God’s Message For You Today | Listen This | Important Message Today

my dear children I your God address you

with my sincere and loving wishes I love

each of you and know everything about

you because you are my precious children

whom I gently keep in my heart do not

doubt my love and care for you because I

am always there I hear your prayers and

am ready to help you at any moment of

your life my first wish for you is

health I wish each of you good health so

that you can live a full and happy life

health is a great gift that I gave you

and you must take care of it and take

care of your body remember that health

care begins with proper nutrition

regular exercise a healthy lifestyle and

positive thinking take care of your

health and it will give you strength and

energy to realize your dreams my second

wish for you is love I wish you to find

and keep true love in your life love is

a force that unites people and makes the

world brighter and More Beautiful be

open to love show care and attention to

others give your smiles and kind words

to your neighbors remember that true

love brings joy happiness and Harmony to

your life be generous with your love and

it will come back to you doubly my third

wish for you is peace I wish you to live

in peace and harmony with the whole

world peace is a value that you should

keep in your heart and spread to others

remember that all people are my children

and you must be tolerant kind and open

to others resolve conflicts peacefully

strive for Mutual understanding and

cooperation be those who bring peace and

light into this world love and

compassion for others my fourth wish for

you is prosperity I wish you to succeed

in all your endeavors to realize your

dreams and goals to do this you need to

be persistent hardworking and

self-confident develop your talents

strive for self-improvement and you will

definitely succeed remember that each of

you has unique abilities that need to be

found and developed be purposeful and

your Prosperity will come to you my

fifth wish for you is Faith I wish you

to gain and firmly hold faith in me in

my wisdom and care for you believe that

I am always with you that I see your

Joys and sorrows hear your prayers and

respond to your requests believe that I

will show you the right way if you come

to me with an open heart and a pure Soul

be strong your faith and I will be with

you in all difficulties and trials

remember that you are unique and special

each of you is called to something great

and significant do not be afraid to

dream and believe in yourself because

only then will you be able to reach the

top of your capabilities I want you to

live in peace and harmony with the

people around you strive for good and

Justice help those in need and be open

to new knowledge and experience remember

that love is the strongest weapon you

have love yourself and others forgive

resentments and misund understandings

sincerely accept each other as you are

be grateful for everything you have

despite the difficulties and obstacles

remember that in any situation I am next

to you and ready to help you overcome

any challenge do not forget about your

family and loved ones appreciate every

moment spent with them be kind and

caring to them support them in difficult

times and rejoice together in moments of

Joy remember that each of you has your

own destiny in this world your own

mission to be fulfilled do not be afraid

to follow the path of Truth and Justice

despite obstacles and difficulties dear

children remember that I love you with

all my heart and is always ready to help

you on your way trust me and believe in

yourself and all the obstacles will be

demolished before you may my love and

blessing accompany you every step of the

way I wish you peace joy and Harmony

fulfillment of all your desires and

dreams Dy be afraid to come to me with

guilt or shame I am your father who is

always ready to receive you with love

and understanding I know your heart I

know your thoughts and I want to help

you get rid of all the hardships that

prevent you from being happy and blast I

am always there ready to help you

support you and guide you on the right

path trust me and accept my help and you

will see how miraculously your life will

begin to change for the better I want

you to remember that I am the source of

everything good that happens in your

life you can rely on me in all your

ailments and troubles I am always ready

to pull you out of any difficulties and

obstacles don’t forget that you are my

precious creation my child whom I love

with Endless Love do not doubt yourself

and your abilities do not lose Hope and

Faith because I your God am always there

ready to lift you up and carry you on my

wings may my wisdom guide you on the

path to solving all problems and

overcoming all difficulties remember

that even in the darkest and most

difficult moments of your life I I am

always there for you giving you hope and

support trust me and believe that you

have the strength and wisdom to overcome

any obstacle if you are need and

suffering do not hesitate to pray and

ask for help I am always ready to hear

and answer your please believe in your

strength and confidence that I will

always be there to support you and guide

you on the right path I want you to be

happy filled with peace and love succeed

in your deeds and believe in your

strength remember that I am always there

for you ready to listen to your prayers

and support you every moment of your

life be blessed and protected by my

unchanging love and mercy with love and

blessing your


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