my beloved child don’t worry about what’s coming or be haunted by what’s gone trust in me and the plan I have for

your life you’re stronger than you think and when you fully commit to my will

you’ll see many accomplishments and blessings you’ll be surprised by the Wonders I can work through you I’m right

there with you guiding you patiently and wisely at every step remember you can’t fix everything in one

day but I have the power to shift the whole world and change your situation so that it benefits you don’t

worry about what’s coming next let not your sleep be disturbed upcoming events shouldn’t

cause you anxiety you seek peace from me and I give it to you now it’s your turn

to stay calm when sudden challenges or urgent issues arise your you’re aware of the steps to

take I’ve given you my peace trust in my kindness raise your hands to the sky and

with the faith that’s within you say thank you my God for being so reliable I want to hear those confident

words from you when my angels hear your gratitude they celebrate and

worship the Heavenly hosts sing praises like glory to the almighty God and and

everything in the universe stops to listen every part of creation is aware

that I’ll reach out my hand and as a caring father answer your prayers with Miracles

and wonders I will do wonderful things in your life as you show gratitude and

praise the gateway to my presence is wide open for you your heartfelt praise

is the key that unlocks it step inside and I will fill you with my spirit

empowering you and enhancing your spiritual vision blessing you abundantly when it feels like you’re

overwhelmed by troubles unable to find any light remember you’re actually being

planted and nurtured for growth I’m clearing away obstacles that block your growth preparing you to

thrive my love for you is vast and never ending you have Incredible strength

inside you capable of achieving Beyond Your Wildest Dreams filled with my Holy

Spirit you are deeply cherished do not cling to material

possessions or human titles that hold no importance well it is true that you need

material things and finances to bless others as I have said before do not fret

Place me first give me your soul and your heart focus on your family on

prayer and diligently carry out your work be honest and and all you do and

treat people with respect I will provide everything you need without sorrow or tension without entanglements disputes

or fears I’m going to bless you immensely more than you could ever Envision but you must heed my

instructions revisit this message letting each word resonate and settle in your

spirit I will imprint my plans in your thoughts and etch my promises in your

heart stay focused avoid distractions don’t waste

your energy and time on trivial Pursuits I desire to see you alert prepared

well-trained and ready this powerful message is your training ground overcome

every setback and failure they are merely stepping stones in your journey

stop dwelling on the past and concentrate on the possibilities that lie ahead today’s overwhelming storm

will seem like a mere Breeze tomorrow tomorrow continue to advance and you’ll

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