my beloved child today marks the end of Every curse and the cessation of all

lack and sickness in your life every negative event those thoughts of defeat

the deep sadness that saps your energy and the overwhelming frustration all of it ends right

now hold on to your faith because you know of my love for you and that I am

always here to to lift you up therefore I will turn your mour into dancing

giving you the power to face life’s hurdles I’m aware of the daily struggles

you endure I understand there are times when you feel caught in a never-ending

cycle of troubles but it’s important for you to realize that each difficulty in

your life is designed to strengthen you and bring you closer to me I’ve given you a spirit of power love

and self-discipline not fear with my help you can conquer any Challenge and endure

any trial the enemy may try to make you feel defeated trapped or overwhelmed by

circumstances beyond your control yet this is not your reality I

have designed specific plans for you plans for your good not disaster to

provide you with hope and a promising future I aim to prosper you not to leave

you stranded your fate is not shaped by worldly conditions but by my Everlasting

Love and steadfast promises every time you stumble I’ll be right there to pick you

up when you’re feeling weak just remember my strength works best in your

weakness my grace is all you need my power shines brightest When You’re

vulnerable so if you’re feeling down or overwhelmed just look to me and I’ll refresh your

strength and your faith the struggles you’re going through they’re really just chances for you to grow to learn and to

become stronger be glad when You Face tough times because they teach you to be

persistent and through these challenges you become stronger and get ready to receive the good things I’ve planned for

you keep your heart safe for it’s the source of all your life don’t be swayed

by what others say say or think about you remember who you are you belong to me the almighty God on

your journey you’re never alone I’ve assigned angels to watch over and guide

you even when you walk through the darkest paths you don’t need to be scared because I’m right there with you

Now’s the Time to stand up to embrace what’s rightfully yours and to uh

bravely move toward the future I’ve laid out for you trust TR in me wholeheartedly without relying solely on

your own perceptions acknowledge my presence in all aspects of your life and I’ll guide

you on the right path let me be your safe haven your

strength your Navigator together we’ll Journey towards a life rich in blessings purpose and

Triumph remember those who find shelter in me will always find peace in my protective presence in me you’ll find a

reliable refuge and unshakable strength when life’s challenges

overwhelm you remember I’m your protector and stronghold seeking refuge

in me means no Misfortune will touch you no Calamity will approach your

home I’ve instructed my angels to look after you in every situation keeping you

safe so that you won’t even graze your foot on a stone do not fear the night’s

Terrors or the trials that come with daylight for you belong to me I promise

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