my beloved child you are blessed and will receive great favor your strong

faith has placed you on the right path I am pleased to see your focus on my

teachings letting my words fill and guide you your journey to Improvement

has been challenging but you’ve steered your life with determination toward a Divine Direction your shift in Attitude

and your Yearning For Change are deserving of extraordinary blessings these words you hear are full

of life showing my love and leading you to succeed in your endeavors I bless you

in extraordinary ways granting you wisdom enhancing your carefulness and

shaping your character I give you an abundance of patience transforming your

life thoroughly and completely my spirit surrounds and fills

you touching every aspect of your being you won’t wander off into wrongdoings

crave sinful Acts or fall for The Temptations that previously dragged you

down I’m giving you enough strength to let go of bad habits that imprison your

thoughts from now on your mind will focus on what is good beautiful pure and

right you will resist the urge to see hear speak read or spread God gossip and

falsehoods that pollute your mind and weaken your spirit you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve changed and how blessed

you’ve become people will notice and respect you no longer dwelling on your

past mistakes they will forgive you because I’ve filled your soul with my

generous Grace starting today new opportunities will come your way bringing blessings

and job possibilities that will support your family and bring you Prosperity I’m

creating a new path for you towards a brighter future one where you’re no

longer haunted by past errors a life filled with peace and calm free from

Fear And distressing Dreams through the strength of My Sacrifice you are liberated no deceit or

dark Forces can touch you nor do their bearers have any influence over you you

are clean Sid in spirit Soul speech mind and heart this is the gift I give to

those who boldly spread my teachings turn away from their sins seek my pardon

follow my advice and approach me daily with humility to receive my grace I

cherish you you are aware of this I am steadfast and observe your endeavors

your willingness to yield to my guidance and pursue righteousness I acknowledge your deepening faith and even when you

don’t see all my answers your devotion remains steadfast I liken you to my Faithful

Servants of old those earliest Believers filled with my spirit who endured thefts

persecutions imprisonments whippings and pain yet remained

unbroken you are akin to them you have witnessed my glory in your own life

experience that I am the way the truth and your life

you know that Miracles are real that Supernatural events occur in the Heavenly Realms Fierce battles we shall

face together and emerge Victorious so you may receive even greater blessings I

will always be true to you even if you stumble I will give you extra strength

during tough times so you won’t fall I won’t let any trouble be too much

for the strength I provide you if I allow a challenge I’ll also Supply the

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