God’s Message Now: You’re Always Safe With Me

my special message is only for you do

not make the mistake of leaving I deeply

care about you and earnestly desire to

solve all your problems in the final

seconds I will answer all your questions

so watch the entire video my beloved

child remember that in every moment my

deep love and understanding envelop

you I call for your true devotion and in

return I pledge to provide all that you

need imparting wisdom and strength

through my gentle

guidance let not the Troubles of this

world dismay you for you are eternally

safe with me I acknowledge your

struggles and doubts yet I assure you of

my unwavering love and support lifting

you up and clothing you in glory and

love trust in me and step forward into a

new life brimming with

blessings I encourage you to seek wisdom

to speak kindly to your families and not

to conceal your sins from me know that I

am aware of your struggles and am ready

to shower you with blessings even


opposition all struggles are temporary

your enemies are already defeated when

you falter or Heir ask for forgiveness I

promise to cleanse your soul remember I

am with you always offering eternal life

and victory be brave when blessings

arrive defend them and your loved ones

and Trust in my design for your life

take comfort in knowing that your love

and protection are assured stay calm and

Trust in my guidance as you change for

the better through prayer reading my

word and sharing your feelings I am

proud of your growing understanding and

am preparing amazing Miracles and

blessings for you if you continue to

trust and follow my teachings shun toxic

relationships Embrace Souls that

beautify your life

and open your heart each morning to my

guidance if you believe in me your

heavenly father then like this video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

if you believe that God will help you

then subscribe to this channel I invite

you to come to me with all your plans

trusting your life to my care I promise

to protect you help you prosper and give

you the wisdom to organize your life and

Achieve great

things you are significant

and chosen by me to fulfill dreams and

accomplish wondrous Deeds trust that I

am always with you ready to Aid heal and

soothe during tough times feel reassured

that you are never alone or without hope

your loyalty and efforts are recognized

stand up for yourself with bravery I am

continually opening new doors for you

and I’m proud of your achievements love

and new companions are forthcoming

trust in my timing and believe in my

promises I encourage you to bring your

burdens to Me Your Divine provider and I

will alleviate your anxiety providing

love and

support remember my words in Matthew

I am committed to caring for you

more than the birds of the sky trust in

my enduring presence in your battles for

I will never forsake you my child take

heart that you are not alone I am always

by by your side strengthening loving and

guiding you the challenges you faced

have only demonstrated your courage

continue to push forward believe in your

dreams and rely on my guidance and

support I reassure you of my love and

presence despite any hardships or losses

trust in my love and presence I promise

peace calm and joy in your life share

this message with others who may need my

presence and blessings in their lives

you’re always safe with me Let each word

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