my beloved child trust in me believe in my light my love and my

faithfulness I will never fail you always remember my grace and favor surround you and I aim to bless you

richly my love for you is boundless and my loyalty

steadfast no matter how dark your path may appear my light will guide you I

urge you to press on to live according to my word and to keep praying only then

will you see my wisdom unfold in your life bringing success to your path rise

up once again open your heart and speak my truths Proclaim your freedom let no

curse bondage or chain restrain you for I Am with You illuminating your way

protecting you and showering you with love I will never leave you

I’m Forever by your side guiding and blessing every part of your life even if

doubts persist in your home they will change once they see how deeply my love

affects you and the Miracles my healing brings to your life don’t be afraid to

serve as my instrument if you face ridicule or difficulties respond kindly

and leave the outcomes to me take my hand and move forward with me

towards your blessings knowing deep in your heart that my love for you knows no

bounds we will walk this New Path together for you’ve realize that fulfilling your dreams isn’t something

you do alone the road may be filled with obstacles and challenges but with me by

your side it will feel easier and more manageable whatever you face will not bring you down but will instead fill you

with fresh strength and happiness with me by your side day and night

acting as your steadfast Guardian I will show you that whenever you choose bravery and strive hard I will always be

there to support you walk with me and do not stray either right or left I want to

guide you personally on this journey filled with Miracles towards a destination rich with Wonder and joy

where hopes are renewed and blessings are plentiful it’s time to let go the

burdens you’ve been carrying to give me all your fears and worries I aim to

clear your mind of those heavy memories that have dragged you down as you listen to my voice now feel

your heart being freed from despair your soul is healing tears wash

away your sorrow and guilt embrace my forgiveness it is yours to

accept there is no one else in the entire universe who can offer you such Limitless love remember in life there

are seasons for everything problems may arise and fade

away but what’s most important is that you make me a priority in your

life I will handle your struggles and provide you with the wisdom to make solid decisions and consistently find

peace however it’s time to stop trying to handle everything on your own you need my ass assistence in all things

that is the truth I urge you to take a break from those efforts that cause you

anxiety take a moment to reconnect with me revive the dreams you thought were lost and rekindle your forgotten

desires I want to talk to you about a future filled with blessings that await you earned by your steadfast faith and

bravery in overcoming challenges your resilience and strong character

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