God’s Message: Blessings upon You

my dear child I speak to you from the depths of my heart because you are deeply

cherished listen attentively for these words are meant solely for you allow me

a moment of your precious attention amidst life’s distractions what I share with you now

holds greater importance than any other thought stay with me a while longer

opening your heart fully let me alleviate the burdens that weigh on your soul and dispel The melano

Haunting your mind I embrace you tenderly offering Serenity and peace

unparalleled trust me completely for I am faithful to my promises each word

holding profound purpose I am here to lift your spirits to bring a smile to

your face with each Dawn know beyond doubt that my love for you is true and deep

feel this Sacred Love within you restoring happiness to your being understand I have never left your

side and never will you are secure In My Embrace sheltered and protected place

your trust wholly in me my arms remain open to you always your cries and

prayers are heard welcomed with attentive ears as each day Dawns feel my

encompassing presence bringing warmth and reassurance your prayers for loved

ones are cherished they hold profound significance do not let trivial matters

distract you in times of turmoil seek solace in me I am your Refuge Your

solution amidst conflict do not succumb to anxiety or baseless fears I will not

disappoint you treasure my word in your soul recalling the Wonders I have

wrought I rescued you from Peril performed Miracles Beyond

imagination have confidence I will continue to assist you protecting you

day and night your faith is Paramount let it remain steadfast your prayers

will be answered your goals attained praise and gratitude should fill your Mourns for blessings abound do not let

negativity obscure the light in your life embrace the opportunities I present

trust in my plans for you though recent days may have brought pain and confusion

know that harm will not befall you you are victorious cherished as my beloved

child Family Matters may bring distress but rest assured I am with you always

take solace in solitude and communion with my spirit you were not meant for despair I come to uplift you your heart

is pure step into the light radiating Joy I am here performing miracles to

show your significance discouragement has no place in your life you are destined for

greatness your faith will Elevate you my blessings are yours to claim do you

believe do you love me your response will Herald A great

miracle calm your soul with these three actions Surrender Your Heart embrace my

plans and nurture your spirit with my word to trust me wholeheartedly doubts

may come and go and challenges may arise but my written word will be the anchor of your faith providing the

strength to persevere yet if you choose to offer me your heart only partially or when it

suits you your faith will lack a solid foundation your life will be tossed

about by the waves When Storms Come and your thoughts and emotions will run a muck I do not want this for you I ask

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