God’s Message Now: Heartfelt Guidance of Jesus | God Message For Me Today

my cherished child in this month the universe is aligning for your abundance

and prosperity will flourish in every corner of your life Embrace this empowering message for it holds the key

to Awakening each day with Tranquility Serenity and an indomitable Spirit as

the days unfold you will not only Triumph but witness the realization of your dreams and goals you are destined

to close this chapter of the year with hands filled with blessings it’s time to to make a Resolute decision to believe

in yourself and the Divine path set before you place your hand upon your

heart affirming your commitment to seek greatness every single day regardless of

the challenges that may arise I understand the battles in your mind the discouraging thoughts and the storms

that threaten your peace fear not you shall endure and silence the voices of

Doubt banish thoughts of defeat and failure from your mind for victory is etched into the fabric of your being

redirect your focus to the invaluable Treasures of love family and well-being let this month be a time of

reconciliation and healing within your home as the New Year Dawns The Echoes of Discord will fade away when you seek me

daily with unwavering faith my Divine Glory will radiate through your home dispelling all Shadows Of Darkness that

aim to seow division and steal your joy Lean on Me rise with courage and stride

confidently on your path you will overcome any opposition to your destiny

the challenges you face are fleeting and victory awaits those who confront them without

fear trust in my spirit as your shield and my powerful word as your guiding

force this message imparts unbreakable strength to you write it with your own

hand affirming your belief acknowledge how my Holy Spirit Embraces you infusing

you with enthusiasm To Tread the path of triumphs and victories

obey my word fulfill my will and proceed with Valor and Faith declare your

reception of this word with love and belief Stand Tall extend your hands and

welcome The Marvelous blessings I am ready to bestow upon you this month fear not for the storm is

subsiding and the Shadows that engulfed you are fading away my protective shield

infused with the power of my blood drives your enemies away in Terror no form of Darkness witchcraft curses lies

or deceit shall exert control over you I heard your desperate cries amidst

sinking fears and now I command the turbulent seas and storms to still the

forces of evil sought to exploit your vulnerability when they saw you stumble but they forgot a fundamental truth you

are mine yes you made a mistake that opened a door to iniquity but your belonging to me transcends any

transgression my unwavering hand guards you and my love for you is constant I

affirm this truth your freedom is granted do not doubt or say you cannot believe and do not let the Shadows of

the past haunt your thoughts once more you belong to me I stand as your friend

your Advocate ready to defend and present evidence for your Liberation the prison of depression will release you I

will uproot the despair that has taken root anointing you with the oil of joy I

Lay My healing hands upon your thoughts today express your feelings speak aloud

in silence or through writing your suffering ends now not tomorrow in this room I envelop you with

love bringing a miraculous healing to your soul this is real you’re not

imagining it now demonstrate your faith and loyalty this message imparts

unbreakable strength to you write it with your own hand affirming your belief

belief acknowledge how my Holy Spirit Embraces you infusing you with enthusiasm To Tread the path of triumphs

and victories obey my word fulfill my will and proceed with Valor and Faith

declare your reception of this word with love and belief Stand Tall extend your

hands and welcome The Marvelous blessings I am ready to bestow upon you this month fear not for the storm is

subsiding and the shadow that engulfed you are fading away my protective shield

infused with the power of my blood drives your enemies away in Terror no form of Darkness witchcraft curses lies

or deceit shall exert control over you I heard your desperate cries amidst

sinking fears and now I command the turbulent seas and storms to still the

forces of evil sought to exploit your vulnerability when they saw you stumble but they forgot a fundamental truth you

are mine yes you made a mistake that opened a door to iniquity but your belonging to me transcends any

transgression my unwavering hand guards you and my love for you is constant I

affirm this truth your freedom is granted do not doubt or say you cannot believe and do not let the Shadows of

the past haunt your thoughts once more you belong to me I stand as your friend

your Advocate ready to defend and present evidence for your liberation the prison of depression will release you I

will uproot the despair that has taken root anointing you with the oil of Joy I

Lay My healing hands upon your thoughts today express your feelings speak aloud

in silence or through writing your suffering ends now not tomorrow in this room I envelop you with

love bringing a miraculous healing to your soul this is real you’re not

imagining it now demonstrate your faith and loyalty as you step outside to face

the day I will transform your countenance from sadness to Joy do not

be ashamed to display enthusiasm criticisms will not sway you and negative words will not affect you

Embrace Life Care for your family and prioritize your spiritual well-being

seize this opportunity the burdens on your shoulders are lifted allowing you to move forward with Newfound agility

if weariness Creeps in I will lift you I will hold you if needed nothing can

hinder you now the enemy’s attempt to Shackle you with the chains of the past has failed you are mine rescued and now

endowed with Abundant Life and the power to conquer the forces of evil no harm

will befall you your home is free your family is healthy prepare for a

transformation in your home as disputes and conflicts Make Way for a radiant

light that cannot be concealed people from outside will witness the reign of my power in your home and many families

you know will be touched and healed be warned for those who once wished to see you defeated will now witness my

blessings upon you intensifying their anger they may curse and weep ignorant

of their futle attempts to harm you with spells understand this clearly no evil

ritual has power over those I love let them vent their hate hatred if they wish

if they repent forgiveness awaits as they abandon their sinful ways focus on

ascending to a supernatural spiritual level patiently and without haste

Embrace a clean holy life surrounded by Mercy and Grace your tongue will not

yield to sin and lies or malice will find no place in your home the storm has

passed take my hand and you will walk on water as I do if attacks come again if

dark clouds Loom do not fear have confidence I will hold you firmly and

nothing will harm you despair’s Waters will never engulf you again the Devourer

threats will lose their power feel calm and secure under my holy protection my

promises do not falter the blessings you’ve awaited are drawing near I place

them in your hands and all anxiety will vanish your anguish and worry will

disappear you’ve trusted in my word since the first time I heard your voice

and desperate cry I sent the answer your heart desires do not be disheartened if

immediate responses to prayers seem elusive understand that I Delight in answering but changes must occur in

lives first wisdom must be added to character and Order must be established

to ensure the long- awaited blessing doesn’t become a burden every time you ask I give

abundantly more than you seek your future and family are on my mind and I

desire your blessings to bring not sadness and tension but peace and joy

I’ve made a covenant with you etching my Commandments in your heart and mind forgiving your sins and erasing them

from memory at my altar find comfort and healing Infinite Strength awaits those

with faith patience and a complaint free wait for my promises to unfold banish

bitterness from your heart dispel doubt from your mind and ignore tongues that mock your faith if weariness or anxiety

returns cry out to me and I’ll Grant you perseverance I gift you patience for a

steady emotional state and Prudence to control your tongue ensuring no foolish

words offend my heart Abundant Blessings pour into your life with love and

tenderness like a parent nurturing their little one with affection I await your

gratitude hoping you never Demand with arrogance and pride in a world lacking

respect for me fear not for I possess infinite patience anticipating their

return even as they raise voices against me playing with the dangerous fire of

disbelief my heart holds hope for their return falling into the hands of a living God is a fearful thing and I

caution against those who rise against my humble followers life may bring frustration

when plans falter but this has always been the way my response aligns with

your efforts conflicts arise and adversaries May challenge my promise to

open your spiritual eyes stands revealing the situation is less dire than it seems your blessing awaits but

you must move forward without looking back releasing paralyzing feelings for

the blessings I have in store to be blessed you must endure tests I yearn to

witness the courage in your heart when expectations fall short will you continue waiting with Joy or will

bitterness consume you like others grow strong love me with all your heart and mind even if my response seems slow

display the unwavering Spirit I’ve instilled in you let your character shine stronger and more precious than a

diamond maintain loyalty resisting betrayal for mere gain refrain from

dishonest acts and Lies True victories in the spiritual realm lead to desired

blessings wait with unwavering Faith doubts freeze patience ignore foolish

words and unbelieving mockers cherish these words I am faithful seeking your

loyalty return each morning letting these words strengthen your faith fear not for I love you dearly and your

blessing is on the horizon speak these words write them I await you with all my

heart when you call I answer your life will change I give you a new heart amazing even those who know you expect

help from unexpected sources doors of blessing and New Opportunities will open

believe and share these words never forget to pray it’s simple close your eyes and say Lord I need you and I’ll be

by your side have faith my presence never abandons unless you mock my grace

in times of confusion avoid hatred refrain from speaking ill of those not your enemies disregard senseless rumors

and slander if someone speaks ill don’t readily accept do not fall into traps

set by the enemy my eyes search for sincere loyal faithful Hearts those who

love and respect my laws I raise you to uplift encourage and share these Divine

words do not partake in others sins if my words seem challenging listen again

absorb all messages for it’s my will that your heart comprehends this repeated message you seek peace and and

tranquility and I shall grant them to you embed my words in your heart recalling them when the enemy Roars

seeking to devour and mock your faith my voice guides your spirit receives it my

word serves as a lamp illuminating your path sweeter than honey my Commandments

provide strength to conquer challenges remain Vigilant and no enemy shall harm

you speak these words with faith evildoers will flee your home will be

free from From Misery scarcity and disease my word is firmly planted safeguarding your family ignite your

heart open your eyes and awaken your mind welcome countless blessings for

it’s time to conquer and reap the fruits of sacrifice all experience is work for your good your family will witness

Miracles understanding their purpose never disrespect anyone regardless of age or background do not label what I

have cleansed do not remind others of their past I have forgiven all support

and Aid in growth blessings will flow bringing Miracles and healings your

smile will bring hope even to those who don’t follow me I show Mercy to those who turn from wrongdoing today I shower

you with love and grace dark clouds are dispelled covered by the shadow of my grace step out gaze at the sky Proclaim

to the winds I am your Shepherd your provider trust in me forever Faithfully

follow these words until the end Embrace this healing anointing now feel the

strength I provide and move forward without fear share this word humbly thanking me for blessings I’ll make you

so strong that no one can hurt you so great that no one can reach you be humble and wise many will desire to be

like you comfort awaits you today I’ll breathe life into your spirit speak to

me with unwavering faith and I’ll show I’m attentive to your feelings ings I’ll consume haunting memories with a burning

fire forgive yourself value the courage within and be kind to your spirit I’m

transforming you you’re not the same receive new blessings be so prosperous you bless even those who despise you

every day I’m doing new things to build you up focus on receiving this word use

your faith don’t reject blessings thinking you’re unworthy don’t rely

solely on your efforts many claiming self-sufficiency haven’t truly succeeded

don’t compare yourself to those flaunting possessions acquired dishonestly not everything that gleams

is gold cease scrutinizing others immerse yourself in my word dedicate

time to family work and me attend to health exercise Prudence never forget

the needs of those around you I bless you to be a blessing to others stay honest committed to aiding the needy and

faithful to your calling and Abundant Blessings will come your way way today I speak directly to your heart

intending to make you a person of unwavering strength no one shall dare to

cause you pain again feel my love every day all suffering is behind you believe

in my word receive happiness into your soul from now on success and blessings

shall come your way I have a plan for you and opposition shall yield to it

walk by faith not solely Guided by your physical senses if troubles come do not

fear if you suffer losses and pain do not be dismayed I am here with Mighty

power defending you as a loving father would your trust in my word is your most

potent weapon your heavenly father values and loves you profoundly divinely

eternally and supernaturally feeling cherish it and protected even in the fiercest battles

when the enemy believes he has vanquished you is unmatched even even if you find yourself

mired in the mud you shall rise with tears in your eyes but strengthened by the power of my Holy Spirit continue

onward you’re doing admirably keep walking in faith love loyalty hope and

sincerity knowing that challenges await a life of blessing surrounded by my grace and goodness is in store for you I

am delighted that each day you awaken with joy and determination free from memories of the past

and liberated from thoughts of loneliness and sadness enveloped in the tender Embrace of my Holy Spirit you are

shielded from harm though the world may unfold its share of challenges your spirit rests in

Tranquility your unwavering trust in my word defines your identity and with

steadfast conviction you believe in overcoming all obstacles today marks the

culmination of years marked by pain I will dispel grudges sorrow guilt and

regrets transforming them into distant Echoes recognize your immeasurable worth

in my eyes if only you could fathom it entirely your joy would overflow I will

imprint this truth upon your heart rendering you impervious to discouragement or the theft of your faith simply count your blessings daily

for the air you breathe life itself family friends and the provision on your

table open your eyes wider unveiling additional blessings around you be

patient and you will discern seemingly modest yet profound gifts lift your

hands to the sky once more expressing gratitude for the time and place you inhabit as each day unfolds new reasons

to live and Thrive empowered with the ability to choose happiness over sadness

let no one so doubt or pillar your joy your Eternal God is the source of your

help and divine assistance will Cascade over you like a revitalizing waterfall

it will rejuvenate your body Kindle your mind with enthusiasm and fill your soul

with Divine peace laughter will resonate from your mouth New Visions will be granted and dreams will manifest into

reality immerse yourself in my word come and listen daily open your Bible and be

immersed my holy spirit will guide you and reveal the truth pay no heed to

those who aim to manipulate your life with false prophecies or threat in moments of Doubt pray and my Holy

Spirit Will Comfort you he will open your eyes Whispering that your heavenly father is your protector and no one can

harm you speak it aloud and believe my heavenly father is with me no enemy has

power over me I am here to invigorate you align your priorities and fueled by

your faith in my word restore Health to your body immerse your thoughts in the

rejuvenating stream of Youth red discover the Vigor of your Youth and engage your body as you did in your

younger years through your transformation you will inspire countless young Souls believe in my

boundless love for you and acknowledge my desire for your enduring happiness I

hold the power to bring joy Harmony to your family and a future overflowing

with blessings I am determined to make it happen and the strength to achieve this lies within me if you have heeded

my guidance thus far prepare yourself shake off the dust of past failures that

have aged your spirit you can overcome For You Are Not Alone your love and

belief in me will bear witness to my transformative power through your family and your life take courage for I unfold

your entire being with great strength the days of Sorrow will pass and joy will return to your life and home serve

me by sharing this message letting blessings flow to many Souls today I

bless you for your your pure and simple heart because of your faith great and beautiful things are destined for your

life I’m here eagerly waiting for you tomorrow come and share your thoughts

and desires with me bring your plans to my throne for I guarantee Abundant Blessings allow me to lift the heavy

burdens you carry don’t cling to them learn to trust in someone who loves you keeps promises and never fails you I’m

here to assist support and raise your weary arms as you navigate The Valleys

of Shadows and tears remember I walked with you in the deserts where fear

gripped your heart I brought forth water from dry places rescuing you from the

clutches of death multiple times don’t let your heart be troubled by situations

that seem Beyond Comprehension pushed out aside and speak with enthusiasm strive and give thanks

acknowledge that my love and care are the reasons you still stand your Soul

Bears deep wounds and sometimes trust becomes a struggle you may doubt anyone

or anything questioning the very existence of love feeling that it has slipped away from you many may have

appeared as friends only to seek something from you but understand this you are not inherently negative anger

and resentment were not born in your heart wounds weigh heavily upon you you

wake up wearied and discouraged unable to see the Silver Lining or the Beautiful blessings surrounding you I

cherish you deeply and I am eager to bring healing into your life despite any

initial resistance consider looking at your soul and heart through spiritual eyes to uncover the concealed wounds a

fresh start awaits your heart and your character can undergo a transformative

renewal I am here to reshape your way of thinking infusing peace and serenity

into your spirit my desire is for complete healing from head to toe these

words carry significance for within my hands I hold a powerful Miracle destined

for you and your family I will touch your lips with divine power silencing

words that harm your spirit and hinder your destiny while adversaries have crossed

your path remember that I have chosen you you are unique having witnessed

numerous Miracles and heard Declarations of love it’s time to recognize your worth therefore reject the lies and

fiery darts your adversary hurls at you believe in my word and the Wonders witnessed by your own eyes I have

assisted you because you hold Great Value to me even if others fail to acknowledge it trust fully that you are

of immense value your heart will feel it and tears will flow as you realize the times my voice called out to you how

much I have cared for you protected you and loved you I will continue to care

guide and assist you no matter what transpires my enduring love for you will remain do not lose hope I am here to

bolster you and provide the strength to resist move forward with Fortitude unshaken by afflictions you will not

suffer defeat or shame listen to my words be filled with courage for the

days ahead will require it through fervent Faith you will witness a supernatural Miracle my word holds the

power to heal your body bless your family and fulfill all your needs Joy

will fill your home and true Prosperity will be yours receive my blessings with a humble heart and remember those

enduring difficult times I love you deeply and wish to see you flourish

allow me to bring complete healing renew your spirit and guide you toward a brighter

future trust in my unwavering love for I am always here for you as we commemorate

a year of our connection on this special day I speak to you directly from the depths of my heart your desire to use

your blessings to help others is seen and I encourage you to continue when you

extend your hand to the less fortunate you embody the spirit of love and I assure you that heaven’s gates open

wider in response may your home be filled with abundance peace and

joy true blessings lie in the Harmony and stability gracing your family I want

to bless you with health and wisdom ushering in times of Faith happiness and New Beginnings trust in the brighter

future I have in store for all who love me acknowledge that I am your everpresent omnipotent God right by your

side I watch over you protect you and uphold you not just for today but for

all eternity I am here to lift you from Despair and instill courage in your heart feel my love embracing you urging

you not only to believe in me but to experience the pure and beautiful sentiment of being loved and protected

by the creator of the universe your life is being showered with blessings and I encourage you to embrace them

wholeheartedly share these blessings with your loved ones and treat every person with love without underestimating

anyone judge not by appearances but value everyone with kindness remember

this as you encounter various people on your journey greet them with respect and

smile with kindness do not dismiss my guidance for one day you may encounter

them again in a time and place beyond your current imagination the exceptional

kindness you show and the smiles you share today will become the keys that open doors for you in the future people

with resources those in authority and even those experiencing hardships but displaying humility do not reject

underestimate or scorn them if you can offer assistance do so willingly on your

journey you may come across individuals who embody angels and if you heed my words and remain attentive you will be

greatly blessed profound Joy will fill your heart I want you to walk in Victory

to lead others in my teachings and to accept the Triumph that is rightfully yours you are a Victor a winner and you

have an omnipotent heavenly father who hears and answers your prayers a legion

of Celestial Warriors stands as your Safeguard ensuring your protection at every moment what else do you require to

recognize your inherent value and embrace the security within knowing you

are a true champion I chose you before your very existence positioning you in a pivotal time and place I eagerly await

your Ascent urging you to commit to your purpose and Mission watch as your inner self fills with joy and happiness when

you witness my word being fulfilled in your life I’ll always be by your side and my angels will be Guardians guiding

your your path to protect you from ill intentions each morning seek me pray and

observe how your day is blessed I’ll fill you with my Tender Love so that nothing disturbs you if an unexpected

difficulty arises talk to me and I’ll illuminate your path for the right decision I’ll provide you with the

necessary wisdom and offer signs to guide you rest assured that I’ve always

s the best for you because you deserve it as long as your heart remains Loy to

me and filled with good intentions ask and it will be given to you according to

my will rest assured I am always by your side Watching Over You defending you and

caring for you your needs words and prayers are always heard and I command

my ministering angels to act on your behalf I find Delight in your AC of faith in how you bring your desires to

me some may suggest seeking me only in times of need but I say to you seek me

with with all your heart and I will handle the rest a moment will come when you’ll realize that even before you

speak I am well aware of your needs your requests are not in vain and I rejoice

in the rhythm of your faith you comprehend that I love you and will answer you what warms my heart the most is your

patience when my response isn’t immediate I value your patience as you’ve learn to wait and trust that I

will provide what is true and beneficial in your life today you will come con ER challenges conflicts illnesses and

adversaries sadness and discouragement shall not hold you captive defeat is not

your destiny joy and strength will permeate your being and I shall Grant

you peace Serenity and Tranquility I am here do not be

distressed I comprehend the trials you face and to calm your heart know that

everything will indeed be fine fret not immerse your mind in this

holy pure powerful and life affirming word casting aside the fears that

plagued you yesterday and robbed you of your peace fixate on this moment engrave

it in bold letters on paper placing it beside your Bible to open every morning

before delving into its verses Express gratitude and Proclaim aloud I will not

fear I will not faint my God is with me nothing can overcome me so it shall be

fear shall no longer take root as you reclaim your strength and anchor your

hopes in the promise of a brighter future why Harbor fear of adversaries

who hold no power over you invest your time and energies as well as those of your family in meaningful Pursuits

cherish the people around you recognizing their worth far surpasses material possessions titles trophies or

achievements enemies and those harboring ill intentions aren’t worthy of your attention or anger pause for a moment

and Grant me the chance to refine your character refrain from immediate responses when faced with offense or

attempts to disrupt your peace when you do respond Let It Be infused with

kindness a response steeped in love can penetrate even the most callous heart

permit my Holy Spirit to articulate through your words in a world of confusion where many live In Perpetual

unrest and project their frustrations onto you your well-tended field and calm demeanor stand out they may provoke you

in an attempt to incite a loss of control but they will not succeed I am your God The Sovereign of your heart

guiding you in the way to respond witness how people are astonished by the transformation in your

character no longer will they perceive you as sad agitated depressed or angry a

substantial blessing is on route and you sense the imminent arrival of something positive you experience Tranquility yet

I implore you to nurture your heart with my words and shield your faith from the erosion of Doubt remain steadfast for I

hold the ultimate Authority I will mend you of all ailments rise with fortitude

and Every curse debt and agonizing remnant of the past shall be expelled from your life your emancipation is at

hand today the chains shatter and joy and content and overflow a potent

Miracle is set to transpire within you praise shall fill your lips and your heart shall brim over you shall possess

abundance even to extend blessings to others and Aid those in need engage in

fervent prayer and allow the touch of my power to envelop your body soul and heart unlock the doors of your soul

inviting my peace to fill every crevice your journey has been one of unwavering

determination disregarding discouragement and criticism today marks the dawn of your Triumph a day of

provision and prosperity entrust yourself to me and I will be your ally in every Endeavor Revel in my presence

and witness the Fulfillment of the desires within your heart call out to me and rest assured I will answer I

challenge you not only to believe but to act on that belief rise decide to

distance yourself from influences that lead you astray they won’t be there when you face significant challenges material

possessions hold no value if faith is lost firmly believe in my promises seek

me with your heart at every moment morning Day evening and before sleep lay

your requests before me trusting that I will provide for your growth and

edification listen closely a great powerful and astonishing transformation

is on the horizon I love you declare your belief and from this day onward

witness Miracles and blessings unfold as your Shepherd you lack nothing love

abounds and through your prayers my help is Within Reach come to me daily and I

will guide you to Peaceful Pastures where Living Waters Flow feel the desire

to live to fight to progress and to chase your dreams surging within you today embed my word deep in your soul

believing it’s possible to overcome all obstacles Victory will be yours and peace will reign despite adversities I

endow you with strength unwavering character and unshakeable Faith within the walls of your home my Divine message

must resonate commence your day with a concise and heartfelt prayer acknowledge

that you may be occupied with important Affairs but do not let considerable time elapse without engaging in conversation

with me I yearn to offer guidance and I will do so when met with an attitude of

of gratitude and Faith you will uncover straightforward paths leading to Triumph

and I will unveil the enigmatic insights concealed in your future you shall receive signs and my voice will resonate

within you together with your family we shall navigate through conflicts and tribulations every Dawn you will be

assured that my Holy Spirit and Supernatural Vigor dwell within you with me by your side who can impede your

progress if you embrace my teachings your blessings will not even invade you if you honor me in every Endeavor the

Gates of Heaven Will unfold showering you with abundant wisdom and Tranquility

genuine prosperity and wealth that bring no sorrow will Cascade upon you

opportunities fostering growth and Tranquility will Grace your path many

may speak of Miracles yet fail to present evidence Others May profess to

receive Revelations yet their actions bear no fruit their lives and Families

stand as no Testament to my boundless love no human on this Earthly plane possesses ownership of my teachings do

not entrust your future to hollow promises if you seek love patience and wisdom if you yearn to deepen your

understanding of me come forth and I will unveil my Divine Purpose I am your

path Your Truth your life your compassionate Shepherd your Redeemer

your savior your healer I am your God and Lord but never forget I am also your father I ody love and my

desire is for your freedom and Triumph I long to witness your growth in knowledge

free from the shackles of financial curses your well-being from head to toe and that of your family matter deeply to

me I seek to provide you with both physical and spiritual stability fostering your mental health and overall

happiness you hold immeasurable value in my eyes surpassing your own estimation

reflect on on those dreams that once illuminated your room the excitement that kept you awake with plans and

aspirations embrace the wisdom that may come with the passage of time yet remain enthused about pursuing Your Dreams a

new realize that this place though appearing precarious is the safest Haven

when you align with my will your yearning for a life free from risks

while understandable serves as a manifestation of Doubt a subtle obstacle

hindering the depth of faith and trust I invite you to embrace let your desire to

dwell closely with me exceed your fear of uncertainties and risks you stand at

a crucial Crossroads in your spiritual journey to wholeheartedly follow me you

must relinquish the tendency to play it safe allow me to lead you step by- step

through this day keeping your gaze firmly fixed on me even the most treacherous paths can be navigated

without fear with time you will learn to unwind and discovered joy in the

adventure of our shared Journey recall as long as you remain near me my

sovereign presence envelops and shields you in every circumstance even in the darkest valleys where Shadows Loom large

my presence is your unwavering comfort and Guiding Light though walking through the valley of the shadow of death fear

no evil for I am with you your rod and staff they bring Comfort this assurance

serves as your anchor in times of trial and uncertainty those who are acquainted

with my name will place their trust in me for I the Lord have never abandoned those who earnestly seek me my

faithfulness knows no bounds and my love is unwavering I am a God who fulfills

promises and my commitment to you is eternal when you seek me with all your heart you will encounter me finding the

strength courage and peace necessary to confront any challenge those who choose to serve me must walk in my footsteps

and wherever I am my devoted servant will also be the one who serves me will

receive honor from my father serving me means following me often venturing down

paths that the world might consider risky or unconventional yet it is on these very

paths that genuine faith is put into practice and fortified in your dedication to serve me

and your willingness to follow my lead you will be honored by my father beloved

I beckon you not to a life of ease and predictability but to a life of unwavering faith and trust in me the

Journey of Faith is not a road without challenges instead it is a path marked

by Reliance on my sovereignty and Grace the imminent arrival of my presence

draws near urging you to cast aside any doubts about being a product of mere

chance even if the love from others has eluded you understand that my love for you

surpasses all in the universe I implore you to believe in me summon the courage

to rise and welcome my blessings so you may share them with boundless Joy each Dawn as you open your eyes I

will illuminate the way for you enter into my presence and I shall unveil my plans I will fill you with wisdom aiding

your comprehension of the journey that has shaped the person you are today if Envy seeks to assail you stand firm when

we Ness or illness threatens call upon me for strength and healing in moments

of discouragement remember that I reside within you and your body is the sanctuary of my Holy Spirit I shall

never distance myself abandon you or leave you in solitude let not your

emotions mislead you I have been with you unchanging yesterday today and

forever my love for you remains unwavering widen your eyes each day for

I will unveil novel ways to demonstrate my love for you you are enveloped in a

supernatural abundance of Grace soon the very things you have sought will rest in

your hands rise my champion of faith for I love you good morning and thank you

for attuning your ears to these words they bring you Tranquility listen to

them once more absorbing each letter feel my presence beside you caressing

your heart instilling calmness my beloved one you are never alone and as

long as you remain with me no harm shall befall you be at peace close your eyes

refrain from weeping for your breath will not run out each time you converse with me your needs are conveyed through

tears yet my voice heals and consoles you it dispels anxiety and my tender

Embrace dries your tears cocooning you in Serenity t a while longer it is not

time for your departure I desire your soul to depart fortified whether you encounter valleys

of Shadows or deserts you will sense the constant protection of my eternal love

day and night feel it embrace it and believe in it I extend a heartfelt

invitation for you to open your mind to me allowing my presence to permeate your

thoughts and saturate them with my peace and perspective by doing so you’ll discover

that the tumult of life becomes more manageable framed by the consciousness of my constant presence your once racing

and Restless mind can now find tranquility and Clarity In My

Embrace this spiritual practice isn’t about escaping from the world but about integrating my presence into every facet

of your daily life as you nurture this awareness you’ll become more attuned to

my guidance more receptive to my promptings and better equipped to discern my will amidst life’s

complexities so come stroll with me in in the garden of your heart allow my

presence to metamorphose your mind fill your soul and direct your steps in this

Divine companionship you’ll discover your profound fulfillment and utmost Joy

relax in the serenity of my presence shed the pressures of performance and the compulsion to present yourself in a

particular way in our sacred communion space be free to be yourself as you

would with a trusted friend this openness is one of the greatest joys of genuine friendship although I am

the Lord of lords and King of Kings my deepest longing is to be your intimate

friend when our relationship is strained by tension or pretense it Grieves me

remember I know you completely the worst of you but also the best I yearn for you

to trust me enough to be entirely yourself in my presence in embracing your authenticity I can draw out the

finest qualities within you nurturing and cultivating the gifts I’ve planted in your soul so ease into the joy and

growth our friendship brings reflect on the profound truth found in John

no greater love exists than someone laying down their life for their friends you are my friends if you do

what I command I no longer label you as servants for a servant is unaware of

their Master’s Affairs instead I’ve chosen to call you friends sharing

everything I learned from my father with you this passage reveals the depth of my

love and dedication to you I sacrificed my life for you elevating you from the

role of servants to friends as your friend I unveil the wisdom and Mysteries

of my father in our moments together drop your guard and Converse with me as

openly as you would with a close friend share your thoughts fears Joys and

disappointments this awareness isn’t just beneficial it’s essential for your

spiritual well-being acting as a spiritual Lifeline in this intricate

World Your Existence extends beyond the four dimensions you perceive the three

dimensions of space and the dimension of time Beyond these lies an additional

Dimension an openness to my presence this Dimension surpasses the physical

offering you glimpses of Heaven while rooted on Earth this Transcendent en counter was ingrained in my original

design for Humanity a design that facilitates an intimate relationship

with me reflect on the early days on Adam and Eve who strolled with me in the

cool of the day in the Garden of Eden this exemplified Divine human Fellowship

a harmonious connection that I still yearn to share with you despite their expulsion from Eden the invitation to

walk with me remains open I long for you to Traverse with me in the garden of your heart where I’ve established my

permanent Abode Genesis recounts the moment in Eden when the man and his wife

heard my sound as I walked in the garden this imagery poignantly Echoes

the closeness I desire with you I wish for you not to conceal yourself as they

did but to welcome me openly embracing my presence in your day-to-day

Journey as Psalm proclaims bless blessed are those who have learned to

Acclaim you who walk in the light of your presence O Lord to walk in the light of my presence

is to dwell in a Perpetual state of spiritual awareness recognizing and responding to my Divine companionship in

every moment of your life I carry you in my arms ready to catch you when you feel like crying release those pent up tears

share your feelings with me for I am listening remember this day when I declared my eternal love for you you you

possess the power to rise from the pit of Sorrow flooding your chest with joy solely through me if you currently

confront the dark clouds of conflict place your belief in me and let my word illuminate your path your enemies May

predict defeat but my word comforts you and my lips confirm Victory do not yield

to fear or despair I am with you I strengthen your heart dispelling anx and

fear healing your emotions and filling you with Serenity peace and Supernatural

strength believe in me persist and persevere I endow you with unshakable

strength and faith if you wish to witness Miracles and wonders continue praying believing fighting persisting

and persevering I provide you with unwavering strength and faith yet should

discouragement set in or plans go arry I am always there to lift you up my grace

and mercy are Eternal today as I speak to your heart in a personal and intimate

manner understand that my love and forgiveness for you know no bounds from the very Inception of your existence I

have known you I am fully cognizant of the trials and tribulations that will Mark your journey I see your love for me

your steadfast belief in my existence and your determination to seek me despite the negativity that may surround

you you remain Resolute unaffected by threats and lies from the enemy

if you firmly hold the certainty of my love and the reality of my unwavering presence in your heart then brace

yourself for a tremendous blessing awaits you Embrace this eternal truth

that I the unchanging and never deceitful remain constant my Declaration of love for you

Echoes a thousand times standing true regardless of the challenges you face my

love for you never falters while some may struggle to grasp this steadfast F love opting for falsehoods you will

stand Resolute you won’t give in Retreat or look back your faith and my promises

will not be abandoned day by day cling to the truth that your life is precious to me just as

it was when I aided you in the past I continue to be your unwavering

support expressing my love in countless ways will you permit me to continue

guiding you I will restore what rightfully belongs to you I am delighted with your character resilient despite

the many attacks it has weathered you have endured undeserved pain yet I will

continue to shower blessings upon you disregard those who seek to instill fear

in you you are privileged to hear words and Revelations that others have never known stay unwavering impervious to

distractions envious individuals have tried to sew trouble in your life attempting to bring you down and steal

from you they have spoken ill of you but you stand strong your faith remains

unshaken I am pleased that you have learned to Value what truly matters and to dismiss the words and intrigues used

by your enemies to hurt you their Envy blinds them to the light emanating from you my presence in your life disturbs

them and my favor in your home angers them to the point where they cannot sleep while these envious individuals

lose sleep rest assured that you can POS in confidence and Tranquility I will safeguard your life

your family your home and your job I will care for them calming and diverting

their attention to other matters they have realized that despite their efforts

they cannot cause you even the slightest concern their families are in disarray

because they rejected my word and my love I offered them counsel for their well-being but they discarded it and

distanced themselves from me however you chose to follow me recognizing that I held the solution and

the way out for all your problems wholeheartedly you devoted yourself to my will believing my word without doubt

guard your tongue against ill speaking do not propagate slander or false news

refrain from speaking ill of loyal companions if you have faltered come into my presence I forgive your

transgressions I cleanse your heart seek me in prayer each morning I long to

liberate your soul from guilt and remorse I sacrificed My Life as a beacon of light and resurrected so that you

could be liberated from mental and spiritual suffering your Humanity may lead your body soul and mind to fatigue

in this world even my devoted servants faced weariness and errors yet they

humbly acknowledged their sins and returned to the altar of forgiveness they Rose to confront their

battles and emerged Victorious without hesitation come to to me now if weariness burdens your spirit if you

feel you have stumbled or spoken thoughtlessly if unintentional actions have wounded a loved one or if harmful

physical or mental habits ens snare you if your love for me is genuine and you

believe in my desire to assist you come forth I tenderly touch your lips cleanse

your heart and you are forgiven do not return to the same pitfalls I am

renewing your spirit and motivation you shall rise like a champion leaving guilt and sorrow in

your wake recall moments of Joy past victories if you must remember something

just as you exercise faith and overcame before you shall do so again with this

loving Embrace I command you to face life with unwavering faith and

determination I am with you I love you my Champion Express how much love you

need I am present fill my V vessel today I can pour an immense rain of love over

your life my love for you is tender sweet invigorating patient and

everlasting the matters troubling you rest in my hands and I will resolve them

believe in me wholeheartedly UST your path to me daily in my presence cultivate faith and I will guide your

steps awake each day with the flame of Faith burning in your chest a Divine sensation transforming your soul

inspiring you propelling you out of bed with a powerful purpose to face the day pour all your energy into your work meet

new people and discover opportunities I place in your path Delight me with the

sparkle in your eyes as you receive my blessings cherish how you Express gratitude with tears trickling down your

cheeks finding solace in your hands bask in the immense peace that each word

carries these words are crafted to erase your past and pain unveiling the Great

Value within you and the Beautiful future of awaiting you believe in my love as you face this day with courage

and determination knowing I will never let you fall let me assist you I see

your weariness and overwhelming despair I’ve witnessed your Silent Cries for help those moments when you felt you

couldn’t go on you’ve quietly asked for assistance not wanting anyone else to know about your situation but I’ve heard

your Whispers when you felt like you were losing the will to live I’m glad you’ve come to me with the faith that

remains in your heart for there are many things I can do for you in my presence

discover not only my love but also my power In My Embrace find safety fear

will not reach you and the world will not harm you I desire to shelter you to

forgive save liberate and heal you the best plans are laid out for you and I

believe in your potential you have every right to be happy to dream and to achieve more I Empower you you to

overcome any Challenge and my peace envelops your soul as you hear or read

these filling words believe in me accept my love and embrace my help for it is

always your best choice I see beyond what your eyes can perceive preparing delightful surprises

for you beyond what your heart can comprehend I want to see you well happy strong and eager to face any adversity

that may arise allow thoughts of Victory and Triumph to fill your mind be still

disregard the voices in your head that try to frighten you or make you doubt your dreams the enemy May launch many

arrows in your path attempting to divert you from what I have prepared for you but do not be afraid your enemy may rise

menacingly but I am more powerful illness May seek to steal your hope but

I want to heal you those family issues that have discouraged and distressed you will soon change as I work marvelous

Miracles continue to shed tears of joy Savor this moment Embrace this immense

and sacred emotion I am pouring overwhelming Joy over you washing away all the suffering

you endured soon my answer to your prayers will arrive I will provide the best

nourishing your soul keeping you close to me nothing shall snatch you away from

my love cease struggling you are wearing yourself out it is better to close your

eyes for a moment surrender all anxiety IES to me lay the burden of your worries

at my feet your passion will not be in vain you will not be defeated you will

not be put to shame I will assist you in your requests I urge you to Shield your

heart and not attach importance to the words of those who long to witness your downfall do not permit them to plant

seeds of discouragement in your soul distance yourself from those who wish to see you in sorrow from those who assert

your lack of worth your belief in me me affirms your value I come to emphasize

the vastness of my love and all that I desire to unfold for you I sense that

today you are perceiving my presence in a profound way and henceforth this

awareness will intensify daily you shall triumph over your conflicts attain

freedom and be blessed I shall mend your wounds alleviate the pain in your bones

and eradicate the feelings that afflict you I will lift you infusing you with

holy joy and happiness I shall wipe away the tears from your eyes restoring a

beautiful smile to your lips through your words you will sing and Proclaim

your love for me those who held you in contempt will witness and acknowledge that my hand has graciously preserved

you you will stand firm in the place of blessing where I have firmly planted you

your roots will delve deep and none can uproot you throughout your journey with

me you will encounter moments where your faith will be tested where you’ll be summoned to stand firm in the face of

fear and uncertainty reflect on the words spoken to Mary the holy spirit will come upon

you and the power of the most high will overshadow you so the Holy One to be born will be

called The Son of God this mystery the word becoming flesh

and dwelling among you unveils my glor Glory the glory of the one and only who

came from the father full of grace and truth this truth serves as the foundation of your faith a profound

unveiling of my love and grace recall the Journey of the wise men as recounted

in Matthew they pursued the star from the East until it led them to where I the

young child resided their Joy was boundless their worship sincere they presented Gifts of gold

gold frankincense and myrr laying them before me in Humble adoration their

profound Journey characterized by unwavering faith and deep reverence serves as a compelling model for your

own spiritual path in your daily strides Endeavor to mirror this stance of

worship and adoration let your life unfold as a voyage following the radiant

light I provide delighting in my constant presence and presenting your offerings your time your talents your

very essence to Me In Worship prayer and daily acts of devotion lay your life

before me as a heartfelt offering during moments of uncertainty or perplexity

turn to me your guiding star and disc ver solcy in my enduring

presence I Am with You unfailingly illuminating your journey guiding you through every circumstance in my light

discover the wisdom and Direction you seek in my presence find the peace and

rest your soul earnestly yearns for as you navigate your day keep your heart

attuned to my voice be receptive to my guidance attentive to my leading and

prepared to follow similar to the wise men who followed the star trust that I am directing you toward Paths of

righteousness into encounters with my grace and truth find Repose in me

beloved let your heart be captivated by the mystery of my Incarnation worship me

with spirit and truth and let your life stand as a testimony to the illumination and serenity I bring I am by your side

guiding loving and showering blessings upon you at every step surrender to my healing

presence even as you come to spend time with me I understand the tendency for

your thoughts to rush ahead to the plans and challenges of the day yet I invite you to redirect your mind to me to the

Tranquility of my presence in this hallowed space let the radiant glow of

my love permeate your being revitalizing and rejuvenating your spirit it is

within this Serene communion that I prepare you to confront the challenges of the day this sacred time shared is

not only a delight to me but also serves to fortify and equip you do not hasten

through these moments or perceive them as merely another task on your checklist

resist the Allure of tasks and responsibilities vying for your attention by choosing to prioritize time

with me you opt for what is superior a choice that will remain

steadfast recall the words of Psalm look to the Lord and his strength

seek his face Always by seeking my face by directing your heart and thoughts

toward me you discover the strength required it’s not solely in the grand gestures or significant moments of life

rather it’s in these intimate encounters where your resilience is truly fortified

I am the vine and you are the branches those who remain in me and I in them

will yield abundant fruit without me you can accomplish nothing allow my words to

reside deeply within you serving as the solid foundation upon which your life is

constructed when faced with uncertainty cling to my promises they are the

unshakable anchor for your soul bear in mind that I am consistently the same

yesterday today and forever my love for you remains unchanging steadfast and

everlasting you are my cherished one and in you I find great Delight walk in the

Assurance of my love let it envelop you like a protective shield Infuse strength

within you and illuminate the path ahead prioritize the pursuit of my kingdom and

righteousness and all other things will be abundantly added to you I am your sanctuary and source of strength always

present to assist in times of trouble hence fear not even if the Earth crumbles and the mountains collapse Into

the Heart of the sea be still and acknowledge that I am God exalted among

the Nations and in all the Earth my dear one Let The Narrative of

your life bear witness to my unwavering love and faithfulness share the hope

that resides within you allowing your words and deeds to mirror my grace and compassion

be a radiant beacon in times of Darkness offering Solace and encouragement to those around you in my love there is no

room for fear perfect love dispels all traces of it therefore stride

confidently live joyfully and love deeply know that my grace is more than

sufficient for you as my power is most potent in moments of weakness I Am With

You Always extending to the very end of the age strengthened by my love love filled with my spirit and equipped to

face each new day with hope and courage I invite you to be willing to venture out on a limb for it is there that you

will find me guiding and leading you contemplate The Narrative of Mary and

Martha in Luke Martha entangled

in the hustle of her tasks felt anxious and troubled missing the chance to sit

at my feet conversely Mary chose to prioritize her time with me recognizing

the value of being in my presence in that moment she opted for what was Superior and it remained steadfastly

hers I extend an invitation for you to embrace Mary’s posture sit at my feet

absorb my words and release the multitude of concerns vying for your attention in my presence discover Solace

for your weary soul and Clarity for your troubled mind here relinquish your

worries and rest assured that I de deeply care for you amidst the distractions and anxieties of this world

one thing stands as truly indispensable time spent in my

presence here your soul is nurtured your spirit revitalized and your strength

replenished in the Tranquility of our companionship you are reminded of my love Grace and the power actively at

work in your life so approach me not in haste or obligation but with a genuine

desire to connect and immune in these moments allow my peace to fill your heart let my wisdom guide your thoughts

and let my joy fortify your spirit as you navigate this day carry with you the

tranquility and perspective gained in these invaluable moments with me offer

me your mind for rest and renewal amid the Relentless demands and pressures of

your busy life it becomes crucial to pause and allow my presence to permeate

your thoughts as your mind ceases is its ceaseless racing your body will follow

suit easing into relaxation and granting you a profound awareness of my presence

fear not the challenges that seek to hinder and discourage you your crucial step is acknowledging me as your God and

Lord though the enemy May oppose come to me in prayer before embarking on your projects entrust everything to me and I

will shield and prosper you in all your endeavors in the past fear held you back from Pursuits and dreams but in this new

day I bestow upon you the wisdom to organize your life and priorities

empowered you will achieve goals that enrich not only yourself but your family as well I am here to guide save cleanse

and fill you with wisdom to prevent repeating mistakes rest assured my love

is unwavering I seek to transform your life granting health and prosperity never

abandoning you I am ever by your side ensuring a life filled with great

victories your value to me is immeasurable the more you persist in love obedience and walking with me the

greater blessings I will bestow upon you I am here reaching out to lift you from

the deep pit where life’s problems have cast you it’s time to Cease the suffering and abandon the path of pain

today I Infuse you with my love providing the profound peace necessary

for you to rise and continue your journey I grant you the strength to walk

in faith and witness positive changes unfold in your life release the burden

of guilt and shame let your heart be filled with my affection and strength I

forgive you embrace me and together let’s embark on a new life I am rescuing

you this very moment acknowledge your worthiness of my love blessings and the

joy I bestow upon you as my child even amid your deepest struggles you

deserve a life filled with light wisdom and abundance in the face of shortages and persecutions I assure you of my

constant presence and provision fear nothing your life and your family’s life are secure in my hands today I extend to

you the purest love that exists will you accept it I cradle you in my hands

watching over you with love no harm will befall you take heed the challenging

time you’re enduring will soon conclude your sadness will be replaced by Showers

of Happiness amidst your darkest storms you recognize that not everyone shares

your perspective look around and you’ll see many who could be basking in my love

yet their hearts have grown hardened life hasn’t unfolded as they desired and

blame has been placed on me however you stand apart realizing that your

happiness and future don’t don’t hinge on people but solely on me continue on

this path with each passing day you’ll become better stronger to the point

where your enemies will approach you seeking your words about me a greater blessing awaits you down the road uphold

your faith and loyalty I’ll be with you every day keep fighting and do not surrender I love you I say this with all

my heart I genuinely love you and don’t want you to suffer any longer I

understand you’re facing challenging situations feeling like you have no strength left despite wanting to appear

well on the outside not letting others see your suffering or grasp your situation I know you better than you

know yourself the mirror reflects what you wish to see but I see your spirit

sense your heart and even though you are brave come and talk to me please what

are you waiting for to share what you’re going through I’ll collect each of your tears and lift you from the dust cease

doubting and place your burdens on me so I may carry them for you as my child you

have the blessing and I have many gifts and wonders ready to enter your life and the lives of your loved ones powerfully

your countenance will radiate my Holiness and your words will possess a healing and restorative power your

decisions will reflect wisdom and your fruits will be good those who have strayed will aspire to emulate you but

find it beyond their reach while I extended love and blessings to them they chose to reject me and Forge their own

path as they persist in the path of error you walk the righteous path reaping numerous blessings they may

Sprint towards the abyss of sadness and pedition but you will March forward without glancing back focus solely on

what lies ahead leaving the past in my care extend your hand towards your

future entrusting all your plans to me seek my word and kneel daily to receive

my guidance henceforth anticipate only Miracles and triumphs life’s journey

isn’t effortless and challenges will surface but my love blankets you and my

power AIDS you in navigating through problems fear not press onward Victory

is your destiny counter those who oose you with sweetness do not let doubt take

root from those mired in defeat due to their own choices they have expelled me

from their hearts dedicating themselves to sowing discouragement be Discerning

about whose words you heed my wish is that your faith remains Ablaze that you

never lose sight of your true identity I have bestowed upon you life happiness

renewed purpose a reservoir of peace and an expansion of

wisdom direct your focus towards yourself and your family steering clear of of the quest to appease the world’s

expectations or succumbing to the pressures imposed by others free yourself from the burden of feeling

disheartened when faced with rejection or angered by someone’s actions take a moment to grant me the

opportunity to refine your character in instances where offense is taken or peace is threatened resist the

urge to respond immediately instead let your reaction be steeped in kindness

allowing my whole hly Spirit to speak through your words amidst a world Rife with confusion where many offload their

frustrations onto you due to the sight of your well-tended field and calm demeanor remain steadfast today I bestow

upon you Joy and rekindle your zest for Life igniting your aspirations to help

and serve embrace the opportunity I present for a fulfilling life receiving

my benevolent words growing in wisdom and cultivating love no longer must you

endure suffering blame yourself or bear the weight of past mistakes on your shoulders open your heart to my

forgiveness rest assured that my presence will perpetually accompany you day and night in your prayers you need

not articulate a thousand words I comprehend the language of your heart

when you say help me I shall be there when you cry out I can’t go on I will

swiftly come to you cradling you in my arms Whispering sweetly of my deep love

for you you have unrestricted access to my Throne come and Converse with me about your needs it brings me joy to

hear you I desire you to feel secure in the midst of any situation resist the

grip of Fear For You are not alone I am available to assist you in every circumstance no matter what unfolds I

will always be attentive to your words Champion your life honor the purpose

I’ve planted within you allocate time for your family and focus on the people you hold dear shower them with the

attention they deserve remain faithful in your work sidestep unnecessary

conflicts and shun unhealthy thoughts stride in Delight lift your arms in

exaltation to the azui sky and Express gratitude for the gift of your existence

I am the sole Divine and Supernatural antidot for all your tribulations the destiny of your family and the road

ahead rest in my capable hands keep in mind I will never forsake you certain

challenges in your journey can only be surmounted by you for I am alongside you

refuse to entertain the voices of Doubt or discouragement in your thoughts I will Empower you and dispel all

perplexity from your mind I’ll assist you patiently so you don’t lose sight of what truly hold significance for you the

opinions or judgments of others bear no weight as your family and you are under my protection I know the path I am

guiding you on even in moments of trial I will always have the foremost place in

your heart and you will love honor extol and obey me with the entirety of your

intellect spirit and heart so my beloved will you believe in me now or will you

doubt if you choose to believe in me you will rise continue to fight fulfill your

responsibilities and persevere in your faith I know you’ve suffered silent

crying because of the situation you face but today I will surround you with my love wipe away your tears and provide

Living Water your body will overflow with Vitality your spirit will be

invigorated and your soul will no longer thirst the enemy may attempt to Rise

Against you daily seeking to make you stumble but today you will stand firm because my grace will uplift you though

recent days may have presented challenges rest assured that this this difficulty will come to an end always

bear in mind that I love you and my love will saturate every fiber of your being

eradicating all fear Look at me now and question what is impossible for me just

as I calmed storms parted seas and enabled many to perform Miracles and

Feats today I will calm the storms within you I grant you the power to walk on the waves of doubt and you will not

sink for I extend my hand and my Mercy supports you I am dispatching my angels

to watch over you as you swim against the current reinforcing your arms and

preventing you from sinking a Celestial Army will precede you aiding you in your battles I have

already decreed tremendous blessings for you and my power will defeat your fears

and enemies your hour of Victory is approaching and your strength will be renewed I am Overjoyed that every day

you affirm the reality of my power believing that I can do even even more with you as you persist in your

beautiful Faith the most beautiful offering you can present to me is your heart surrender and unwavering faith

knowing that my response is secure even if unseen you shall reach Great Heights

and you have access to my holy Throne whenever you need I affirm it to you I shall answer you I love you and in my

holy hands I shall protect you as it was is and shall be now declare your belief

as our time together in this video concludes I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for joining me on this

journey of faith and inspiration your presence here is not only appreciated

but cherished I hope that the word shared and the moments we’ve experienced together have brought light and

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