God will make a way

God says if you love me then do not skip this video watch this till the end my

dearest child the one who holds a special place in my heart there is no

need to be afraid you already have my blessing and soon you will overcome the

challenges that weigh heavily on your mind remember I am always here for you

guiding and protecting you with my Divine love just like the sun shining after a storm my light will illuminate

your path and lead you to a peaceful and tranquil place trust in my love and

power for they are greater than any obstacle you may face I am constantly

showering you with blessings and strengthening your spirit I know you understand this well but I also want you

to show it by wiping away those tears and having the confidence to come into my presence no matter where you are

simply close your eyes call out to me and I will answer whether you cry out in

desperation or whisper softly I will listen miracles happen when your faith

is ignited look for the sacred promise in my word where I clearly state that if

you believe in me and fill your heart with my teachings you will witness even

greater Miracles through your faith and prayers turning them into reality so do

not be afraid and never lose hope ask of me and I will provide Lay Your Hands on

the sick and I will heal them command the winds financial troubles and storms

to be gone banish disputes and animosities from your home speak my word

with reverence and Faith for there is no Miracle beyond my reach I desire to

bless you deepen your understanding of my teachings and strengthen your heart

do not fear when adversaries threaten your family many consumed by their own

wrongdoings and trapped in their loneliness wander like Roar in Lions

seeking to divide and harm innocent families but you and everyone in your

household Stand Strong Lift Your Hands In Praise and pray to my holy name for

when I hear your voices filled with faith your enemies will flee and be defeated tomorrow wake up with a renewed

spirit it’s time to renew your mind banish negativity and commit to seeking

me persistently no matter the circumstances you will move forward despite setbacks I

promise you my child there is hope for you and your loved ones some may doubt

Others May lose Faith gradually but I am here ready to forgive cleanse their

hearts and souls and give them the strength to resist temptation if they stumble again they will rise a new

humble and eager for repentance and transformation I will be here waiting

for for them I know you’re only human facing a world full of challenges

navigating through the mud and grime without soiling your white garments with faults and guilt is tough but hear this

from me directly I am your loving father the companion by your side and in all

matters of faults failures sins and forgiveness I am your unwavering

supporter and Defender you hold a blessed position in the Heavenly Court

your Victory is is assured for you have a loyal and genuine heart an advocate

who stands up for you a judge who loves you and overlooks your faults because you have sought refuge in the Redemption

I provided for you on that agonizing cross now do you accept my forgiveness

will you joyfully receive my blessing can you let go of the past you will no

longer grieve over those who have wronged you what once appeared is love turned into an obsession and they insn

scared you with their deceitful ways but that is all in the past now where it will remain painful memories will fade

from your mind and when you wake tomorrow you won’t dwell on negative thoughts rise up and give thanks for

your life and your family for the fresh mercies I am preparing for you I am

elevating you to a spiritual realm where all your troubles fade away when you close your eyes and reach out to me I

give you the freedom to strengthen yourself and prepare for the new opportunities that will soon bring

immense blessings to you and your loved ones now I urge you to affirm with all

your heart that you believe and joyfully accept my love and blessings today I

speak to you with deep affection and love feel your anxiety melt away as you

listen to my soothing voice take a moment to rest and bask in My Embrace

here as I comfort your soul tell me how I can rest restore your peace You Are by

my side and I do not want you to suffer I want you to relish the blessings I am

showering upon you and embrace life with enthusiasm learn to trust in my words

have faith that I will fulfill my promises and recognize my voice when I speak to you I desire for our

relationship to grow stronger closer and more transparent soon you will witness

the Wonders I have planned for your life but for that to happen you must kneel

daily and sincerely seek me the moments you spend with me are precious and I

have shown you this by filling you with peace and love whenever you take even a few minutes to pray it is time for you

to witness miraculous and extraordinary events open your eyes to the countless

opportunities around you look in the mirror and see beyond what the person before you can see you are the carrier

of my blessings and Power you are an Unstoppable Warrior feared by your

enemies Resolute in your decisions and triumphant in your battles my dear child

what are you waiting for rise up open your arms and receive all the blessings

I am bestowing upon you do not waste any more time thinking that you don’t deserve them because it is not about

your level of perfection I have already cleansed you with my love and granted you my forgiveness listen to me my dear

and accept my love do not hesitate any longer have faith in it completely calm

your heart ease your mind cease worrying about the things you have entrusted to me today with faith trust in my love

accept my peace receive my comfort embrace my forgiveness I am in charge I

am assisting you and I will not allow you to be defeated I will not let anyone

degrade you hold your head high because if you believe in my words walk with

confidence and do not fear those who oppose you accept with faith what I am communicating to you be filled with

strength and you will not be overwhelmed I understand that at times you may feel

weak but there is no need to worry even if your enemies seem formidable with

your faith in my power you can overcome be like Giants and anyone who dares to

challenge you will be defeated the days ahead will be filled with with joy stand

firm and persevere through the trials if things do not go as planned it is

because they are unfolding according to my will therefore rejoice when you

encounter conflicts smile and maintain your peace when faced with numerous

enemies fear nothing for as challenges increase your blessings grow even

greater and my grace upon you is poured out you are unique you have chosen to

believe persist and endure you have cast aside fear and amidst trials your

extraordinary faith has allowed you to persevere that is why today I am increasing your blessings I will open

the doors of Heaven for you your peace and strength will continue to grow I

bestow upon you the gift of wisdom I am filling you with hope so that you may continue to Embrace Life do not halt for

anything keep moving forward until until you achieve your goals you will experience immense Joy when you witness

my promises coming to fruition within you do not hold back your tears any longer your heart is overflowing with

turbulent emotions like crashing waves let your tears flow my child for I

understand the storms that rage within your mind and the weariness that weighs upon your soul there is no need to

conceal your emotions from me speak to me open openly and honestly for I

cherish your sincerity your tears hold Great Value to me and when you cry out

it touches the depths of my heart release your pain through your tears

when you find yourself unable to articulate the overwhelming emotions that consume you cry out when you feel

depleted and face seemingly insurmountable obstacles cry out allow

your frustrations to be heard for it is through my guidance that you will conquer the challenges that lie before

you today marks the beginning of your Liberation no longer must you endure

humiliation or contempt if you have faith in the king of Heaven who came to

this earth to suffer for you enduring unimaginable pain and torment if you

believe in your heart that I sacrificed my life on a cross so that you may truly live then embrace the courage I offer

you today feel the healing power that flows through your being I grant you the strength and bravery to

move away from the sources of distress and anguish that plague you step forward

with confidence to face the day today I fill you with peace and unwavering

strength no one can steal this Joy from you I am here by your side ready to

listen to your thoughts and experiences if you desire solace in my arms and wish

to shed tears come to me and I will warmly embrace you with with all my love

immerse yourself in my presence the journey ahead may be long but countless

Joys await you continue to fight for and protect the dreams that are just

beginning to Blossom grow and become extraordinary seek happiness but

remember to persevere in the battle allow my spirit to fill you completely

stay connected with me and I will remain connected with you in me you will always

find the strength and answers to your most challenging questions tune out the voices of doubt and negativity when you

speak to me I will respond and provide you with the clarity you seek I am here

to be your guide leading you through every step of your journey I will protect you during the difficult moments

and always be by your side with my hand on your shoulder you can trust that I will love you unconditionally no matter

the situation or time that’s why it’s important to open yourself up to me I

have countless blessings waiting to be bestowed upon you so live your life to the fullest find joy in every moment and

let my power flow through you like a refreshing stream even if others hate you along the way remember that I love

you deeply While others may see you as insignificant you are precious to me

within the depths of my eternal heart you will always find a place of Refuge

immerse yourself yourself in the sea of trust and allow my voice to guide you don’t let the turbulent currents of Life

push you towards danger there will always be obstacles trying to steal your spirit and discourage you from reaching

your goals but if you desire true success you need a companion on your journey someone who understands you

supports you and never judges you and that someone is me so fill yourself with

my love and take my hand I have countless blessings Waiting For You I

Will Never Let You Down abandon you or look down on you in moments of sadness

or loneliness set aside those negative feelings and embrace the truth in your

soul know that I love you immensely my affection for you is beyond measure and

words cannot fully express it but you will only truly experience it if you

silence the voices that try to diminish your worth I love you and I want to say

say it again it’s not about understanding it intellectually but about choosing to believe it in this

great challenge you can’t do it alone trust in me and together we will

overcome anything you cannot achieve Victory through physical strength or armies but rather through the power of

my Holy Spirit this Spirit like a gentle white dove will descend upon your

shoulder in response to your unwavering faith it is impossible for you you to

reach my Throne through your own efforts and actions alone your attempts to please me will be in vain if you remain

trapped in disbelief however please know that I love you I understand that you

have sinned and made mistakes I empathize with the pain of failure and your desire to avoid repeating those

mistakes despite everything you come before me seeking another chance do not

lose your faith be strong and courageous do not be afraid or discouraged for I am

always with you wherever you go I Will Stand By Your Side adorning you in Royal

garments sending my Army of angels to protect you and equipping you with my

shield and sword I have witnessed I am witnessing and I will continue to

witness your faith do not approach me with offerings of empty wealth I do not

desire talents and abilities solely for the sake of human admiration what I

truly desire is your faith small simple and sincere boasting about material

wealth and false power does not impress me I will bless those who possess honest

and faithful Souls those with Humble Hearts I will deliver the oppressed

those who genuinely believe in this sacred love to all who seek Refuge under

the shelter of the most high and the shadow of the Almighty I have set my eyes upon you because I know who you are

you’re your flaws do not frighten me your secrets do not push me away your weaknesses do not anger me and your poor

decisions do not make me reject you always remember I am not human and I do

not lie I do not judge you I love you unconditionally and selflessly because I

want to love you forever nothing will change my mind my grace and mercy are

Eternal however if you reject my word and align yourself with groups of

disbelief if you reject this truth you are making a grave mistake with me you

will discover a love and affection that runs deep evoking emotions that are

often Beyond Comprehension however should you choose to drift away your

only option would be to live a life of deception and find yourself broken in the depths of Despair I am here as your

protector your guide and your friend I will always stand by your side of

offering support and helping you find the right path don’t hesitate to ask for my assistance even when faced with

seemingly insurmountable challenges rest assured with my divine intervention you

can conquer any obstacle that comes your way no matter how daunting you can

always rely on me I am your loyal companion your trusted Shepherd and your

guardian when you feel lost and unable to continue remember that I am here to

provide you with strength to lift you up when you stumble and to lead you towards the light together we can overcome

anything because I know that your love for me is stronger than any hurdle my

love for you knows no balance regardless of your mistakes or sins my love will

always be greater and more powerful so do not lose faith and do not let sadness

consume you never hesitate to seek my assistance I am here to listen to your

deepest desires to wipe away your tears and to Grant you strength peace Serenity

and wisdom your physical emotional and spiritual well-being are of utmost

importance to me I am always prepared to care for you and shower you with love

allow happiness to fill your life prepare your soul and seek me every day

never forget who blesses you and safeguards your heart I will always be here for you you my eternal love

surpasses any crisis the challenges of this world may lead you astray and make

you feel trapped but I have come to breathe life into you strengthen your faith open your spiritual eyes and

assure you that the value and love I offer will never diminish due to your faults or the multitude of your problems

I will rescue you from the pit you have fallen into I extend my hand towards you

ready to lift you up to a place of spiritual strength you hold a measurable

value in my eyes and it is crucial for you to understand this as the morning

sun rises Envision me when my rays of light stream through your window

recognize that my Mercy is renewed and my spirit invites you to engage in

prayer share your emotions plans and fears with me and I will reinforce my

promise and answer your prayers above all with every moment you spend in

genuine Faith you will sense in your heart how I embrace you with boundless love and provide the security you need

to navigate your days I have wiped away the pages where your tears were once recorded in Crimson ink I have forgiven

your transgressions I have permanently eradicated all sources of your pain from

your heart I have personally uprooted those reminders of Despair that held you

captive you are now truly free express your belief write these words on a piece

of paper for you are forever liberated by this love not because you earned it

or through your Perfection I understand that you cannot Release Yourself from Eternal punishment your freedom has been

secured and your Debs have been cleared your Victory is assured as my promises

are unwavering sealed with immense profound and exquisite love rather than

asking for an explanation I want you to live it it feel it and embrace it This

Magnificent love fills your heart you who were hesitant to believe in love due

to the disappointments caused by others behold who has arrived I am your love

the creator of the universe has sought you out using the most unexpected methods to convey how deeply I care for

you you don’t have to go far or conquer mountains to hear my voice right here

right now in this very moment I want to touch your heart you can already feel

the immense love I have for you and even if you were hesitant to accept it I love

you so much that I won’t let you stray away from me so Embrace this new life

free from loneliness and fear wrap yourself in my affection and sail on an

ocean of Happiness Guided by my love towards the harbor where you’ll receive the crown of Victory there you will be

blessed with eternal Joy joy prosperity and sacred Treasures no Thief can rob

you if you choose to transform your life leave behind all doubts and disbelief

the enemy tries to sew uncertainty in your mind because he doesn’t want you to know me but see for yourself how all my

promises are fulfilled I desire your simple faith and humility in your heart

not relying on your own understanding bring me your plans at the start of each day and allow me to be your Shepherd

guiding you to the Lush Green Pastures you long for in this place my presence

Reigns not your emotions anxiety has no place here your heart lives in peace no

bad news or hardships can shake you yearn for the day when you come to know me better when you receive my forgiving

love and accept it just as you are I love you unconditionally this sweet

affection will transform you your character will change you won’t wake up fearful of what might

happen you are not weak you are strong you are not cowardly you are brave you

are not enslaved by despair because I have given you a spirit of love and

power those unstable emotions will come under my authority instead of anxiety

and fear my strength will fill your heart today you receive freedom and

realize who you truly are you are my child you radiate with my grace truth

peace and blessings wherever you may go my love will always follow you you are

truly deserving of my love and you always will be don’t ever doubt your worth I want all your fears and

uncertainties to vanish leaving you truly happy each and every day I am

always here ready to offer you my love even if you stumble and make mistakes I

will be here to love and support you my love has the power to transform you and

I am always prepared to guide you towards becoming a kind blessed and

virtuous person I am here to lead you to save your soul to purify you and to fill

you with wisdom so that you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future you know that I will never withhold my

love from you I aim to transform your life granting you health and prosperity

I will never leave your side I will always be here to help you achieve great victories in life I have expressed to

you many times how precious you are to me the more you continue to love me obey

me and walk with me the more blessings I will bestow upon you I’m here to reach

out my hand and lift you out of the deep pit where life’s challenges have placed you it is time for you to see suffering

and abandon the path of pain today I fill you with my love I offer offer you

the Deep peace you require to rise and move forward I provide you with the strength to walk in faith and make

positive changes in your life release all feelings of guilt and shame let your

heart be filled with my love and strength I forgive you embrace me and

embark on a new life with me I am rescuing you at this very moment I want

you to recognize your worthiness of my love blessings and the joy I am offering

you because you are my child and you deserve a life abundant with light wisdom and prosperity even in the midst

of your greatest struggles when you encounter scarcity and persecution I will be there with you providing all

that you require fear nothing for your life and the lives of your family are in

my hands today I present to you the purest form of love listen closely for

it is worth persevering it is worth in enduring your prayers sleepless nights

tears perseverance and pain will bear fruit and transform into a beautiful

blessing change will come to your family do not doubt it do not lose hope you

will witness it firstand keep sewing even if your hands are tired and your

eyes are filled with tears one day everyone will see how you emerge Victorious with the wonderful fruits of

your struggles and pain you may not comprehend it now but you understand that giving up is not an option the

future is in my hands I hold your life but I also require your unwavering faith

that fervent and courageous belief the promises you are embracing are the Cornerstone of your blessing they are

the foundation for the numerous blessings that will come into your life I urge you to follow my guidance take a

moment today to seek me to be filled with my spirit and and receive all that

I have in store for you breathe in my peace calm your mind organize your

thoughts and focus the strength I provide on various aspects of your life your relationship with me your family

your dreams your desires the mission I have entrusted to you Let My Words

resonate in your mind be etched in your soul engraved in your heart know that my

love for you is vast and I will not allow anyone to harm you or let the

blessings I have bestowed upon you go to waste you will never be defeated if in

the days ahead you feel overwhelmed and think it’s not worth fighting or living remember your emotions and feelings of

struggle but remember I have the final say I will take you by the hand and

prevent you from sinking further I will rescue you I will lift you up I will

shower you with my grace and mercy realize that there are still many years

ahead of you and you must make the most of them continue to seek wisdom from me

and strengthen your faith in my promises in my word with me by your side you will

conquer enemies that stand in your way overcome obstacles that try to hinder you and Achieve great things at just the

right time even when it seems like all hope is lost you will witness my mighty

hand parting the Seas Paving a path for you in the wilderness showering you with

abundant blessings seek refuge in me and trust in my care when faced with

challenges but do not rely on your own strength to fight the battles I have

equipped you with courage so that you may have faith in my word moving forward confidently knowing that my hand is

there to protect you while Others May boast of their own abilities and achievements put your trust in me and

you will surpass them by Faithfully following my Commandments I understand that there will be moments of failure

weakness and weariness when you feel like giving up that is precisely why I

came why I sacrificed myself on the cross and rose again with power and

glory to lift you up in your times of need to be there for you always I will

never be far away if you call out to me I will never turn a deaf ear to you when

you find yourself in need rest assured that I will never turn a blind eye to you this is not just a mere promise but

a sacred Covenant that I hold dear it remains steadfast and unwavering never

forgotten just reach out to me and I will respond with wonders and miracles that will surpass even your wildest

dreams I am your all powerful compassionate and merciful god begin

each day with me for I eagerly await your presence it brings me immense joy

to demonstrate the depth of my love for you now allow me to pose a question to

you listen attentively and answer without hesitation no matter your response please know that my love for

you will never waver I am here to support you in all the good deeds you undertake I will continue to shower you

with blessings and provide you with protection it may not be a difficult question but some who claim to seek me

often remain silent unsure of what to say or do perhaps at this very moment

you may not fully comprehend the incredible person you are and the boundless potential within you before

you reply let this message resonate within you once more engrave it in your

heart write it down and share it with others feel how these words dispel your

fears and fortify your beliefs and Faith the flame within your spirit which grows

ever brighter cannot be extinguished my Holy Spirit has descended upon you and

from this day forward anticipate witnessing extraordinary wonders and

miracles now please answer me in the face of the challenges you encounter

what will be your course of action will you march forward like a courageous Soldier or will you retreat in fear will

you endure humiliations and allow the wicked to Prevail over you or will you

rise up in my holy name and seize the victory that I have already secured for

you don’t be afraid of anything or anyone no matter how big strong rich or

intelligent they may seem even if your enemy tries to intimidate you and make you tremble with fear stand firm with

the almighty God by your side who are these Wicked ones to challenge you they

only seek to instill fear in you remember this if you take your faith

seriously acknowledge the authority that has been given to you this Authority isn’t given to you to harm others or

boast about yourself my power Works through humility and in your peaceful

heart my presence resides with the right attitude you will overcome any obstacle

so even in moments of weakness remember that you are worthy don’t listen to the

evil Whispers that try to make you feel unworthy you are deserving of Love

forgiveness and the blessings that await you as my child I will continue to guide

you and your family towards Pros Prosperity believe in the blessings that are coming your way the future holds joy

and happiness for you I am removing the discouragement and lifting the burdens

of your past mistakes you have direct access to my heavenly throne and I hear

your cries while the world is filled with fear find confidence in knowing

that you are protected and loved because I am your source of hope I will never

leave you it is crucial for you to have faith faith and trust in me stay strong

in this grace and remain steadfast in your loyalty even in the midst of Life

storms you have the power to command them to cease with a firm voice and they will obey you do not let fear hold you

back give it a try and witness the results when conflict tries to ens snare

you with its deceitful tactics raise your arms in Victory as your heart cries

out to me the obstacles that hinder you will Crum to dust and those who oppose

you will be rendered powerless rise up and walk confidently spreading this good

news to those who need to hear it my power is with you and when you speak and

share these words Miracles will unfold no Nation leader or government can

provide the security that your soul truly seeks they may promise you peace and prosperity but you will not find

them as the darkness engulfing Humanity grows deeper with each passing moment do

not rely on anyone else in this world do not place your life in the hands of

fallible human beings do not be swayed or impressed by those who pretend to

hold power not everyone who claims to follow me will enter my presence do not

trust those who demand offerings in exchange for miracles or those who try to impress you with their loud voices

trust only in me when I speak to you you will Rec recognize my voice I am your

God your creator your savior I bring you the good news that fills your heart

While others may feel downtrodden you will rise with joy while Others May

believe they cannot go on you filled with my love and the Holy Spirit Will

Rise each day Proclaim with all your soul and declare with a resounding voice

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