God’s Message Now: You Are My Child

my special message is only for you do

not make the mistake of leaving I deeply

care about you and earnestly desire to

solve all your problems in the final

seconds I will answer all your questions

so watch the entire video my beloved

child feel the Embrace of my divine

presence enveloping you in your

family in this moment of connection know

that you are infinitely valued destined

for success and happiness that resonate

with with the purity of your

spirit your yearning for these blessings

is known to me and I encourage you to

cast aside any doubts or falsehoods that

may Cloud your path you are an heir to

all that is pure lovely virtuous and

kind your dreams rooted in truth and

compassion are set to flourish under my


eye I offer you forgiveness for the past

a slate wiped clean setting you as a

beacon of example within your household

those who have doubted or belittled you

will soon see the truth of your worth

and the depth of my love for you

manifest for all to witness trust in me

my child and receive my love

unconditionally focus on my words let

them seep deep into your soul and engage

freely with the Holy Spirit beware of

Pride gossip and slander let not these

vices tarnish the beauty of your spirit

instead invest your energy in serving

and blessing your family and Community

you are a courageous Soul chosen to live

with zest and purpose to spread love

wherever you

go nurture these blessings Safeguard

them for I promise to bless you

abundantly in return my child feel

assured that my love for you is constant

and steadfast I will always find ways to

make you feel protected blessed and

enveloped in my

love the gift of peace calmness and

strength I offer you today will help you

Embrace Life more fully and devote more

love to those you

cherish I secure not just your place on

Earth but also a place for you in

Paradise if you believe in me your

heavenly father then like this video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

if you believe that God will help you

then subscribe to this channel know that

your prayers are powerful and your faith

pivotal in ushering blessings into your

life my presence will envelop your home

making it a sanctuary where remarkable

works and divine might are witnessed by

all who enter stand firm in your faith

even amidst challenges for I grant you

the resilience to overcome and

prosper turn to the Bible in your

moments of doubt and find in its Pages

the promises of strength Direction and

forgiveness I have laid out for you

this era of fear is behind you now step

forward with a heart brimming with trust

for immens of joy is your Divine in her

rense remember I am your comfort in

times of decision and your guide through

Trails trust in me to navigate even the

manuia of your life I am set to erase

sadness stabilize your emotions and

shield you from despair you have the

freedom to choose a life lived for me

free from the judgments of those who do

not know me

my child embrace the healing and freedom

I bring I am ready to destroy the chains

of depression and mental afflictions

that have held you back follow my

teachings admit your wrongdoings and

walk away from wickedness My Love Is

Your Fortress your healing and your

Liberation believe in me draw closer and

let me show you the Wonders and

blessings that await hold on to my hand

Proclaim your love for me and prepare to

receive the Miracles I have

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