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my beloved children in the darkness of

the world today God fills your hearts

with Grace and compassion for each

person we joyfully welcome each other’s

presence in a spirit of respect and

reverence for

Holiness God wants to express his

sincere gratitude to all view for taking

your precious time to listen and

meditate on God

teachings this is an important presence

in each person’s life and God is deeply

grateful for the commitment and trust

you have in

him we are facing a great battle between

light and darkness between good and evil

and what I want to talk about is the

devil in different forms and behaviors

working to invade violate and temp human

Souls they do not spare anyone from the

old to the young men or women all are

under the control of the devil and today

God wants to take the time to guide

guide you to recognize and deal with

this evil

force in the following teachings God

will share knowledge and understanding

to help you recognize and face the devil

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friends this way you will help more

people stay away from Temptation by the

devil let God come and guide us on this

journey let’s learn and grow together

bringing sincerity and Trust to

everyone’s life God is waiting to lead

us and God will never leave us let’s

continue this journey together with

faith and

trust dear my beloved children in this

world the devil has a hidden presence

working subtly and bewitchingly to

spread evil and

brutality to recognize and deal with

demons we need to have a thorough

understanding of how they work and how

they can affect our

lives one of the first signs of the

presence of evil is confusion and

negativity in our

souls the devil not only works to incite

negative emotions such as fear anxiety

and resentment but also repels our self

confidence and Trust in

Holiness they often take advantage of

periods of weakness and instability in

our lives to attack and take possession

of our

spirit one way to recognize the presence

of demons is through the negative

destructive and destructive behaviors

and actions they

cause demons often work to to cause

chaos conflict and discrimination in

communities destroying trust and respect


people they will take every opportunity

to spread hatred and hostility in

society another important factor is the

Demonic captivity and control over our

Consciousness and thoughts they can push

us into negative actions and decisions

weakening our faith and confidence in

Holiness to deal with demons we need to

equip ourselves with knowledge and

understanding on how to recognize and

face them we need to be alert and alert

to the signs of their presence and

always be ready to deal with them with

faith and


confronting the devil is not just about

facing an external entity but also about

fighting negative emotions and toxic

thoughts within

oneself dear my beloved children we all

carry within us the named human which

represents everyone on this

Earth but when separated into two parts

the child part and the human part

they are an independent

entity the child part represents the

spiritual aspect our mind and soul where

demonic influence is often

felt meanwhile the human part represents

the body and the physical actions we

perform the child side of us is often

where the devil exerts his influence and

control by making us confused and

negative they try to weaken our faith

and loyalty to God and

Holiness they take advantage of our

moments of weakness and insecurity to

make us lose trust and

loyalty our human part by facing the

impositions and temptations of the devil

often follows negative actions and

decisions causing negative and

devastating consequences in our lives


others they push us into bad behavior

and decisions causing Discord and

discrimination in the community and

losing trust and respect between

us in the journey to confront the devil

an important part is fight F in the

devil within ourselves this is a war not

only about dealing with external forces

but also about facing challenging

internal and spiritual

battles to deal with our child sigh we

need to recognize and understand the

signs of demonic influence and influence

stay away from the negative thoughts and

toxic Behavior they often

create instead cultivate positive

thoughts and emotions based on

compassion and loyalty to

God equip Yourself by learning and

practicing spiritual techniques such as

meditation prayer and reading the

Bible this will help cleanse our Soul

and Spirit from the influence and

influence of the devil and increase our

spiritual strength and faith in

God as for our Human Side let’s work to

control our actions and decisions

staying away from the negative behaviors

and decisions that the devil

promotes perform good deeds and show

kindness based on the principles of

respect and love towards everyone around

you always maintain your faith and

loyalty to God and seek his guidance and

strength in every struggle we are not

alone in this fight God will always be

by our side and support us as long as we

believe and pursue our good

intentions be Victors in the struggle

with evil by nourishing your soul and

spirit with compassion and faith and

Holiness finally God wants to send you

his final blessings and thanks God knows

that facing the devil and fighting the

forces of evil is never

easy but in the most difficult moments

remember that God is always by your side

and guiding

you let us Listen and Obey Gods so that

we can tune and uplift our spirits in

the presence of light and compassion

let’s stand firm in Faith and Hope

together as God leads us on the path of

Holiness and

light God sends you final blessings and

thanks let’s continue to commit to Faith

and happiness life and let’s fight the

devil together in the sequel fighting

the Demon of

sin let’s have faith and patience

together with loyalty and faith in

Holiness we will overcome all

difficulties and find Hope and comfort


God thank you for listening and continue

to listen with trust and loyalty please

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love love for God wishing you peace and

happiness in God’s love and grace dot


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