God’s message ?This is not a joke. people are sent to your home at 12 am at night for taking your..

angels are saying to you if you’re looking for reassurance today this is it

you are going to make it you are going to be victorious you are going to overcome

that sickness your new Venture will be successful I declare better days are

coming your way claim it and receive it by faith in jesus’

name amen be encouraged today no matter what you may face today

no God Will Make A Way out of no way God loves

you he will see for you when the righteous Cry for Help the Lord hears

and rescues them from all their troubles prepare yourself for multiplied

financial investments and an overall Improvement in your finances Rel

relationships and health prepare yourself for the impossible because God is about to do

extraordinary things in your life your Miracle is on its way no man

can close the doors that God is about to open for you he is making a way where

there seems to be no way in the name of Jesus I declare favor

goodness and blessings upon you this week anti ipate remarkable improvements

in every aspect of your life expect your health to take a positive turn opportunities for

employment for business to arise relationships to flourish and your finances to

soar God is sending a miracle that will erase every worry and concern from your

life triple God has wonderful blessings waiting

for you he will turn your times of scarcity into Times of having plenty

your challenges into stories of success and your doubts into clear

understanding I say that this week will be full of extraordinary moments be prepared for miracles each

day God says you don’t need to worry about the next step in your life all you

need to do is put your trust in me and work hard I will place the right people along

your path I have watched over you and will always watch over you don’t kill people

with kindness because not everyone deserves your kindness kill people with silence

because not everyone deserves your attention this is your reminder to slow

down you don’t have to have things figured out all the time you don’t always need to be doing

something you are allowed to sit back do nothing and watch the world go

by you’ve got this never caused you

pain I do not control your choices I gave you free

will however talk to me and ask me for help I will heal you I will restore

you I love you God is Planning something good for you

it may job it may be marriage or it may be a breakthrough just claim it receive

it Jesus says your situation is about to get better your health will improve and your

financial situation will become more stable get ready for a flood of Miracles

and blessings in your life Triple I pray pray that you surround our

children at school and keep them safe Safeguard us on the roads and

highways May blessings healing New Opportunities and breakthroughs come our

way God can restore what is broken and turn it into something beautiful and

remarkable all you need is Faith even if it’s as small as a mustard seed because

it can move mountains if you are watching this rest assured that you and your loved ones

will be okay money will flow towards you your body will heal and love will find

you your life will turn out to be even better than what you imagine repeat to yourself I welcome

Financial emotional spiritual and physical stability into my

life God is working miracles in my life and I am grateful for

everything the Lord says Dear one Embrace this Divine calling as your

almighty God has granted you divine wisdom and protection your father’s love will

forever be your Guiding Light empowering you to overcome any obstacle and fulfill

your purpose with Grace and strength I promise to bring good health

and healing to everyone who seeks it no sickness your problem is too difficult

for me to heal the upcoming month holds fantastic prospects for you I will change your

story to one filled with happiness healing and success in the days ahead I will help

restore your health relationships and finances you might have been facing

challenges with your physical or emotional well-being but I want you to know that I am like a great Doctor Who

can completely heal you I will bring back your strength peace of mind and enthusiasm so you can

live a vibrant and meaningful life in the next days expect

jaw-dropping blessings open doors overflowing favors and life-changing

Miracles that you’ve never experienced before God is the god of divine

happenings and he will put you in the right place at the right right time where you will meet the right people and

do the right things dear child I am a God who takes

care of all your needs and I am about to open the doors of Heaven to shower you

with blessings remember I am not only there for you in good times but also in

difficult moments I am with you when you are in pain feeling sad or experiencing

grief I am here here to comfort you give you strength and guide you through the

tough times know that I am a god of Grace not

punishment I am not here to judge or condemn you but to offer forgiveness and

love every negative thing that has made you cry in the past will soon fade

away my love and blessings will replace your pain and sorrow and you will

experience abundant happiness laughter and love may my words of healing restoration

and peace bring you comfort and hope the universe is saying you deserve

the beautiful things in life and you deserve every single blessing that is coming your

way investing in yourself was the best decision you ever made angels are saying to you keep doing

the right thing keep going to work with a good attitude

you’re not working unto people you’re working unto God your job is not your Source God is

your Source he’s keeping the records your time is

coming God is fixing the broken pieces of your life get ready for

restoration God is preparing you for everything you prayed for type amen if you believe

declare this out loud in God will bless me Heal Me provide

for me protect me and guide me my dear child I am the one who

created everything around you the sky the Earth the water the mountains the

sun and the stars I am always by your side guiding

comforting and protecting you remember you are very special to me and I love

you no matter what great things are coming your way without you having to work hard or

struggle for them money is Flowing towards you effortlessly and

naturally you are like a magnet for wealth and it is coming abundantly into

your life the universe is saying to you today take the time to look after your

well-being on all levels when your mind is clear joyous and in

tune with your body you automatically choose what is best for yourself

physically mentally emotionally and spiritually I have a special plan for

your life my child it is a plan that is good pleasing

and perfect it will give you hope for the future it will make you shine like a

star and bless those around you it will bring glory to my name and bring you

closer to me rest assured that your health relationships and finances will soon be

restored place your trust in me and understand that I am diligently working on your behalf to bring about the

breakthroughs you require whenever you encounter challenges in your

life before this month comes to a close I will give you a reason to

celebrate blessings will overflow into your life Without End your well-being relationships and

finances will be restored take comfort my dear child in

the knowledge that you are never alone I am always here watching over you

and actively striving to bestow upon you the blessings you deserve furthermore I address any

negative words you may have spoken or any words that oppose your destiny through the power of Jesus blood

I nullify them all in his name all I request from you is to have

faith in me and allow my blessings to flow into your life unhindered I am the father of the

celestial lights the one who grants you all the good and perfect gifts you receive in your

life unlike fleeting Shadows I do not change I am Eternal and

unwavering Triple Something Beautiful is coming your

way you can expect bigger and better things you will be celebrating miracles

in your health love life and finances everything is aligning in your

favor this is your Turning Point a big change is about to happen in

your life it is going to calm the storm and bring the peace you

need you just have to embrace this and know that it will all work out exactly

how it needs to for you triple I am continuously present with you

guiding you through every storm and trial you may encounter my beloved child I encourage

you to speak these words aloud today I am open to receiving the abundance of

Love healing and blessings that I rightfully deserve God

says it is done you are forgiven you don’t need to feel shame

because I have put all things behind me now let’s look

forward I love you days from now you will clearly

understand that delay in your plan was the protection of of God his

love he is near to you all the time he is guiding

you here and now mind is not a dust bin to keep anger

hatred and jealousy but a treasure box to keep love

happiness and sweet memories God says to you my entire

family will experience healing and TR tremendous Financial Miracles will manifest at the precise moment I need

them in the name of Jesus dear child welcome to a new

chapter of your life a special phase filled with Endless

Possibilities I have the power to completely turn your life around taking you from Financial struggle to wealth

and abundance leave behind your worries and Sorrows because I will replace them with

joy and prosper Prosperity perhaps you faced Financial setbacks or lost

money but I assure you that every dollar you’ve spent will come back to you

multiply your business career or job will flourish and you will experience a

significant increase in your financial well-being trust in me my dear ones and

witness the Miracles I will bring into your life prepare yourself for an overflow of

financial success love and abundance your blessings will multiply

and I will shower you with my favor even when circumstances seem

impossible I will create opportunities for you that cannot be taken

away your heart’s desires will be fulfilled exciting plans are in store

for you my cherished ones it could be your dream job a

fulfilling marriage or a breakthrough like never before get ready for the next days as

they will be a time of tremendous transformation the universe hears you

take this opportunity to declare exactly what you want it’s time to level up in every

aspect of your life money love Health success whatever

you desire is going to be yours don’t be shy and simply ask for it

and don’t give up until you get it Miracles blessings and breakthroughs

will leave you in awe of the immense power and love that emanate from the

Divine remember the most important relationship you can cultivate is with

my son Jesus he is your savoir your Redeemer

and your companion in times of Heartache he will mend your Brokenness and provide

Solace even during your darkest moments he will be your Guiding

Light place your trust in him and he will never let you down now let us speak

these words together God says stop beating yourself up for where

you feel like you fell short your past lessons are your greatest

strengths you will need all the lessons and experiences you can get for what’s

ahead find peace in knowing that your past has prepared you in becoming the

greatest version of yourself obstacles make you stronger

braver and ready to grow if you read this you entered a

phase where your best days are manifesting before the end of this month

you will receive a miracle in life your life life is turning a lot

better than you could imagine type yes to affirm you have to trust the god ask for

signs and guidance fighting the flow will only make the journey harder to enjoy

surrender and allow God to guide you your desires and needs will be taken

care of embrace the detour and Trust the process dear Lord I Choose You

I Surrender myself to you I embrace your forgiveness and invite you to take your rightful place

in my life as my subir and Lord as you enter this new phase of your

life know that it’s a time when good things will come abundantly you’ll Experience One success

after another one Victory after another and one breakthrough after

another you’re about to move from feeling over overwhelmed to feeling fulfilled in every

way your story is changing and you’ll start experiencing luck and good fortune

amen triple my dear children when you’re feeling

sick and your bodies are weak and when you’re feeling down in your spirits I

God am aware of your suffering and hold your pain with great care believe in The Amazing Power of

healing remember every day is a new opportunity to start fresh and make

positive changes in your life focus on gratitude and all the

blessings you have and more will come your way believe in yourself and your

abilities and have faith that everything will work out in the end I am with you every step of the way

and nothing can prevent you from reaching your desired destination you you are entering a

season of answered prayers bigger blessings stronger connections and

anointed rooms that God has designated for you God says may my love surround you

may my healing Grace lift you up and may my presence bring you comfort throughout

your journey trust in me and know that you are embraced by my love now and

forever get ready to celebrate because before this this month comes to an

end God has amazing blessings in store for you your financial situation is

about to improve healing will be released in your life Miracles are going to

happen these upcoming months of November and December are going to be filled with

abundance blessings and countless opportunities I speak blessings upon you

and your family Grant granting you everything you desire whether it’s a fulfilling job Financial stability a car

or even love as we step into the year let it be known that this is a year

of healing transformation blessings and miracles it is a time for Fresh Starts

new beginnings and exciting opportunities in the upcoming week I

assure you that your bless blessings will triple it may seem unbelievable but I

urge you to trust in my words our God is a god of multiplication

and he desires to bless you beyond measure God says that he has a plan for

your life a plan to Dear God send your angels to protect and guard over me as

you lead me into my Divine Purpose I am the almighty God the

Creator of the universe and I am capable of exceeding your greatest expectations

and desires during this week I will triple your blessings demonstrating that

nothing is beyond reach when you have unwavering faith in me dear child the

house you desire the job you need the relationship you long for and the

financial prosperity you seek are all on their way trust in my perfect timing and

my abundant provision I bring healing to bodies release from debts restoration to

marriages and freedom from addictions get ready for an

extraordinary weekend filled with transformative breakthroughs fresh opportunities uplifting news enhanced

well-being prosperous growth and triumphant achievements during this time I will

alleviate your pain restore what you have lost and provide you with abundant Financial

Resources prepare yourself for a season of unparalleled prosperity and

abundance you will witness blessings overflow in your life in ways that were

once unimaginable I pray that your bank account will experience exponential

growth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams May each of your bills be settled

well and Advance their due dates embraced at this season of success

and Financial Freedom that has been bestowed upon you God will transform your sorrow into

Joy the prayers you have shared with him are being answered at this very

moment the year will be filled with remarkable changes breakthroughs and

miracles I Proclaim that it is your time for fresh opportunities and New

Beginnings before this month comes to an end get ready for your bank balance to

expand with Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams anticipate an amazing miracle

that will transpire in your life regardless of whether you face

physical Financial or emotional challenges know that I am with you

always I will never abandon you if you are a peace with God then you do not

need to worry about anything else you can rest secure in his loving

arms and know that he will never leave or forsake you he is faithful even when

we are not faithful enough ourselves blessings are on their way to

you your financial situation will improve healing will be bestowed upon

you and miracles will manifest just when you need them God is is enriching your

life in ways you could have never imagined you are about to Embark upon a

new season in March you will jump with joy because favor and miracles will become

your everyday experience pray this now father you are

incredibly good thank you for your unwavering love and grace toward

me I am grateful for your faithfulness even when I fall short

I am not asking for your trust because I want something in return rather it is

because my love for you is so great that nothing could ever please me more than your complete surrender of yourself to

me and as long as you have this kind of trust in me no matter what happens I

will never leave or forsake your side not even if we are separated by hundreds of miles or separated by death

itself you are a person who has a purpose and mission in life you have been given a gift to use

for the good of others you are important and needed God says today I am the one who

strengthens you when you feel weak I am the one who heals you when you are sick and I am the one who brings

back peace and love when it feels lost I have some surprises in store for

you I have all already arranged healing Freedom wealth and good health that you have

been seeking today the Lord is transforming your

life he is bringing joy to replace your sorrows and shifting you from scarcity

abundance get ready for a wonderful season filled with Miracles victories

and breakthroughs Lord says no matter what this weekend brings all always remember

that God surpasses anything May encounter Place greater Reliance on his

strength rather than your own if you feel overwhelmed surrender

your worries doubts and fears to God for his hands are capable of holding them

you will progress from being a renter to a homeowner an employee to an employer a

borrower to A lender from Pain to purpose and from being overlooked being

overbooked this weekend will be filled with good news blessings growth New

Opportunities productivity positivity answers healing love and God’s

favor restoration fresh Beginnings breakthroughs and victory are on the

horizon remember that pain is temporary but joy will endure eternally

throughout this week you’ll see positive changes in your health job business

connections and finances God is all set to perform

wonderful deeds in your life God’s mercy covers all your

mistakes and every failure leads to Restoration every loss paves the way for

a fresh start and every setback is followed by a powerful comeback

it’s time for you to embrace a life filled with abundance happiness and

success wealth will effortlessly flow into your life bringing endless

opportunities with minimal effort on your part I persistently knock on the door of

your heart patiently waiting for you to invite me in don’t be afraid to open the

door I am a gentle and loving God I want to be an a essential part of

your life guiding you every step of the way when you welcome me in I will fill

you with my peace joy and strength your worries will be replaced

by a peace that surpasses understanding triple

be ready to receive this blessing and enjoy the abundance it

brings I am here to heal you he wants to take away any pain you may have whether

it’s physical emotional or spiritual he wants to bring you peace

and comfort he is about to open doors that will change your life for the

better today I choose to rise up and have faith that you are showering me

with blessings according to your abundant riches in glory in the name of

Jesus dear God please remove all traces of fear and worry

strengthen those who are weary of holding on send them a sign that you are still

by their side I will bless you and I will give you all that your heart

desires I will make you well you will be happy you will have a home and

family you shall have many children and they shall be full of joy you have asked God to give you a

sign and God has made this video message available on your screen for that

purpose what you are going through right now will be over soon God knows you are in the fire but

he is using the fire to burn off the rough edges to bring the impurities to the

surface Prosper you and not to harm you a plan to give you hope and a

future trust in him and his timing for he knows what is best for you let go of

your worries and anxieties and surrender your life to him prepare for a

delightful downpour of blessings from God maintain a deep connection with his

presence Faithfully do follow his guidance as this week will overflow with

blessings like never before no matter what challenges do

tomorrow brings God is greater than anything you can ever imagine he’s tirelessly working for your

benefit even while you rest let’s pray together father I thank

you for continually challenging me to rise above and set aside anything that hinders my

progress assist me in confronting my areas of struggle I firmly believe that with your

assistance I can overcome any situation and emerge Victorious as we step out today I

request your protection and blessings your angels are guiding you towards

lifechanging opportunities continue your spiritual journey with God and witness your dreams

manifesting negative situations that have made you cry will disappear and be

replaced with abundance love happiness and unlimited

blessings take a rest and God will work for you turning every negative situation

into to a positive one God assures you that you need not fear because he is with you he will

strengthen and help you and uphold you with his righteous right hand your love life and spiritual life will flourish in

the next few weeks and you will receive times more money than you

spent Jesus teaches that anyone who listens to and follows his teaching is

wise like a person who builds a house on Solid Rock dear child I will take care of your

financial obligations mend your broken heart Safeguard your family and create a

truly magical and life-changing day for you expect the restoration of your

well-being relationships and finances making this year the best for you and

your loved ones do not worry for your problems rest in my

hands when sorrow fills your heart and tears stream from your eyes always

remember three things God is with you he will forever Stand By Your

Side you have entered a new phase where nothing can stop you all the money you

spent will come back multiplied and you will soon experience real love and

success a promotion awaits you that is good for you and your family you will be filled with joy and

faith and everyone around you will be happy God says that he is opening doors

for you that no man can shut he has not forgotten about you and

he hears and sees all your prayers and tears God is on the verge of opening the

door you’ve been fervently praying for the next days will be

extraordinary as you embark on a season filled with happiness love and harmony

I declare that the curse is broken your health will improve and your

finances will multiply tomorrow when you wake up you

will feel God touching your heart because he will bring you miracles in all areas of your

life just give your life to God and he will do amazing things with it never

lose hope because when you think it’s over God sends you a miracle

God says I have stood with you through every storm in your life I have provided all that you need

and I will continue to protect bless you and your family suddenly you will encounter the

right individuals your health will Thrive closed doors will swing open

goals will be achieved and prayers will be answered before this month comes to an

end you will receive miraculous healing complete recovery from illness and

death God is Shifting you away from Pain struggle and scarcity and ushering in a

season of healing ease and abundance are you

ready tomorrow is a day of healing breakthroughs and

miracles prepare yourself to receive the manifestations of your heartfelt

prayers soon your your health wealth and love will be blessed by God abundantly

and this will shock your enemies and rock your world as we enter the month of March I

want to share with you that this is your moment of resurgence you may have endured a period

of struggle pain and hardship but please know that I am by your side ready to

restore you enormous Financial blessings are on their way to you

you are destined to become extraordinarily wealthy and money will effortlessly find its way into your life

even without making any effort for it I will mend your health nurture your

relationships and rejuvenate your finances my dear ones trust me and

believe that I am a god of restoration and Redemption that I will shower you with a life brimming with abundance

excellent health boundless joy and enduring happiness These Are Not Mere empty

promises my children I am a god of action and I will

always uphold my word I will Rectify every wrong

compensate every loss overcome every adversary and remove every

obstacle I am here to heal your wounds and revive your financial

well-being I understand that many of you have faced Financial hardships and I

want you to know that I stand beside you I will guide you into your most

extraordinary season yet have faith in me and allow me to lead you toward the abundance that I

have in store for you I am sending you miracles blessings

and upgrades so that you may flourish and thrive in all aspects of your

life as a God of Justice I will not not let the wicked Prevail over the

righteous have faith in me and I will fight your battles on your

behalf the angels are saying that the end is near the end of your tears of

your loneliness of your Eternal sadness of all the evil that attacks you

everything that hurts you from today has come to an end because now God is in

control he will heal you from everything and will open new doors for you a path

will emerge please do not skip this video or face any significant

consequences a lifechanging miracle awaits you and you can claim it by

watching this video toxicity will be removed from your life and love and money will be drawn to

you happiness like never before is coming your way triple

dear child prepare prepare to experience healing and restoration in

your health finances and relationships your heart will overflow

with joy as I perform my miracles in your life if you surrender yourself to me I

will bless you and your family with a better life God assures you that he will

eliminate your pain worries and problems and replace

them with good health happiness and peace peace before this month ends endless blessings bigger Smiles

Financial breakthroughs and more significant opportunities are coming your way before this

weekend you will leave your worries behind and learn to enjoy life while manifesting what is best for you God

promises you will laugh trust and love again everything you lost will be

restored and this year a big change will happen happen in your life your deepest desires will come true

and you will receive a miracle that will change your life the best relationship you can have

is with Jesus who heals the heart and its wounds Jesus says I will heal every

place where you are hurting and I will transform all your setbacks into incredible

comebacks trust in me and I will never let you down the God is actively turning your

setbacks into comebacks you are never alone the Lord promises his eternal

Presence by your side he will fight your battles bringing

victories amidst turbulent storms your life will be filled with his

peace and joy furthermore great joy will fill your

life in the Realms of Love Money and health you stand on the precipice of a

monumental breakthrough that will astonish your adversaries and revolutionize your world

you need move immediately because the room you are sleeping in is full of divine spirits and you have been chosen

to experience their extraordinary blessings step into the light and let

the Divine energy guide you toward a miraculous path with every step you take you are

moving closer to a life filled with abundance love love and joy anointed by

the almighty God today I am breaking the chains of poverty lack and sickness that have

hindered your progress your tears will transform into tears of

joy your pain will be replaced by healing and your struggles will pave the

way for blessings the upcoming month of November will Mark a miraculous month for you if

you watch this video till the end end the hand of God will move in your

life like never before God is saying today I want you to

trust the process I’m doing a great work in you when you come out of this you

will be stronger brighter and better off than you are before you are going to be on a new

level you are going to be prepared for the destiny and dream I have placed in

you and planned for you when you feel like things are getting too much for you give it to me I will

carry your stress I am always there to help you

[Music] through

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