God’s Message Now: MY HOLY SPIRIT SURROUND YOU ||God Message For You ||God Message Today || God Says

my beloved child the time for wonders hasn’t ended my words remain powerful

and Alive my Holy Spirit surrounds you and keeps filling you up I know you’re

in a tough spot and really need me but don’t be scared or upset I’m right here

with you even if it feels impossible to you and your loved ones that a miracle can

happen I will honor your faith and devotion your steadfast trust and

patience in waiting for me will be rewarded with a miracle on its way the blessing you’ve been hoping for

will come and when it arrives I want you to embrace and cherish it because it

will be even more wonderful and greater than you asked for I’m excited to bless

you my dear child here’s what I ask of you stand up and be correct rageous just

like the faithful ones who followed me long ago you too can perform wonders heal the unwell command the skies to

gather clouds and unleash a downpour of blessings to end these trying

times but what’s most essential is the love that fills you Shields you and

changes your life in extraordinary ways if it’s a miracle you seek then a

miracle you shall receive you’re walking the path of belief shaping the future

with hope in your heart the invisible becomes visible through my sacred words

my promises come true the things that seem unattainable you will do embrace

the mindset of a Victor bold steadfast hardworking patient with humility and

pure thoughts I am with those who have simple Faith who don’t chase after their own

benefit but yearn to conquer their struggles dedicate their lives to me and

follow my guidance through you I will enact wonders greater and more powerful than

you can Envision you will receive it wait patiently for this process is

preparing you to receive wisdom and strength you will see it you will feel

it in your heart when the moment arrives and on the day you receive your blessing

kneel down remove the shoes from your feet for the ground you shred is Holy

I’ll talk to you once more about what’s ahead and the things you’re going to do don’t lose hope your time of Triumph is

near tell me you trust in me walk beside me though the storm rages find safety In

My Embrace Your Faith might wobble with the gusts but remember I get you I’m your

God and your Confidant your moments of Gloom won’t bring my judgment and it’s

crucial you know that I am the one who can Aid you when threats Loom never Pledge Your unending loyalty

to anyone but me don’t entrust your spirit to others you belong to me you

are my beloved child my love for you stands firm even

as storms howl and winds thrash even when ocean waves rise to challenge you

in my shelter I keep you safe my hand always set to defend you

I too comprehend Agony I grasp The Sting of betrayal when friends turn away when

foes wound your heart with spikes of Spite and Scourge your spirit without

kindness or pity I understand the depths of love giving your all even when met

with disregard I see you and feel your struggles remember you are important to

me when you’re overwhelmed with sorrow and worry know I’m here watching and caring for you you’re significant in my

eyes believe this and let go of those negative thoughts Your Existence is

precious to me I will bring into your life those who will cherish respect and

uplift you Kindred Spirits to guide and support you you are valuable to me I

care for you deeply you are esteemed and loved by me bring your troubles to me

lay down your fears in moments of reflection recall how I’ve stood by you

during tough times and Sorrows I’ve been there in every challenge every low point

I held your hand and guided you safely your prayers today won’t go unheard I

remain unchanged the guardian of your well-being still keenly observant of

your needs continue to believe immerse yourself in my teachings remember my

promises that fortify your spirit approach me with the same trust as before

understand I haven’t altered my love for you is steadfast I hear your concerns even when

you feel distant you’re facing tough times but I’m right here with you just

as I was during your joyful moments don’t be disheartened by occasional doubts or believe that your errors have

made me deaf to you I am very pleased to hear your sincere heart when my spirit

tells you that you have sinned you acknowledge it immediately and come

before me saddened what I’m telling you is true there is rejoicing in heaven when you

sincerely repent of every error sin and

wickedness the challenge You’re encountering Now isn’t a penalty I don’t spend my energy seeking to tear down my

children each time they slip I embody love I am your maker I am your parent I

recognize your flaws I despise sin I won’t stand for it I’m ready to forgive you yet don’t

sin again let not arrogance malice or defamation reside in your heart avoid

judging others without truly understanding them shun repeating falsehoods refrain from

spreading untrue testimonies treat people as you treat yourself and do not

put anything or anyone before me in your life I want to be the first the only one

your lord your God value my words listen to them again I do not want you to

forget anything I’m telling you I’m helping you to come out of your

situation I’m guiding your steps I answered you before I will answer you again today I do this because I love you

I am not angry I have no reason to be you have forsaken the paths of

wrongdoing and I shall restore I will be with you in times of adversity when you

need me most in those distressing moments when troubles surround you and you feel

that your faith and spirit have entirely departed I will be there to lift you up

and reignite your faith I shall provide you with such strong encouragement that

any fear will flee from you my beloved child know that I’m

closer to you than anyone else could ever be I understand your struggles and your fears intimately when you feel

overwhelmed and weak I’m right there offering you you the strength and courage to overcome those challenging

moments whenever you reach out to me for guidance amid life’s unexpected twists and turns I listen with a Caring Heart

remember I am here not to judge but to lift you up so that you can triumph over any

obstacle I’m actively shaping your emotions to ensure you feel empowered to

conquer every challenge with poise and Assurance Beyond just your feelings

I am nurturing your soul your spirit and your mind I am bestowing upon you my

Divine wisdom enabling you to navigate and succeed in your endeavors bringing

Pride to your loved ones so let go of your worries I am unveiling to you how I see

you and the incredible potential I have embedded within you for Success hear my words with the love I

pour into you and the gifts I’ve granted believe more in yourself and maintain

your faith in me you need not fear life’s hurdles for I am ever present by

your side orchestrating events beyond your wildest dreams my love for you is

boundless and I rejoice when you dedicate time to me pray daily and

involve me in every aspect of your life making me a priority your faith does not

go unnoticed in return I promise to provide you with the support protection and

encouragement you need at just the right time I will light the path ahead for you

leading you forward and opening the doors that must be opened continue praying and keep your faith strong hold

on to my hand tightly because with me by your side no enemy can reach you or even

come close their attempts to harm you will fail I’m giving you Victory after

Victory because because you are very important to me I’m speeding up things so you can receive your blessings sooner

to have them right in your hands and to get the answers you’ve been waiting for the changes I’m making in your life are

all for your benefit get your heart and mind ready open up your

home and let me be fully present there just like you’re hearing this now

believe that your life will transform I know what you need even

before you do but I want you to think clearly about your wishes and prayers understand what you truly desire

and where you aim to go achieving success comes with its demands it asks

for real Faith consistent prayer dedicated effort and a lot of personal

sacrifices I will give you success that blesses you and your family forever without causing any sadness or driving

you away from me I don’t want your family to suffer from from your absence win in this world

and be a source of light leaving the darkness for your foes remember your

family always avoid stress and take care of your

health I always desire the best for you true peace sincere Faith to live

tranquil not fretting over material things the goods of this world are

fleeting you brought nothing into this world and you shall take nothing when you depart however

the love and affection you sowed in those who love you the faith you shared the help you offered to those in need

your unwavering faith and loyalty these are the things that will bring you true spiritual

rewards I myself shall say to you come

beloved daughter beloved Son you are faithful in the little I have sent you a

great blessing and one day you shall receive a crown upon your head I shall

place there with my own hands I have the power to shift the flow of time and change the seasons to touch

and renew Hearts I am arranging everything perfectly so you can Revel in my gifts and Step Beyond your

hardships I am right here knocking gently inviting you to let me

in I yearn to be part of your home to fill each of your loved ones with an

extraordinary sense of Peace brace yourself for a season brimming with prosperity the moment is near when you

will witness the rewards of your efforts and Faith Bloom before your eyes the

tears you’ve shed and the heartfelt prayers you’ve whispered in humility this is your year to reap bountifully to

gather and Savor the fruits of your devotion with wisdom and Care ensuring the precious gifts I

bestow upon you are treasured and preserved look around and see how blessed you are better off than many who

wish you otherwise remember the finest blessing you possess is your

life I offer you the chance to come closer to me each day to deepen your understanding to embrace my teachings

and to be enriched by my word I want you to grasp something truly

wonderful this life I’ve blessed you with is a chance to experience Joy like

no other especially the joy that comes from knowing your mistakes are forgiven and that you’re

saved being alive means you can live out my teachings follow my guidance and

break free from anything that tries to steal your joy or harm you think about how amazing it is just to be here to

breathe love feel Joy and even sorrow

yes there might be times when happiness brings tears to your eyes or sadness Makes You Weep but these tears are a

reminder that your very much alive as long as life flows through you you can

reach out to me I’m here to give you the chance to win your battles to rise above your struggles and to let go of your

burdens come to me every day I’m waiting for you share your tears with me I’ll be

right there crying with you feeling every bit of the emotion my love for you

is boundless and it hurts me to see you so down despite the gift of life and the

beauty around around you it’s hard for me to watch you in pain unable to fully experience the depth of my love for

you today I come not to accuse you but to console you trust in me for I am your

forgiveness your beloved your eternal life healing and Redemption feel this Divine Breeze this

fragrance of beautiful flowers this essence of spring sense this tender

presence surrounding you on this morning morning wherever you may be know that you can find solace in the certainty

that a season of abundance is truly approaching your home will overflow with

Divine provision my dear child a wonderful time of renewal is waiting for

you and your family do you trust in this look for me when the day begins let

yourself be surrounded by my love I’ll be here ready to listen help and fill

you with the peace that’s truly special taking a moment to connect with

me will make all the difference even when others are still resting if you seek me I promise to bless you richly

I’m always watching over you as you sleep keeping you safe making you strong and refreshing your spirit remember

you’re never on your own there’s no need to feel lost or think you must do everything by yourself listen close

the miracle you’ve been waiting for will happen not because of what you do but

through my spirit’s power when this miracle arrives you’ll feel my presence so strongly it’ll fill your heart with

faith and thankfulness so keep talking to me keep

looking for me always your morning prayers are powerful they create special moments between us

the more you come close to me the closer you’ll get to your breakthrough up with me doesn’t mean you won’t face

challenges or tough times but it does mean you’ll always come out on top in

these confusing and chaotic times wrap yourself in my grace let your heart be

guided by my spirit of Love you’ll see changes in yourself you’ll be more

patient Brave and walk through life confidently unafraid of troubles or the enemy’s lies keep moving forward boldly

for I am the one guiding you don’t don’t listen to the one who accuses and tries

to bring you down making you feel small because of your past or your flaws

remember I gave up everything because I love you you are so valuable to me the

enemy is afraid of you because he knows that with me by your side your family

will see amazing and Powerful changes I’ll bring healing and a fresh start not

just for your loved ones but for many around you hold on to these words I’m giving

you today come back to me tomorrow spend some time with me and you’ll feel a peace that’s out of this world you’ll be

joyful safe and enveloped in my love Step Into My Embrace let me touch

your heart and calm your spirit as you start your day I aim to chase away the

night’s Gloom and fill you with happiness as Dawn breaks you’ve spent

too many hours awake fretting over things beyond your control

allow me to assist you give me a chance to bolster your faith in me and deepen our bond so our friendship can flourish

I appreciate the respect you show when you come to me and it brings me joy but I ask you to trust me more and see me as

your Confidant speak your heart out share with me all that you desire to express

I’m here to listen and your words will remain between us I will forgive your

wrongs and hurl them into the ocean’s depths I have told you before I will not

remember your past mistakes I have no intention of reminding you of what is

already behind therefore I want you to take a few minutes each day to converse with me I will listen to your words

attend to your requests and begin to prepare the answers for you you only

need to believe to wait to have some patience for the Fulfillment of my I

promise will not delay the things you have asked for will come to you very soon find Tranquility

In This Moment embrace yourself for the wonderful blessings on their way Provisions peace health spiritual wealth

incredible abundance family Harmony mending relationships at home

forgiveness and love for you and those dear to you start each day with vibrant

Joy thankful for the chance and blessing to enliven your spirit to Revel in the

abundance of Life remember there are others out there who are hurting and in

need of my assistance I’ll guide you to them to share my love and reveal my grand loving plan witness as your

happiness grows and your strength Soares when you choose a path of gratitude and

praise my desire is for your joy trust in my truth I speak no falsehoods your

true Joy will will Blossom when you give me my rightful place in your life by listening to me and earnestly seeking me

I Revel in showering you with blessings and enveloping you in my love my cherished one I urge you to ease your

mind halt the endless cycle of worry and hand over your troubles to me don’t drown in distress In My Embrace I offer

you peace now open your eyes and gaze forward see the path laid out before you

do not worry do not feel scared what I have planned will indeed happen your

blessings are safe with me they won’t be taken away nobody has the power to remove the good things I give you no one

can push you off the path I have chosen for you today I see your sadness which

is why you’ve sought me out now use your faith and trust in

everything I say my promises are true and within your reach

read them believe deeply and you’ll see your sadness and worry vanish and those

who wish you harm will fail I know some challenges seem too tough but I am here to give you the

strength to get through to fill your heart with bravery and

happiness you won’t have to endure Sleepless worry filled nights anymore hold on to these words and embrace life

with all the faith you have today today is the day you brought your prayers to me I myself respond to you I’m enabling

you to walk upon the waters to Traverse with your head held high through all the storms you will not sink my child even

when the winds push you and the waves rage furiously beneath your feet in those moments think of how much

you love me remember your faith recall all the times you call out to me and I

answer rescuing you from so much I deliver you from many

adversaries reflect on that and now let your heart be at peace knowing how much I love you and that I am always with you

my dear child I adore you deeply never doubt my love or think I’m not listening

just because I’m quiet sometimes some things need a bit of waiting and I need

you to be patient I promise that the outcome will be better than you ever

dreamed I’m filling your heart with peace and calm all those worries you’re carrying I’ve got them under control and

I’m sorting everything out take a moment to close your eyes and feel my love

envelop you let it hug and kiss you whenever you feel like crying just talk

to me I’m right here with you I won’t ever leave you or pull away I want you

to use this time to grow stronger in my teachings so that when things get better

you’ll be smarter choosing friends who truly value you for who who you are remember I’m always with you I won’t let

you face more than you can handle keep an eye out for my guidance

and stay connected with me to grasp all I’m doing for you stand up and embrace this day with happiness relish the

blessings I shower on you every single day my heart is a source of Endless Love

and refreshing water drink from it and you’ll never feel empty or alone again

[Music] I’m looking after you your work your loved ones and everything that matters

to you I know what you need even before you ask trust that I’m handling things

aligning them in my perfect timing relax my precious one put your anxieties aside

and use this opportunity to seek and praise me I’m eager to share in your

happiness and thankfulness when you real realize how much I love you tell me my

son my daughter how much do you love me I want to hear you shout my name with

joy coming to me this day you have done well tell me how you feel wherever you

are speak to me silently from your heart keep talking to me I hear you very well

you want to know what will happen if you will emerge Victorious from this situation how you will will overcome

this pour out your heart to me here you find understanding do not be ashamed to

tell me about your discouragement and frustration come as you are you do not have to hide what you

feel I know very well each of the things you are experiencing And the emotions that are drowning you but I want you to

tell me and let it come from your own lips I desire for your faith to ignite

you know well that I am the only one one who truly loves you and understands you

some have been judging you because it seems to them that many things did not

turn out well for you they say you have made so many mistakes and your spirit is

so weak that it can no longer sustain you they are waiting for you to stumble

to throw in the towel to deny that you know me and to abandon your faith but

today you came to seek me and you will leave all those emotions here instead of

despairing you will trust in what I tell you and in all my promises once again

you will believe those who wish to see you fallen will be ashamed those who

come to set traps for you will fall into the pits they themselves dug those who try to speak ill of you will realize how

much I love you and will have to face me I do not want you to continue

tormenting yourself from this moment on those emotions of confusion and

frustration will no longer hold you captive your mind is free now in my holy

and Powerful name every work of evil from the enemy is destroyed your health

is restored your strength is renewed Clarity in your thoughts will return to

you I am your allmighty God and I have the power to change your heart and fill

your entire being with my spirit you will feel it at this moment

and throughout the day my peace floods you your faith is ignited you are filled

with joy go and share with your whole family the message I’ve shared with you

you are deeply cherished get ready for the miracle I’m bringing into your life

a significant blessing is on its way do you sense that something wonderful is about to happen do you feel at peace I I

urge you to nourish your heart with my teachings and not let doubt shake your faith stand strong I have the ultimate

say in your life I will heal you completely rise up bravely and every

negative thing every debt every hurtful memory will disappear your freedom is close today

marks the end of your chains and abundant joy and happiness will fill your life I will perform an

extraordinary Miracle Within you your words will be full of gratitude and your heart will overflow

with happiness if I have declared it it will happen I have promised it and you

will see it with your own eyes you’ll receive everything you need and even more to share with others and

help those in need pray passionately allow me to touch

and heal all aspects of your being erasing all your sorrows and lifting your

spirits open your heart wide to me and let my peace fill

you you fought hard remained steadfast and ignored the discouraging words of

others the time has arrived for you to win to receive my provisions and prosper

trust your plans to me and I’ll support you in everything rejoice in being with me and

I’ll fulfill your deepest wishes call out to me and I will

respond I want to show you incredible things believe in my words my promises

are true and you’ve heard many times that anything is possible for those who have faith in me I’m waiting for your

reaction tell me you trust in me and show it through your

actions rise and decide to leave behind anything or anyone that pulls you away from me when tough times come they won’t

help you material things mean nothing if you lose your faith cling to my promises

with all all your might seek me always Morning Noon evening and before you sleep present your desires to me and

believe I’ll provide what’s best for you listen closely something fantastic and Powerful

is about to transform your life I cherish you affirm your belief in me

when you pray sincerely I will always welcome you your prayers reach me your words matter you

have my word that you’ll receive my answer in my own time and according to my plan be brave and trust there’s so

much I wish to do for you and your loved ones just believe in what I’ve promised

repeat it remember it at night dream about it never let it go my promises are

your rock your Shield your sword your breath grow strong in them and trust

that I’m here to support and provide for you don’t forget me when challenges

arise no one else can save uplift and sustain you like I can if you ever feel

alone and uncared for pause and listen to my voice reflect on my love for you

how I’ve proven it time and again and how you’ve experienced Miracles when you needed the most you received these with

joy and gratitude but life’s trials made you forget me yet my love for you

remains steadfast When You Reach Out I’m here ready to listen and respond your prayers

reach my heavenly Throne bringing me joy I love hearing from you receiving your

requests feeling the devotion of your prayers I will answer and bless you

beyond your requests you’ve seen my love in action and my commitment to you is

eternal stop worrying relax and start to live fully again I want to feel my love

a new and find true happiness let go of the burdens you’re carrying leave the past behind I’ve been

here waiting for you always with a place for you in my heart release your worries

they shouldn’t slice through your joy please Embrace this invitation to lay

down your burdens and ReDiscover the happiness that my love offers today I

remove those burdens from your life you must believe me receive the calm I give

you and be filled with joy you will begin to feel that relief you haven’t felt in a long time you will see how the

thoughts that burden you flee from your mind and finally your soul and being

will calm down today I wish to heal you and fill you with blessings trust and

embrace all the good I’m eager to give you your name is in my book marked for immense Joy accept this truth believe

embrace it and always hold it close you are cherished endlessly by me

your heavenly father every day I remind you of this uh so that each word from me

deeply roots in your heart steadying you when tough times come you’re moving past hardship into a

bright new chapter where all the good things I’ve promised you since the beginning will happen stay close to me

for strength to overcome and to enjoy the blessings waiting for you embrace the role I’ve set for you

without fear for I am with you see yourself as you truly are made in the

image of your loving caring God guarded by Angels My Sacrifice has made you worthy

of My Endless Love ready to inherit all I’ve planned for you to live in the promises made just for you accept this

you are my blessed child my words will bring you Assurance peace and conf

I am your path your life today and tomorrow your ruir your guide your might

and your truth my love for you is boundless do you believe

this amen my beloved child entrust this week

into my care and eagerly await a miracle with all your heart believe deeply that I cherish you

long to shower blessings upon you and have the authority to orchestrate the universe to open doors that seem closed

and release a new outpouring of my genuine love I wish for you to awaken each day

brimming with energy and as you open your eyes let my restorative and

Powerful Words fill your thoughts empowering you to walk your path with happiness and

determination remember my promises each Dawn so your focus remains

unswerving your sights set ahead as you progress towards the spiritual gift I

plan to give you first and foremost understand this clearly your

blessings come directly from me I am the one who supports heals

enriches empowers and blesses you some might say you’re on your own without

help but today I ask you for one thing and I seek your compliance whenever you start something

rely on my blessing and the grace I provide you just as I’ve promised I will

open doors for you and create wonders for you your family and your

friends many around you will experience prosperity and blessings because of your loyalty and adherence to my guidance I

know you’re not perfect you might make mistakes yet your heart is

sincere I’ve purified you with my mighty sacrifice and you are

mine I’m aware that you don’t pursue wrongdoing or revert to the old errors

and vices you’ve abandoned your remorseful heart when you

falter or he brings me Comfort I forgive you and raise you

up but be cautious about looking back yeah the enemy wants to trap and demean

you while scoffers try to belittle and break you I won’t allow it you belong to

me and I will defend you this week and forever I will shield you and your loved

ones from any dangers you might face in return Show Me Your Love through

trust and loyalty I desire for you to be free of any doubt about my love for you

place this week in my hands and open your heart to all the blessings I wish to bestow upon you today declare your

belief have you prayed have you waited now now it’s time for you to be uplifted

and prospered your weight has an end your anguish has a

conclusion the sleepless nights are on the brink of conclusion today the

anxious thoughts plaguing your mind and disrupting your sleep dissipate the worry and

despondency when you believed your suffering would never cease you are now liberated from such cruel emotions I

heal those painful memories that scarred your life with love love patience and

tenderness nothing is impossible for me I can lift the Fallen resurrect the dead

and heal your wounds both the visible ones that bleed and tear your skin and

those hidden from view you don’t have to feel embarrassed I love you understand you

and know you deeply you’ve faced harsh criticism from those jealous of you

those who disliked you and grudged your achievements yet my blessing on you is

vast I will work such wonders in you that your past Sorrows will fade away you are

under my watch guarded by Legions of angels but remember stay true to the

path I’ve laid out for you avoid the pitfalls set by those who doubt do not

join them or compromise your integrity it’s better to be alone than

in company that brings you down I will touch the hearts of judges and those in power ensuring you Prevail

in legal battles you’ve already won in the Heavenly realm and I’m dispatching

my angels with your decree of Liberation your anguish will cease lift

your head stand Resolute and smile Embrace The Authority I give you I will be your Advocate and shield you from

foes let your faith shine through your eyes you will overcome it’s destined and

will unfold stand proud and face your Challengers boldly I am the judge

victory is yours hear this when you witness this wonderful Miracle Retreat

to your space kneel down but above all dedicate your life to me Pledge Your

Allegiance I am binding our bond with my blood a lasting pact of Love accept it

wholeheartedly affirm your commitment to me find Solace In My Embrace I hold your

now now and your tomorrow the blessings coming your way are proof of my

choice believe in my word and those who doubted you will be amazed by The

Miracles I will enact in you I Lift Your Spirits dry your tears and bring you

Serenity I fill you with joy come and hear my promises every day open your

Bible find a quiet spot read and feed your yearning heart

become stronger feel the immense power I am pouring into your spirit you may have

looked up seeking a sign from above but now I urge you look ahead because I am

already answering your prayers and requests I’m providing for you in

alignment with my plan aiming for your genuine growth freedom and well-being in

life the wealth I bring to you carries no grief you won’t have to borrow or

compromise your future no one can take away or steal from you don’t think less of yourself or

feel undeserving when you see your home blessed never assume it’s not meant for

you or that you’re not worthy what I bestow is rightfully yours given because

I love you and choose to bless you yet be aware the adversary will try to so

doubt aiming to steal your blessings and dreams I’m giving you wisdom to tell the

difference between those who offer genuine guidance and those who aim to mislead you with falsehoods they may use

smooth talk pretending to care only to betray you once they’ve ens snared You

Be watchful I’m advising you to stay alert and avoid the pitfalls set by

adversaries I will shield and look after you you have my word yet you need to

pray daily and I will imbue you with my spirit stay steadfast in your belief in

my words and in your trust in me surround your home and loved ones

with my Divine protection let no doubt enter your thoughts I hold you dear

forever your life is safe with me stand firm in faith for the miracle

you seek it is on its way you’ve heard it said anything asked for in prayer in

jesus’ name will be granted affirm your faith to me show it by

presenting your needs to me with Assurance may you always find solace in Pace In My

Embrace when you’re caught in Despair and hope dims I feel the pain you

endure in times when your belief waines and accepting your situation is tough be

assured that I am all ears decide now to put your full trust

in me even when your faith seems weak turn to my promises filled with faith to

rekindle your spirit and change your outlook I accept your simple Faith

however small it may be as it is written even if your faith be as minuscule as a

mustard seed pray with Assurance knowing your petition shall be answered

according to my will perhaps you struggle to

comprehend someone may have led you to believe that immense faith and adherence to Myriad rules are

prerequisites I shall not spurn your tears when you bring your pain before me

nor shall I turn a deaf ear to your distress if you seek protection I shall

not respond with Affliction or punishment if you crave love I shall

impart not hatred understand this I am not as they

portray me you are deeply wanted by me and I’ve made endless efforts to bring you closer to

myself haven’t you felt my safe guarding during risky times or seen the

opportunities I’ve laid out for you even when you’ve strayed I’ve showered you

with blessings because my love for you is vast you don’t have to work for my

love it’s given freely yet you can show love in return

by living in faith and knowing I’m with you as you tackle life’s

hurdles value yourself don’t underestimate your significance stop looking for faults in

the heart I’m shaping ignore those trying to make you feel not good enough

their opinions don’t matter don’t get downhearted by their criticisms rather let your faith shine

through I truly love you so be kind to yourself I don’t want you to look down

on yourself for you are a treasure to me I remember each prayer you’ve whispered

through tears I’ve listened closely to your heart’s deepest cries you belong to

me and I’m tuned into every aspect of your life even in times of Despair when

you might feel alone this is the proof that I hear you I confirm this myself when you cry I’m

there when you speak I’m listening when you ask I answer your moment will arrive in my

timing what you long for will be fulfilled your tears aren’t wasted your

words rise straight to me in heaven you’re wise to bend your knees in prayer

you gain victory in numerous battles your petitions are cherished and answered with love fear not for I hear

you and I shall respond with the best outcome surpassing your expectations my

plans are lofty the destination I shall lead you to is Sublime persist in prayer

persevere and believe even amidst tears of Supplication cry out to me for I

shall embrace you revealing once more the depth of my love seek a sanctuary daily where we may

Converse sometimes without uttering a word your silence speaks volumes I

comprehend the language of your heart know In This Moment the extent of my

love for you I shall never forsake you I am ever Vigilant attentive to your every

word day and night rest assured do not lose faith my word is steadfast your

requests shall be granted and you shall witness their fulfillment I love you

knowing your allegiance to me is unwavering irrespective of the blessings bestowed upon you in adversity you

remain faithful never doubting me when outcomes differ from your expectations I

desire all my children to emulate your Fidelity it shall come to pass each individual progresses at their own

pace your growth and learning inspire me your perseverance and sincerity are

commendable your genuine Holy Faith uplifts me daily you call out to me

trusting that I will answer generously because you aim to use my blessings for Good Deeds your wisdom has grown shaping

your character keep on this path for you will develop further and I will keep

preparing you for even greater blessings be certain that my promises

stand firm those who doubt are lost in confusion clinging to a distorted

reality faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not

see this is a simple truth even a child understands it come to me with a child’s

trust and openness and you will be embraced with abundant love and care ask

of me boldly all the good things you seek I will provide I will keep speaking

to you with deep love you will learn to hear my voice letting it renew your thoughts you will persevere show courage

and not waver you will keep your faith continue to seek me out out and I will answer you

again and your joy will be [Music] immense hear my words again feel the

love they carry I express them slowly so you can absorb my affection in every

word every tone my beloved child I cherish you I will make the impossible

happen you will stand firm in faith pray with confidence and certainty knowing I

will respond walk with strength and courage in your heart let there be no space for despair

or sorrow it’s natural to feel troubled by family issues that cause pain at

times you might need a break to rest reflect and pray moments of quiet and Solitude are

good for your spirit but remember the holy spirit is there to comfort and heal you you were not created to live your

life in tears of sadness in the pain of mistakes failures and disappointment

you suffer and cry but I continue to love you you may think you cannot endure

any longer but I come and lift you up you shall not live defeated your heart

is beautiful and pure and I do not want you to keep it in darkness step into the

light let your face be bright share your smile and joyously say my name Jesus you

are my cherished one a mirror of My Affection I’ve already done so much for you and

we’ll keep doing incredible things so you can grasp how much you mean to me

you’re like a pioneering force cutting through challenges and Paving the way to the blessings I prepared for you I’ll

enhance your spiritual insight to realize your impactful role across

Generations many will follow in your footsteps benefiting from your faith

don’t lose heart if you’re not recognizing today or if criticisms and hardships seem to Target you cherish the

talents and blessings I give you they all serve a purpose and I orchestrate

everything your perspective your belief and your faith

are keys to Rising above nourish yourself with my teachings

when you’re weak kneel and pray when the journey seems too hard

lift your eyes to the skies I am there yet I also reside within you

my blessings are near the obstacles you face might seem huge but your adversaries are already

vanquished answer me now do you believe me and love me upon receiving your

response I will work A great miracle in you I will open the Heavens to shower blessings upon you I will inscribe my

word on your heart so that your steps are firm and you never stray from this

love that envelops [Music] you I forgive your mistakes you are

human and may fail but I am a god of Mercy I accept your repentance and even

from the depths I will rescue you my blessings are far greater than any material wealth the things I have for

you are more valuable than all the riches this world can offer when I say

I’m going to open the heaven for you accept this promise with faith and respond to me take what I say seriously

this isn’t a game my love isn’t hidden away my fondness for you is clear step

outside look up at the sky feel the breeze bask in the sunlight all these are my gifts to you

ways I show my love and presence I’ve been your protector many times saving you from dire

Straits I’ve brought you out of darkness and confusion you started this year eager

ready to accomplish great things even when you face challenges and difficulties you won’t stop you won’t

give in your dreams matter they’re precious to me and they will be realized I’ve

given you a mission a purpose my plan is to show my love and power through you

every day I’m filling you with my Holy Spirit enhancing ing your spiritual

awareness you’ll soon see more clearly understanding others true

intentions I’m going to Grant you great wisdom enhance your intelligence and

you’ll have a supernatural ability to reach out and assist many live out my teachings let others

see in your life the power of true faith and the impact of trusting in my

might open your hands you will receive great blessings be diligent accept them with

faith the heavens are opening in your favor right now but I ask you never to stray from

me tell me that you love me and believe in me until the end you came to pray and

seek me and that Delights me talk to me openly I won’t cut you off I’m all ears

for you and to prove I’m really listening I want you to know that what you’ve hoped for is coming to pass

I’m reaching out and touching the heart of the person you’ve been praying for someone you care about

immensely everything will happen at the right time peace and joy will come back

to you just hang in there a bit longer don’t give into despair use your time to

think about all the positive things on their way to you your capacity to Love

Remains intact and love hasn’t left your side the love you need will find its way back

to you you won’t feel empty inside because my spirit fills you up sadness

will leave your heart as my love brings you comfort you won’t be chained to past

memories because my love sets you free the loneliness you’ve felt is just

passing today marks the end of that phase because you’re opening your life to my powerful help inviting blessings

to pour into even your toughest situations in my hands I hold peace Joy

healing and unity for your household you’re fully entitled to these blessings

pay attention to my words keep your faith in me strong and don’t let distractions Lead You

astray be mindful of The Company You Keep on this

journey don’t be afraid I’m always with you but be vilant to avoid falling in

with the wrong cow sometimes these individuals are the source of your doubts instead of

encouraging and uplifting you they Endeavor to persuade you to follow uncertain paths I am your path so do not

hesitate much I am the solution to your problems and in my hands I hold the key

to life if you venture on to unfamiliar paths you will lose your way and fail to

find the exit seek me and with Simplicity of heart accept my love and

all the blessings I bestow upon you declare that you will do so you have

been tested now it is your turn to be blessed you have suffered enough and

learned many valuable lessons from all that you have endured you were courageous facing afflictions you did

not anticipate not due to your mistakes it was not you causing them the

adversary sought to shake you you like the wind shakes the wheat in your desperation You released your seeds

which fell on the ground moistened by the tears you shed amidst your pains open your eyes with faith the Earth

trembles and a green Chute arises you can now witness it let this truth be

deeply rooted in your heart this year you’re set to gather a

Bountiful Harvest the seeds you thought were gone have sprouted a new and will come back to you as rich blessing blings

full of beauty and substance enhancing your spiritual journey these blessings carry no sorrow

no stress no burdens I’ve positioned you exactly where you need to be to thrive

as long as you recognize me as your provider and treat others kindly without

placing your ultimate trust in any person if you follow my teachings

abandon doubt and negativity and stand firm in faith I am ready to unveil

remarkable Miracles and wonders if you just believe it’s all achievable with

faith it becomes real when you envision it through faith this isn’t about chance

or Hollow words this is about my sacred promise which always fulfills itself in

my perfect timing do you wish for transformation do you yearn for things

to improve in your life are you seeking Prosperity hoping your family will want

for nothing and that everyone Embraces kindness wisdom and sincerity in their

lives do you long for a transformation with all your heart I

want and can transform you I have the power to change your heart and mind overnight and I will do so but I always

require your faith you are entering a new land soon you will see it leave

behind what has passed and extend your hand forward with faith clinging to the blessing I will place before you you the

test has passed Your Time Has Come Today I will perform beautiful miracles in

your life and in your family just give me a minute feel the tenderness of my

words the love and power emanating from my lips you have called out to me amidst

your thoughts there is a great need in your heart and that is why I have come to demonstrate to you how much I love

you my affection does not fade with time my presence does not depart from you

even in your worst moments do not trust so much in your emotions they deceive

you shaking you like the wind shakes the wheat wanting to make you lose the

confidence with which you have walked hand inand with me through many Winters and

springs you might feel like your faith isn’t strong enough like the years are

slipping by and you haven’t achieved much feeling lost and alone worried that

even those closest to you are slipping away perhaps you’ve even shed tears

feeling deserted thinking I’ve forgotten about you but today I’m here to reassure you

that I’ve never left your side to show you how deeply I love you to help you

feel better let those tears that weigh on your heart flow freely don’t bear the

guilt others might try to lay on you I wish for your faith to find Solid Ground in my words let your peace be

rooted in my promises hold on to the belief that I’m always with you

especially when you feel isolated when life’s challenges wound you remember

pain is a sign that you’re alive and healing always follows after every trial Victory awaits

and I’m here to heal comfort and uplift you I often say do not fear so so that

these words stay with you echoing in your mind with each new day listen closely I’m right here Whispering with

all the love in my heart that I cherish you in your everyday life you’ll encounter the unexpected but

remember you will be strengthened my strength is in you my grace is

sufficient for you my promises assure you that I will never abandon you and that after your storms calm will always

come you will be at peace full of joy strength and you will rise and live your

life with all your might and with this power that I give you I love you you are my child and I

have prepared precious blessings for you even in this world full of obstacles stones and difficulties you will find

beautiful surprises daily that will testify to my love and fill you with great

joy you are so blessed and privileged but I know that the enemy wants to Cloud

your spiritual vision and make you insensitive so that you do not understand how valuable and loved you

are my love is not a fable or a fairy tale that will Disappear With the Wind I

am speaking to your heart on this day revealing to you how great real and wonderful my love is it depends on you

whether to accept it or reject it to believe it or doubt it

it would be a tragedy if you were not to receive my affection because you feel unworthy or inferior who implanted the

notion in your mind that you lack value consider the entirety of the universe

appreciate the entirety of creation I fashioned it all for you and

placed you in this world so that for eternity you may find happiness the trials you presently

endure are fleeting the troubles you face will cease yet you will remain

steadfast and Victorious for your soul is eternal I want you to affirm for

yourself who is your heavenly father of whom you are a child I am your true

father and to me you are more precious than all the diamonds there is nothing material in this universe that can

compare to the value and preciousness you hold for me and if I’m telling you

this today I want you never to forget it from now on hold your head up high and

don’t accept mistreatment or humiliation from anyone remember you’re of Royal lineage and no hurdle should stop you

day by day you’ll grow more like me moving from success to success becoming a mighty conqueror filled with wisdom

and my love listen closely and take my words to Heart trust in what I say follow my

guidance and you won’t face defeat March forward toward your destiny

knowing you are a child of the king sure there will be challenges and yes you might stumble but my forgiveness is

divine clearing your path I am speaking directly to you now wanting to infuse

you with bravery to clear away any negativity in your heart and to plant the knowledge of your immeasurable worth

in my eyes I have heard your cries and I I respond you thought your tears were

unnoticed and for a moment you felt abandoned by me but I am here to assure

you with words of spirit and truth that you are never alone your journey isn’t without purpose

your strides are not without direction should doubt creep in remember this even

if you walk through the darkest valleys you are safe if you tread upon hostile grounds

you are under my Safeguard and in any fight I am your Shield amidst this Fierce struggle I’m

with you you walk towards me you run towards my arms every day every night every trial every struggle in happiness

and joy or if your soul is weary have the sweet assurance that always at the

end of the journey in my arms your soul will rest when you come to me we will

share a moment together we will Converse I long to hear you say you love

me I am patient and eager to listen to you to allow you to express yourself

fully to shed tears if you need to never hesitate to share your deepest truths

with me I’m here to listen without judgment to embrace your words with an

open heart remember I created you and love you just as you are regardless of

what others may say I’m aware that some have spoken harshly to you causing deep wounds with

their harsh words and betrayals leaving you feeling broken and abandoned if you

ever felt I left you alone in those painful times please no that was never the case I was there

holding you close lifting you from despair those who sought to bring you down are no longer your concern they are

behind you now you on the other hand have risen grown and been blessed your

trials have made you stronger more resilient your faith in me your Insight your purpose in life and your

love have all deepened now as we talk know that I am always here to listen and

when you’re done speaking close your eyes and feel my presence in your heart

reassuring you of my endless love [Music]

amen [Music]


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