

for you at the sacrifice of a great deal

I Am The Sovereign Lord and I give you

the authority to rule over people who

are under my care these individuals are

not subject to the influence of material

power it is possible to Traverse the

turmoil of the world with confidence if

you have faith in your identity and are

aware of our interconnectedness in the

midst of the storms that life brings

reflect my unflinching light and shine

brilliantly many people react with fear

to what they perceive be threats

nonetheless it is important to preserve

compassion for those who are in need and

refrain from

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