God’s Message Now: THE SIGN YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU || God Message For You || God Message Today

God’s message now the sign you’ve been

waiting for you vertical bar vertical

bar God message for you vertical bar

vertical bar God message today my

beloved child I see the longing in your

heart the cries of your soul and the

prayers that have poured from your lips

know that I am here not by chance but by

Divine Design responding to your deepest

needs in these moments my Holy Spirit

surrounds you bringing strength and

comfort to your life you’ve sensed my

presence my desire to speak to your

heart and I’ve been preparing you in

countless ways my message is written

within the pages of your Bible shine

brightly before your sincere heart today

you’ve opened your heart to me

rekindling the Covenant we share you

offer me your faith trust and the

fullness of your hope

trust that I hear your pleas and let go

of the weight of anxiety that might make

you think your words do not reach the

heavens from the very day you cried out

an angel departed from my Celestial

Throne holding the key to your

Liberation you are a special Soul

engaged in a Celestial battle for your

life the adversary seeks to drag you

down to wish for your failure but my

heavenly armies wage war against these

forces of evil the challenges that have

befallen You Are Not Mere coincidences

they serve a purpose I call on you to be

vigilant and wise be cautious with your

words share your innermost thoughts with

care the enemy seeks to devour you to

exploit your vulnerabilities and to

break your faith with lies and

deception your future is a tapestry of

Wonders and miracles while you may face

trials for a SE season know that your

problems are not Everlasting and they

will fade away the burdens that weigh

you down will lift and those who have

hurt you may return seeking

forgiveness but remember your faith and

trust must remain Anchored In Me Alone

even when others promise you the world

hold fast to the knowledge that only I

possess the power to bless and protect

you from evil I the source of truth I

never fail nor do I deceive should you

place your trust in empty promises from

deceitful Hearts your blessings will

dissipate like the wind and some may

never return so this is your moment

anchor your faith in my powerful and

Eternal Word unchanging and steadfast

throughout all time the hour of decision

approaches choose my love my affection

and embrace it fully make a solemn

commitment to meet with me every morning

to listen listen and immerse yourself in

the word that has illuminated your path

and given you purpose fear not when you

come be

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