my dear child if I didn’t leave you alone yesterday I certainly won’t abandon you today I have always been

with you during both your struggles and your Joys through sadness and

happiness I have neither rejected nor forgotten you stand

strong if you feel your faith faltering boldly proclaim the promises I have

given you tell those who disturb your peace that I am with you every day until

the very end you depend on me hold tightly to my

grace don’t be caught up in doubts about whether you deserve these blessings if

you choose to believe embrace the blessing I am offering you when you accept it it will grow into

vast gifts and wonderful Treasures in your hands you will have everything

necessary to bless your family and to give to those those in need there will be an abundance of food

health strength and peace but you must use your faith and come to claim these

blessings don’t hesitate anymore don’t turn back don’t hide in the shadows from

my presence I am speaking to you because I want you to come closer and I want to

answer your prayers I want to lift any curses and heal any sickness affecting you and your

family I I’m not here to take anything away from you but if I do remove something it’s only to replace it with

something better you’re at a crucial point in your life you’ve changed you’re

not the person you were yesterday you’re ready to make decisions

confidently ignore those who only see the negative don’t try to please everyone many people don’t want to see

you blessed when you share your plans some will try to discourage you and drag you

back to a place of defeat but it won’t happen because I’m with you you will keep moving forward and

when the time comes to open doors use your faith and I will be there with you

they will see all the challenges that once made you stumble I will place wonderful blessings

in your hands but I ask you to take care of them use them wisely so they can grow

and lay the groundwork for even greater blessings when the time is right you and

your family will take significant steps toward a brighter future encourage your children education

and wisdom can transform families and entire nations in your home the heroes

and Leaders of Tomorrow are being raised before my return they will serve as

vessels for my word used Mally however this can only happen if

you honor me in your home and your children and witness it let your actions and demeanor reflect your faith never

resign yourself to the notion that your character is flawed and cannot be changed for me nothing is impossible I

can transform hard hearts into tender ones those who once shouted will soon

laugh with the joy of children I will touch the lips of those who have spoken against me and they will

start to speak words as sweet as honey [Music]

this transformation will show your family that my power is

real even if the world challenges their faith even if they hear that I do not

exist or that I cannot help them trust that my glory will soon be evident in

your home your neighbors will witness my light shining at night and angels will

guard every corner of your house people will Marvel at the super

natural and miraculous events occurring in your home many will come to you and you will

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